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The Typographic Circle was formed about thirty years ago by a group of advertising typographers as the Type Directors Club (UK), to bring together anyone with an interest in type.

The Circle depends on membership revenue to be able to continue with its programme of high calibre speakers, studio visits and organizing social events. Membership to the Typographic Circle is open to anyone with an interest in typography and there are certainly no admittance tests.

Previous events have included House Industries, Gerard Unger, Brian Webb, Andy Altman, NB Studio.

To be a member of the Typo Circle has some tangible benefits. You will receive priority booking and reduced entry to events and lectures by the Typo Circle, and receive our publication, Circular, for free. Furthermore, we have arranged a discount scheme on books published by Rotovision. You will also receive free membership to Fontzone and be able to purchase Dalton Maag Exclusive fonts at a discount of 20%.

Is this a typeface or an effect on one? Please help! Thank you in advance...

I came across a strange thought of kerning in real life. I was thinking where else can we find kerning beside type? And saw we use kerning eveywhere. It's just called differently. One name for it in real life would be "double measure" when you apply different principals/acting/behaviour/etc. with different ethnicity/gender/etc.

Can you come up with kerning in other areas of life? Mechanics perhaps? Other professions?

Seeing that kerning exists eveywhere made me think why the **** did they name it "kerning" in type design?

I was just reading another thread where someone mentioned that their interest in typography began with a particular cover of a book. This got me thinking about where my own (though relatively recent) type fixation came from and why i now spend far too many hours reading typophile posts..

So as a bit of a friday afternoon diversion, would anyone be interested in posting about the incidents, specimens, book covers, articles etcetera that kicked off their own obsession?

i'll go first, i suppose -- strangely enough it was a note about the type at the end of tim burton's twisted illustrated book of poems "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy" which was set in Goudy's Scripps College Oldstyle. It said that Goudy himself had remarked that the type was without any 'freakish characteristics' which i thought played off of the mildly disturbing poetry brilliantly. It also made me sit up and think "hey wait a sec.. that font didn't come with my computer.."

Hi, looking for the 4 fonts in use here:

Similar fonts are fine. Thanks.


Working on a package design that needs some old type to it but I'm not to
familiar with any type that looks "vintage"...any suggestions?

Spike is showing Dr. No tonight. I stopped everything just to watch the titles. Why oh why can’t we have more inspiration like that today? The Dr. No titles were designed by Maurice Binder and they make me smile. Down with shadows and blends and all that is 3D … go back to analog and 2D design!

P-Type Publications, a division of P22, publishes Indie Fonts, a series of specimen books featuring fonts from selected font foundries. Each of these handsome volumes shows thousands of font samples in a way that makes it easy to visualize what the fonts will look like in print. In addition, each book includes a CD with representative fonts from most font foundries featured.

Hi there, need to identify these couple

"el estudio/the studio"
and "dutch uncles"
might be easy but it looks to me like some similar variation to some contemporary fonts, anyways, thanks in advance


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Does anyone know the sans serif fonts in this image. I know that "stranger" is custom.


alternate Gothic, Duke, ITC Blair

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Having some font that have "PRO" in their names, I wonder if that means the same?
I'll explain:
in the font Adobe Caslon Pro the characters like g with ^ and c with ^, which are being used in the independent language Esperanto could not be found, whereas in the font Minion Pro, there are present, just like in the font Garamond Premier Pro.

Any comment on this?

PS. I am new here, and I hope I can learn a lot from everybody.


I want to use Zuzana's Tarzana on a corporate ID. Does anyone know any good aplication of this type? Yves, you also love this font, anything for me on this?

Looking to find the name of the “Amerigroup” font.
I know the red lettering is Mistral [lol] but
if anyone has an idea about the blue, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks a bunch in advance!

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‹ Font help with this logo ›

I’m hoping someone can help:

  1. Identity of this typeface?
  2. Any similar ones? (need a script that’s easily legible and that looks like a young girl’s handwriting)


‹ Rip Slyme Hot Chocolate swashy fat modern serif (x) Gravis logo - custom designed {Stephen} ›

Can anyone recommend and nice stencil fount with a lower case alphabet?

I think probally san serif with a strong graphic look.


I'm wondering if anyone can identify the handwriting font in the attached sample I found in a Charles Tyrwhitt catalog.


I need to find what font this is so that I can make another sign for the same office.

ok. so since with OT you’re not ordering features, but lookups, how do i:
make a lookup in the clig feature followd by a lookup in the calt feature followed by another lookup in the clig feature? any why can’t you put all this in just one feature? any help is appreciated, thnx!


I am preparing a template for my company, we do market reports... so quite a serious topic.

I was thinking of associating 'New Caledonia LT' and 'Frutiger LT' for the titles. What do you think of this association ?

I would like something that looks 'clever' and 'american'...

Many thanks for your feedback...

Hi peeps,

this is my first post here, so I hope to get things right.
I’m going mad over this font: it looks like Pricedown but it ain’t...
Thanks in advance to you all!


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‹ (x) humanized grotesque headlines in Yale Daily News (mid-late 1950s) - Granby Bold Condensed {Mark S} "Boho" hand printes caps ›