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Hey all,

here's something I came up with while doodling with the Pilot Parallel Pen my girlfriend got me for my birthday. So far, I had prided myself on being a "digital native" as far as font design was concerned, finding it easier to play around with Béziers than with pen strokes. For this particular style, though, I found the natural constraints of broad-nib writing very helpful in quickly trying out different shapes and converging on a solution in an intuitive way.

The font is, of course, drawn entirely in Glyphs, and is much more regular than anything I could muster by hand. Still, I've made sure to soften the straight strokes a bit so as to avoid an overly mechanical look. The exuberant caps are inspired by Spencerian script.


Hola gente tengo una duda muy ñoña: he notado que el marco delimitador de la tipografía en ilustrator no se corresponde con el tamaño del cuerpo tipográfico, me gustaría saber a qué corresponde el tamaño de esa caja porque lo lógico sería que fuese en base al cuerpo de la tipo

Neville's conversion to the mainstream is now complete... :-)

I have come across ITC Blair font, but was wondering what serif would go well with this font?

any ideas?

I just installed the Adobe Creative Suite, however InDesign and Illustrator no longer launch the Suitcase (10.2.2) auto-activation feature, therefore I constantly have to manually turn on all the fonts I am working with in a document before I open it.

Any thoughts?



Hello all,

Can't seem to place this one, feels very much like a Garamond but can't find an exact match for the some of the characters - e.g the "T" "g" "e".

Any help much appreciated


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Selektor is a small font family characterized as geometrical sans.

More details:

Available (or it will be soon) at:
ITC Fonts

Dear All,

Posted this a little while ago but there were no takers, so try again...

This is the logotype from one of the large department stores here in Japan, Takashimaya (I am always seeing this one as it is my wife's favourite department store here! This one from a bag of rye bread).

I am curious to know whether it is a font or custom lettering?



Blogs, well I don't read too many. I have a friend and client who is a pro blogger. She does blogs for TV and Film companies. I prefer photos, they say more than words. So I tried a bit of bloggin just to keep a central location for many links I like to visit.

If I need to say something I can say it here.

I finally have a place to show the first Comedy based on Comic Sans that was filmed for Channel 4's show This is a Knife back in April.

According to wikipedia the Haas Foundry produced Akzidenz-Grotesk:
I was always under the impression that Akzidenz-Grotesk was a Berthold typeface design.
Were Haas at some point licensing AG from Berthold, or did they have their own version?

This is probably the most basic ID, and I'm embarrassed to post it. But, what is it? I think it's too small for whatthefont.

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While there seems to be many fine books written on the practive of metal typesetting and how these types were made, are there any handy references regarding photo type settting and new type practices of the late 60's, 70's through mid 80's? in a nutshell, everything that wasn't metal type setting and before the digital days of the late 80's

Hi, I'm a university student and have been recently been given this typographic project to do titled 'Difference'. I felt the subject was ideal for a forum discussion and figured posting it would generate good views on the subject from others.

Project Brief:
Produce a logo, 8 page exhibition brouchure and three panels for an exhibition in the Campus foyer which looks at the conflicting views of designers reguarding the use of personal style in the generation of communication design work. The debte was very much in evidence in the early 1980's with the increasing use of technology in creative production but it has been an underlying issue in the way designers have always worked. Your approach should be objective in illustrating the philosophies of both camps but stimulating enough to interest those who may not be aware of the difference in approach. As a major element of the exhibition is concerned with the role of type in design the final pieces should focus upon the application of type as an expressive medium with imagery forming an effective complement.

I'm not so much looking for ideas for my outcome but was more interested in others views on the debate topic. If your not too aware of the debate here's a link to an article about it, though its from more of a web design point of view but the idea is still there . I was hoping by posting on this forum I would be able to get perspectives from more of a typography stand point (I figured this forum would be a good source of views of typographers with much better experience/knowledge than myself). I look forward to any replies. Thanks

Hi All,

The Cacharel Logo has probably been created for the Label. But does anyone know a Typeface which comes close to it? We already checked the Bodoni Poster but it feels to heavy and masculine, specially on the endings.


Today is Terry’s birthday! Three Cheers to typophile’s most blue-faced avatar, and the type designer-illustrator-graphic designer-artist-etc. behind it!

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Dear Friends

Please help me id the font used for Team Hydro Green logo

Thanks in advance


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The Best Hundred of All Time

• Helvetica
• Garamond
• Frutiger
• Bodoni
• Futura
• Times
• Akzidenz Grotesk
• Officina
• Gill Sans
• Univers
• Optima
• Franklin Gothic
• Bembo
• Interstate
• Thesis
• Rockwell
• Walbaum
• Meta
• Trinité
• Matrix
• OCR A und B
• Avant Garde
• Lucida
• Sabon
• Zapfino
• Letter Gothic
• Stone
• Arnhem
• Minion
• Myriad
• Rotis
• Eurostile
• Scala
• Syntax
• Joanna
• Fleischmann
• Palatino
• Baskerville
• Fedra
• Gotham
• Lexicon
• Hands
• Metro
• Didot
• Formata
• Caslon
• Cooper Black
• Peignot
• Bell Gothic
• Antique Olive
• Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch
• Info
• Dax
• Proforma
• Today Sans
• Prokyon
• Trade Gothic
• Swift
• Copperplate Gothic
• Blur
• Base
• Bell Centennial
• News Gothic
• Avenir
• Bernhard Modern
• Amplitude
• Trixie
• Quadraat
• Neutraface
• Nobel
• Industria, Insignia, Arcadia
• Bickham Script
• Bank Gothic
• Corporate ASE
• Fago
• Trajan
• Kabel
• House Gothic 23
• Kosmik
• Caecilia
• Mrs Eaves
• Corpid
• Miller
• Souvenir
• Instant Types
• Clarendon
• Triplex
• Benguiat
• Zapf Renaissance
• Filosofia
• Chalet
• Quay Sans
• Cézanne
• Reporter
• Legacy
• Agenda
• Bello
• Dalliance
• Mistral

Hi all.

Just a real quick question...does anyone know the font (or similar font) to the Saks 5th Ave brand??

I'm trying to figure out what typeface is used in the headline (big red print) of this ad. I've tried whatthefont and identifont with no luck. Any ideas? TIA!

1939 chevrolet ad