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I'm looking for a typeface similar to Corrosion by House Industries, included in the Flyer Fonts collection. I would definately consider purchasing this font if you didn't have to buy the entire collection for $125. The other fonts are pretty rad as well, but I don't have any use for them at the moment. This is for a personal project (website) and $125 is over my budget.

So pretty much I'm looking for an outlined face that is irregular and maybe even rough... scratchy or carved looking, but not too scribbly or childish looking. Maybe something you might see at Urban Outfitters, but without fake perspective/3-d effect. Commercial or freeware are both fine.


I've been working on this font for a while now. Does it make any sense?

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I've been trying for days now to make a pixel font in Fontographer for use in Flash and I'm having problems, could anyone offer any advise or point me in the direction of a tutorial



I am developing an identity for a company called One-1 (the request was to use either "ONE", "1" or a combination of both) at the moment I am at an early stage of development and would like to look at alternative fonts from the current one that I have chosen (just to see what works).

In terms of design this (attached gif) is the direction I am taking at the moment (although if looks very similar to another identity you are aware of please let me know)

The fonts used are "Reforma Grotesk Demi" for the ONE and "Reforma Grotesk Medium" for the 1 the use of medium to bring the kerning a little closer. The key for the font is not to thin and the number 1 requires the curve at the top (sorry don't know the technical name here) the curves just gives that little bit more recognition to the number then a straight variation.

Any thoughts on alternatives that I should try out - anything more modern would be good. One-1 is a fitness / personal training company.


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looks so simple but I can't find it... I think there are a BILLION fonts?

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Where do i find Frutiger small caps?

Hi all,

This is an assignment for my Brand Identity class in the Visual Communication program at SAIC. My brief was to re-brand Fifth Third Bank*, a regional bank in the American Midwest. The bank was started in Ohio and their current branding was just redone by Deskey, a brand consultancy firm that also does Pepto Bismol's packaging]] but I and my class feel that its missing the mark entirely.

The first few are variations on a wheat sheaf, representing the values of growth and security, and history. The others are variations on a turtle icon that also has suggestion of a 5 and 3. I chose a turtle because I think most bank logos are way too generic looking, especially the current 5/3 logo. There is also zero humor is most bank logos and I'd like to change that. Tortoises are some of the longest living animals on earth.

*Disclosure- I bank here and wish I didn't because their customer service quality has been less than average.

I think I fell in love with a notebook, and — it's not a Mac. This would probably be the very, very first PC I would choose over a Mac. It almost seems like someone left the Apple Design Team to work on the Adamo design. ;) Niiice.

So, If anyone at Dell reads this — Come on, sponsor me with one of those, you know you want it. ;)

(* I am not getting paid for this. Of course I am not. Actually, I wish I would. Even better yet, I would accept an Adamo as payment. ;) So consider this, Dell.)

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Here is a vague and general question. Please give me any and all opinions. How does one differentiate between amateur and professional fonts? Are amateur fonts free? Reside on a certain web site? Not come from a major type foundry?

First throw out some thoughts, then I will elaborate on why I’m asking.



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Our very own Hrant Papazian will be speaking on "Nature and Nurture in Typeface Design" at City College of San Francisco on Monday, May 2, 2005.

It's on the Ocean/Phelan campus, in the Rosenberg Library, room 305 at 6:30pm.

It's free, exciting and all kinds of accessible, so come on down!

Here's a flyer with more info:
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Hello all!

I am new to the forums, although I have been reading posts for awhile now. I was helping a friend with a design project and some of their imagery reminded me of the font used on the Smashing Pumpkins album "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness." I've seen this font listed as PS Bluegum Forest as well as Burton's Nightmare. I remember loving the font at the time, and then slowly getting sick of it as I saw it used and overused.

However, looking at it again, I still feel like it is an interesting design and was curious to know more about it. Does anyone know about the origins/background of this font?



Any idea what the face is on this?

“UCLA professor Thomas G. Mason and chemistry graduate student Carlos J. Hernandez produced particles that are just microns wide and shaped like each letter of the alphabet. Graduate student James Wilking used “laser tweezers” to pick up the letters ’U, C, L, A’ and move them in order.”

