(x) This will be easy for you all / Baroque serif - H&FJ Mercury {Mike Y}

Can anyone tell me what this is? Thanks!

22 Feb 2010 — 5:37am
Type ID Board [OLD]

I think it's Farnham

edit: Nope, wrong. Just realized the ear of the g is different.

yeah I though so too except that tricky g. The ear of the g on farnham faces the other way.

I think it's Mercury from H&FJ.

  • Mike Yanega

No, it’s Mercury from H&FJ.


wow shame on me :) Thanks!

Can anyone share a complementing sans for farnham or mercury?

H&FJ site recommends Gotham or Verlag
so.. maybe one of those or maybe something with similar style/weight

yeah I actually like the combination of farnahm for body and mercury for titling. Also caslon looks nice for callouts. What do you guys think about caslon and mercury . Sounds fishy but it actually looks good!

The convention is usually to avoid mixing similar styles. If the weights are different enough, or the style details are not similar, then I think it's easier to do without making it look like you made a mistake and mixed them unintentionally.

  • Mike Yanega
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