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I've been a lurker on here for a while, always ending up reading through all of the posts on the first page before I actually get through to post something (and honestly a little intimidated). So I guess that means I am new, or somewhat new....anyhow, I have a question and I couldn't find anything through the search.

Anyone using an iPhone app to follow this forum? I am only at a desk for very small amounts of time during the day and would love to keep up with the forum without having to go through Safari and enlarging it every time.

I know that there are a few apps that support a few types of forums, but the ones that I have tried don't work here (Forums, Tapatalk, TouchBB).

If there isn't an app that is already in use, would it be possible to install the support apps from one of the mentioned apps on to the server? This would allow Forum reading apps to interface with the site, and I am guessing that would make quite a few people happy, well.....at least one.

I asked Tiffany this question earlier, so if this has come up recently and I haven't seen it, sorry.



All it would need is different CSS. Since we still don’t have BLOCKQUOTE and are stuck with Flashturbation all over the place, particularly the homepage, I would not hold my breath for this development.

Joe Clark


I can follow with rss, but can I reply? If I could, I guess that would be an answer, but honestly it's not as robust as a dedicated app. The current apps just have to be pointed at the URL and they download the content and provide a complete interface, which includes following threads you are active in.

From what I have read so far, the server side apps are free and painless (easy) to set up. One publisher said all the owner has to do is run the installation file and that was it.

Personally, I like the flash homepage. I just want an easier way to play : )

"One publisher said"

Never believe the bullet point feature list on a software sales brochure. ;o)

Yeah.....I remember I was working on a website with Illustrator 8 or 9, a LONG time ago. I bought it because I believed the packaging, I didn't even know what a vector was and got WAY in over my head. Photoshop would have been a much wiser investment at that point, and I ended up just using MS Paint.

HOWEVER, I've done more homework and other forums about the Tapatalk app actually mention the fact that its not difficult for a forum owner to install the plug-in. I think it would be really wise for this forum to offer that service, especially if its free.


Can we? Please??????

When I'm on my mobile, I prefer to use the following bookmarks, saved to my iPhone home screen:
http://www.typophile.com/tracker/ and

Robb, the forum would have to be running on the particular software tapatalk supports (vBulletin or phpBB3). Only in that situation would it conceivably be 'easy' to implement.

Whatever FB can do to help with these typophile accessibility issues, whether reformatting our ads, fonts or sponsorship, we standby to obey the will of the forum leadership.


Fortunately, the login area on the main page is not done in Flash, so it's accessible from the iPhone. Once you log in, click "My Account", and there will be the navigation links at the top of the page. For example, if you click on "Forums" at the top, you can eventually get to the point where you can read and reply.

But yes, ideally, Typophile would serve a site that didn't use Flash, at least for iPhones and mobile devices without Flash.

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