Be sure to click “Next” for the second image too.

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Hello i am in my final yea of University.. and studying graphic design...
i hope to continue with this city map series when i finish......i hope i can post this here...

here are some of the images...of maps i have done so far..

New york (my first linocut)

London (commisioned by ISTD for my city my London)

Amsterdam (for a college project in which i could do what i wanted, so i really wanted to carry on with the series so had just been to amsterdam and loved the look of the map.. so carved it)

yea i have more pictures but you can scroll through the sets for them!...

im going to be doing Paris this summer.

kk cheers!.

Yay! A typographic event in San Francisco!

Our very own Hrant Papazian will be speaking on "Nature and Nurture in Typeface Design" at City College of San Francisco on Monday, May 2, 2005.

It's on the Ocean/Phelan campus, in the Rosenberg Library, room 305 at 6:30pm.

It's free, exciting and all kinds of accessible, so come on down!

Here's a flyer with more info:

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  1. Information such as the country: USA
  2. Age of the sample 1937-1939
  3. A pdf scan of the user manual can be found at and look for model 2C at the bottom of the page.
  4. I am trying to reproduce the old manual and would like to know the fonts used so I can re-create the manual to be as close to the original one as possible.


Kabel Heavy & Bodoni

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I am soon to be putting together an identity for a company that manufactures novelty putty, along similar lines to the 'Silly Putty' that has been around for a number of years. Their putty does clever things like change colour and comes in a range of colours including metallic and fluorescent.

They are hoping to retail directly via the web, through multiples such as Toys 'R' Us, and as promotional corporate items.

So I'm looking for suggestions for typefaces that have an appealing, putty-like feel yet still have enough dignity to hold their head up in a corporate environment. It's a tough one I know...

Running text will not be an issue as the typeface will be purely for logo/display use. Sorry to be so vague but the name is yet to be decided

Thank you

Dear Typophiles,

I'm wondering whether it is possible to teach Indesign CS2 the actual DPI-value of my screen, so it displays an object that is 10cm wide as 10cm in 100% Zoom. At the Moment, I have to zoom to about 130% to get an 1:1 equivalent, which is not very handy...

I remember Xpress 4.0, where this was possible, so maybe Indesign can do it as well? Changing the DPI-value on system level (Windows) doesn't seem to change anyting.

Thanks for your help

i need to know what typeface the Jack's Mannequin font is.

Astype releases new stencil fonts: Vtg Stencil Germany No.1

astype site | specimen pdf | myfonts site

The Vtg Stencil series of fonts from astype are based on real world stencils. The Germany No.1 design was derived from authentic antique German stencil-plates.

Surprisingly these stencil-plates offer a high contrast Didot design very similar to the French stencils produced and sold till today. The production time of these stencils is in the range of the German imperial period (1871–1918). Of course the usage period was even longer.

The font styles »Paint« and »Sketch« include 4 additional variations of base glyphs and figures. An extensive random function will mix the glyphs as you type - on proper OpenType-savvy apps like Adobe InDesign.

All styles offer an extended Latin character set.

NOTE TO THE ADMINS: Now all links working - please delet the previews post. Thank you.

Hello all, this is my first post here. I stumbled upon this site today and I was quite impressed. I havent had a chance to totaly look at everything yet but It was really interesting to the progression of some of the identities.

Anyways I am a high school student, my name is Tom and I am from Toronto, Canada. I am looking forward to my experience here :D

A few friends of my parents who run small business and have a tight budget have given me the opportunity to do some small design jobs for them.

I just got one to design a logo for a company that sells a variety of different UPS units to deliver uninterupted power protection incase the power goes out. they are called "UPS For Less"

Here are my first few ideas, I am having a bit of trouble finding a type face to suit this and I am still working on the icon, which is a sheild combined with a power symbol. Any help would be much appretiated.




I am trying to find a font that replicates the font (for PC) which was used to type BROWNS in the attached picture. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot,

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Need some help here on this invite I'm working on. I'm trying to mix many typefaces in a complimentary way, and the inspiration is from old signage and packaging. The final invites will be screen printed on cloth and ripped out for a rough edge. I've been looking at it too long and need some help. Any feedback is great. thanks for your time.

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