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These are a handful of the options I've been staring at. Any thoughts on color options, containing shapes, etc? Thanks.

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20 Jan 2009 — 8:47pm
Logos / Corporate ID Design

(The first file is what I'm working on. The second is the primary logo, from which the other options are derived.)

I like from the 2nd file...... the second one

I like it as it is

good fonts

I agree, bottom one from the 2nd set. First set reminds me of Hershey's.

Second set is better. But none of them says (without explicit words) "we're in creative business". Are you?

The first says "dog pedigree" to me, the second explicitly says "tough" but rounded shapes don't support that. It's still better than the first one.

But as mentioned: I wouldn't select any for design agency/freelance/etc.
Robert Koritnik

I am "in the creative business," but I don't think a logo needs to smack you in the face with that fact.

i think because it is tough design... u stay tough with it:)

I don’t think a logo needs to smack you in the face with that fact

But it should at least not give you the impression of an industrial company making cogs/tins/etc... I think.
Robert Koritnik

i agree with litera. it made me think of tractors, a la john deere.

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