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can anyone identify the font used for the Saab Grintek in this logo?

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I’m looking for the pixel font they use that is displayed right below the video on the left hand side.


hello everyone,

i’m currently working on an art catalog and i’m thinking about a historically inspired look of the typography. the art performance deals with an incident that took place in the early 19th century (1816 to be precise).
although there is really no need for absolute historical correctness in the final design, i’d like to have a base for the choice of a possible typeface and the kind of layout and typesetting. at the end, i’ll have to decide, whether it’s possible to combine the rather wild and kind of “trash chic” performance with a historical typesetting.

the country involved in the incident was basically france. on the other hand, one could also imagine to have another country’s press reporting about it. unfortunately, i’m quite unsure about what actually typography looked like in countries like france, england, netherlands and germany at the mentioned point in time. it meets the almost late period of classicism in typography/typedesign. in germany, i guess, broken letters were ruling most of the printed work (what about books/novels?). but before posting more inadequately simplified consderations about the typogaphic state of affairs in the other countries – like france=didot, italy=bodoni etc), i’d like to hear some opinions from the experts here.
once again, my basic question is: which typefaces where used commonly in a) books and b) newspapers or reports around 1816?

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I’m curious if people have any favorite “screen-friendly” serif faces. I am thinking headline/subhead size, image/flash based (I’m not talking about “HTML” text fonts here).

I ask because some clearly work better than others. for instance Bodoni with its extreme thins tends to break apart at anything other than large sizes. What are the serif faces that hold up better in digital media?

I’ve been poking around this site (please get the search feature working soon!) looking for a topic about this, but didn’t see one. If it exists, please point me to it.



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Can anyone tell me what this script is that Herschel Supply Co uses?

Hello everyone. Does anyone know what font is this?

More characters can be found here:



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I'm looking for some alternatives to DTL Argo. Argo has the right humanist and contemporary sans feeling, but the cost is too much (the euro/dollar conversions are NOT helping matters). So, anyone have suggestions?


Froggy--Inspired by a Typophile Battle Week involving ligature madness with Cooper Black. Froggy was my double “g” ligature carried on to something else, a semi-serif. It is pretty early in the development but I am trying to get it ready for the Type Battle display at TypeCon by July 5th or Tiffany will see to it that I get worts :-)

Please let me know what you think.

Here is round 2
Here is round 3
Here is round 4
Here is round 5
Here is round 6
Here is round 7
Here is round 8
Here is round 9
Here is round 10
Here is round 11
Here is round 12
Here is round 13
Here is round 14
Here is round 15
Here is round 16
Here is round 17
Here is round 18
Here is round 19
Here is round 20
Here is round 21 below with Icelandic text and a new eth.

Chris Lozos

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Please help me identify the R and possibly the othschild in this logo. House-A-Rama League Night from House Industries is very close to the latter and I could probably use it to manipulate but any help on the R would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey typophiles

Does anyone know the name of the font used here on this CD?

It is to my knowledge one of the first computerized Blackletter fonts, with a quite short lifespan due to being replaced by more "impressive" versions such as the regular Old English.

Any help would be immensely appreciated!

are decorative fonts like Rosewood Regular in at the moment? or does type not have that fashion phase that comes around every 10-20 yrs? please let me know what is in at the moment and what would appeal to 16 to 25 yr olds? is Princetown LET a big hit at the moemnt with thsi age group? i think it was in the 80's that it was much more used on sweatshirts, track suits etc. is it back in? i think i have seen it on tshirts but with a more contemporary feel. any ideas? thanks, look forward to reading your replies.

Hi, I'm a graphic design student and was wondering what the typeface for the Typophile logo is. As well as the typeface in the background of the main page.

Any help is appreciated.

My friend is a Magician/Sideshow/Fire Performer and desperately needs an identity/logo type plus promotional materials. This is what I have for him so far, he saw a rough comp where I didn't have any of the typefaces, but I've since bought the fonts and done some iterations. I need your input, the forums were down exactly when I wanted to post this! We've not decided if he's going to use colors or just keep with the black and white/grey theme. I know these aren't EXACT sizes of biz cards yet, but I need to nail the details first. Thanks!

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I started on a new headline sans serif font last week. I made the full Latin 1 character set, and when I first installed it, it lacked uc I, H and K. I uninstalled it, checked the .vfb file with all uc glyphs, and tried again. Now I got a warning: the font was uninstallable.

I did not copy anything from any other programs, or font files; this font was made solely in FontLab Studio 5.04 Mac.

Has anybody else had this sort of problem?

Here's a screenshot of the font (no pdf obviously):

Looking for any help with this font

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Obviously this is a custom job but does anyone know what the font is based on?


what kind of fonts did the use for the old Berlin subwaysigns?

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Does anyone know where I can access Nicolas Pineau’s designs, published by Mariette, that illustrates Fournier le jeune’s classical bust profile with his (Pineaus’s) engraved C-Scrolls? Or any other source for the bust?



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anyone know what this typeface is?

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I had a flash of inspiration last night and quickly sketched a new logo for my web design company “DesignBits”. I am relatively new to logo and type design though, so I am not entirely sure how to take this design to the next step. I used to work in Photoshop a lot, but people keep telling me that Illustrator is actually better for designing logos and type. What would you suggest?

The most important thing is the actual typeface though. I need a font that resembles the one I sketched on paper. Has anybody ever seen such a font anywhere?

Any help is much appreciated...

Web Design Hamburg

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Dear Typophiles, I guess this a (easy) job for Jan:

I have seen this font all over the tv and here too

Thanks in advance.