Font suggestions to go with Olsen

Hi, I'm working on the re-design of a sports magazine. I've decided upon Olsen as the text font and I'm looking for a sans to use for heads, decks and sidebars - and therefore need a font with a variety of weights and itals. At the moment I'm using Trade Gothic Cond for heads and regular for sidebars. I also have Akzidenz, Eurostile, Futura, Helvetica, Interstate, Franklin Gothic, Gil and Univers as possible alternatives. Olsen has double storey a's + g's should my sans have the same? or should it contrast more? Any suggestions from what I already have, or should consider to purchase would be appreciated. thanks.

Hi Kirsten,

You have chosen FF Olsen to the text-font for a sports-magazine - and now you asked for a sans?
Why not use my new typeface FF Max, which have 7 weights with Caps, Italics and Experts??

Regards from
Morten Olsen


I purchased FF Olsen through monotype/ and am not able to find FF Max. Could you steer me to the correct site?

Thank you, K

Never mind, (she says feeling embarassed). And I hope my original post didn't make you cringe too much. Max is a great font, will be ordering it when I finish this post.
Thanks again,

Morten, I'm a big fan of FF Olsen - as you might remember last year I asked you if there was a PDF available, and you said you were working on one. Is it ready? :-)


thanks, yes I found it.

Here are FF Max and FF Olsen at FontShop, the original vendor of FontFonts.

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