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I'd like to wrap up two older threads re: Precision Networking logo - http://typophile.com/node/52195 and http://typophile.com/node/52116. Thanks everyone for all the input, it helped me a lot to decide which direction to take.

The color treatment is still being decided upon, but the the concept and the actual wordmark have been finalized:

14 Jan 2009 — 3:29pm
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digging it ... could have posted it smaller though :P

Paul Ducco
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Oh man, and this was staring all of us in the eye.  :-D
Great stuff. I love these logo concepts that you look at and then you're like,
why didn't I think of this earlier, this is so simple and cogent!

nice work! well done.

It does look nice. But reminds me of Cisco, only roated 90 deg CW.
I don't think you can use the mark itself without letters, because it will look like Cisco even more.

Check: Cisco New Logo
Robert Koritnik

I agree with litera... I thought Cisco right away.

Well, I am certainly familiar with Cisco logo, but it didn't occur to me to draw the parallels you are guys seeing. The above logo was an evolution of one of the earlier concepts, namely this one:

On the other hand, Cisco is not a bad association to have given the context :-)

Well. This mark doesn't show power graph but rather a distance metering device... So I don't think it relates to networking.

I know Cisco could be a good mark to piggyback your own. But not in the same business. :)

Robert Koritnik

This is a nice logotype. I don't feel it points to Cisco in any substantive fashion, and it says "networking" in a nice, understated way.

Though you may want to tweak some of the kerning, particularly the R-K combination, and make sure that the hand drawn dashes in the E's align with the other character strokes.

Thanks for the comments. Tweaked the kerning and cleaned up the type a bit.

How does this look, everyone ?

Wow, this is awesome...

Does the client want this to be grey?

If the logo was black, the "scale" concept may be even more obvious to some people.

Anyway, I think this logo works well with pretty much every color scheme. Nice job.

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This is great work. I might put a little more space before the E on both lines.

I'm loving this. Really nice work!
It's been quite interesting to follow its development here on Typophile, too.

Craig: I was wondering about kerning too. Though I'm really no expert in this …
IN looks a hair tighter than NG to me, for one thing. But I'll let somebody who's better at this than me comment in detail, or stand corrected.

Thanks for the compliments. I really like this one myself, though not that I didn't like all other options :-)

I agree regrading the spacing before E and G being a bit too far to the left (rather than IN being too tight). Thanks, Craig and Nina.

By the way, if anyone's interested, here's the logo in the context of a web page. It's not much at the moment, but it should give an idea of where it's going.

Any way to make the favicon look less E-ish?

Very nice. I prefer the monotone version.

I wouldn't be too worried about the cisco issue.

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