Information about 2 typeface designers: Campbell Jerry & Jacquette Cynthia

Recently, I'm following a course to become a graphical designer. As a task for my course I have to search information about 2 typeface designers: Campbell Jerry & Jacquette Cynthia.
The problem is that it's very hard to find some information about them. I even consulted the national library here in Belgium... nothing...

Now my question is: Is there anyone who heard of these typeface designers before or is in the possesion of some information, links, etc.?

If somebody could provide me some info, I would be very thankfull...

(by the way: sorry for my bad english)

10 Jun 2004 — 12:37pm

I also found those pages... but my teachers want a full biography of 1 page long. And I don't want to start making up things about there life. I really don't want to be THAT student :-)

Did you do a Google search? More stuff certainly comes up, such as this story about the Zapfest with Jerry Campbell in it. And this tells you where Cynthia Jacquette went to school (for at least part of her schooling).

With Google, searching those names results in many websites, mostly about a font or an event... and not about the person in question.
Other search engines gave the same results.

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