hey all.

What do you think of the M?
Background: this is a logo for a bistro. Should have a clean line, more of a serious tone but still got to have some warm feeling. The food is served in an elegant way but is not too pricy.
If it’s that not clear - M should remind lightly the pomegranate flower (...)


14 Nov 2009 — 2:52pm
Logos / Corporate ID Design

The font is too austere. A pomegranate is sweet, juicy, and complex, and even the word "pomegranate" is lush and extravagant. I would go for a more fluid, decorative look.

What happened to the Souvenir version?

  • Lex

Mojo – thanks!
Lex – hey :) I thought that the pomegranate sprout (souvenir) won't stay clear if I decrease the size of the logo.
Here is a very rough idea …


Sure the flower is more evident now. But obscuring the "r" a little too much.
I would try to play with the elements that stick out (P and g).

The top version of 11:47PM version is perfectly legible. It is almost as perfect as the word mark could go in my opinion, simple and organic twist on a letter that makes the whole word unique and memorable. Really good.

it feels more approachablethan the posting on 14.Nov.2009 2.52pm, in comparison a bit more informal and relaxed .
I would like to see the type take on the volume of a pomegranate—with the "r" at the center of the word the other letterforms could naturally conform to the round shape, that's if you don't mind it coming across more playful.
Nice work:)

Thanks all. (RiccardO – I’ve tried your suggestion for a long time and it didn’t work out for me).

This is where I am now.

What do you think about the size of the letter P in relations to the rest? Is the kerning good?


The relative size of P looks OK, but I think it looked better in a lighter weight. Also 'e' appears to be slanted less from other letters.

The color looks accurate if you are trying to match the skin, but it's the inside that's edible and more about the fruit.

I prefer the weight in the previous posting. The counter in the letters, especially in the "a" are too narrow. Also there's some letter spacing problems; "ate" and "meg" areas.

I really like both directions.
Looking back at your first posting, i wonder how it would look if you made the "a" and "e" large lowercase letterforms, (matching the x height of the capitals) so that it keeps the roundness within the logotype—without having to make the logotype conform to the shape.

I agree with epsilicon, the lighter weight is better.

The color looks fine; the skin of a pomegranate and it's seeds (anardana) inside are both dark red, so I'm not sure what "marcdavid" is talking about? I'd also disagree with his kerning advice -- the “ate” and “meg” look fine, but the "r" could use a little air on either side...but that would depend on which weight you settle on, of course.

Overall, I think it's finally working. I looked over all your drafts, and this last concept is by far the best. I'd be careful with the pillow embossing, however; you don't want to veer into the chain-restaurant/Chili's look.

Nice work - obsessing pays off!

Thanks again.I got rid of the embossing.
Epsilicon: Does the ‘e’ look better?
Marcdavid: I tried your suggestions (large lowercases) – it looked unbalance to me.
Alaskan: I spaced the ‘r’... I think Marcdavid meant that some poms seeds can be light pink (?!)

I’m trying to give some roundness to the ‘r’ – is it working?

(top logo is before changes)


It feels too tight to me -- especially the space around 'r'. Now you have some awkward negative space between 'e' and 'g'. I'd suggest to levae the whitespace between 'e' and 'g' the way it is and space out the rest to balance it.

Furthermore I'm not sure about the details added to 'r'. It will propably get lost at smaller sizes.

Nevertheless the current version feels very nice and the whole process is really enjoyable.

I'm wondering if you made the g double story and used the bloom at the top? That way the g carries the shape of the pomegranate.

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