this is mokeka...

16 Feb 2010 — 12:27pm

Relevant to my interests. Looking good.

I can Google, but I'll ask: What is the significance of the name?

i think is a food preparation and a doll...

I think the thing that is most interesting about the design - those outward leaning serifs on E/F/L/T - are the very thing that will make good spacing very difficult with this font.

I like the shapes of Y and Z, and S if you can work out the kink in the middle.

In Brazil, moqueca (sound as mokeka) is a typical food prepared with fish and vegetables. Comes from state of Espirito Santo (between Rio and Bahia) but can be found in all litoranean regions North to Rio.

Interesting design, but I agree that spacing it would be difficult. Your acutes are very deslocated to the right. X has very few counterspace.

I love the outward leaning serifs too, but havings serifs on just some of your letters makes some words looking a bit disturbing, I think at it when I look at "TOCABA".

Some of the characters are a bit too heavy. Like A, R, M, N, X, W - they need to be re-adjust. And T is too narrow, I think. But overall it's a good start. Reminds a bit of GRINGO SLAB

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