Typical Fifties Font

Hi folks,

I am looking for a typical fifties font. Like for example used on the Holland - America line posters [img]http://images.easyart.com/i/prints/rw/en_easyart/lg/2/1/Holland-Amerika-Lijn-Ten-Broek-217711.jpg[/img]

But other suggestions are more than welcome ofcourse :-)


17 Sep 2009 — 1:31am

I used Bounce Script for some editorial work recently.

Jim Parkinson has some display faces reminiscent of the poster example: Golden Gate Initials and Matinee for instance.

BTW, your example looks more Art Deco to me (i.e. 1920s &30s) than typical Fifties.

Futura is very 50s, set it in all caps and do it in black and white

Hello, I'd suggest some bold Frutiger. I've just used it for something similar.
Good luck with that.

"Natura non contristatur"

Frutiger is from the 70s though.
Are we looking for a 50s font or for something like in that poster (which appears to be from 1930)?

You might like Tourist Gothic

Also, more constructed: Positivistic

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