FF Dagny - A Swedish "New Day"

Extensive annotations on a correction sheet during the development of DN Grotesk.

In 2002, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter changed from broadsheet to tabloid – a change that came along with a major impact on DN’s journalism, editing and design. Pangea design’s Creative Director, Örjan Nordling, had already worked with DN as a design consultant in 1996. In 2000, DN had been redesigned under the leadership of Mario Garcia. For the new design Nordling had created DN Bodoni exclusively for Dagens Nyheter. The change to tabloid called for a more compact setting and Pangea design was commissioned to produce a matching sans serif for Sweden’s largest daily newspaper. This became DN Grotesk which now has evolved into the FontFont Library’s newest sans serif family FF Dagny.

Even the [free downloadable] Thin weight works well in short texts

For the FontFont Library several adjustments were made by Örjan Nordling with assistance from his colleague Göran Söderström, the contrast in stroke thickness was reduced for even better legibility in small sizes, and characters were redesigned together with the FontFont TypeDepartment. By changing the oblique lowercase “a” to a single storey design, FF Dagny now has true italics. The family now includes a range of consistent weights from Thin to Black. Furthermore the typeface has been carefully hinted for better screen resolution, making it well suited for use in both analogue and digital applications. The name Dagny is an abbreviation of Dagens Nyheter as well as an old nordic female name meaning “new day”.

For a limited time, you can try FF Dagny OT Thin for free. To download the font and to get more information on the creation of FF Dagny, which is part of the current FontFont Release 49, check the The FontFeed.

26 Aug 2009 — 10:31pm

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