Adios Script released

We are proud to announce the release of Adios Script

As part of the PDF specimen, the mexican photographer Brenda Dan was invited to collaborate with some beautiful image.

Romantic, decorative Adios Script is one of Alejandro Paul’s most elaborate and technically refined faces to date. Inspired by designs in “how-to” commercial lettering guides of the 1940s, it has been refined and brought into the 21st century through a huge variety of ornate swash letterforms. The lowercase “h” alone offers 43 variants. Hundreds of ornamental ascenders and descenders allow a beautiful interplay of strokes and combinations, while avoiding overlaps or conflicts. Adios Script features a mind-boggling 1,470 characters in total, in OpenType format.

Veer just released a very nice slideshow

Ale Paul
2 Jun 2009 — 3:04pm

Your work never fails to amaze me Ale!

Ale has outdone himself with this one! The coding alone is a masterpiece but the glyphs are scrumptious!


I had the pleasure to meet Ale at Typo Berlin and to listen to his lecture. He is definitely crazy in a wonderful way ;-) What an overwhelming output of really high quality.

He is definitely crazy in a wonderful way... LOL

Thanks guys!

Wow! Looks like gorgeous type and a stunning piece of software -- congrats!

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