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I'm looking for a 3D application that has the ability to create professional looking 3D type, either a specific type based application or more likely a general 3D application for mac, that's easy to use and can get good results from.

Any suggestions would be great, I wondered if there was an industry standard.



I really like this, it's so simple yet impactful. Anybody know what font this is?

It is possible to make proportional Oldstyle figures default in a Opentype font?
And, is there a way to make it work on a «non-design» software (for example MS Word)?
Thank you very much guys.

Juan Pablo del Peral

Hi all,

Is there a way of simultaneously selecting a bunch of kerning pairs in a font (not all), e.g. in the Kerning Table, so that you could then modify them using the Adjust metrics command? I'm running FontLab Studio 5.0.4 on Mac OS 10.4.10.

Sorry if this has already been addressed; my search of Typophile wasn't so thorough.


HI, i'm searching for - Verona, Modena font, where can i find?
thank you

...their printed works at least...
As a special addition to the TypeCon series of events in Buffalo, The Western NY Book Arts Collaborative in cooperation with the Rare Book Room at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library presents a special exhibition of Typographic classics. Rarities that TypeCon attendees can see in person include Aldine and Jenson books, a Gutenberg bible leaf, The Doves bible and many classic presses and printers including Kelmscott, Grabhorn and Bruce Rogers.

In addition the library is currently exhibiting: The American Vandal Abroad: Mark Twain’s Travel Writing 1866-1897 in the Mark Twain Room of the Central library. The Twain room features the original manuscript of Huckleberry Finn and Twain letters and publications from around the world.

The exhibits will be on display throughout July during regular library hours.

Also inside the Central Library is Fables Café, a popular lunch spot adjacent to the Encore Editions bookshop where deaccessioned library materials are offered for sale.

The library is located at 1 Lafayette Square just blocks from the Hyatt Hotel.

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Since I wish to leave Saad's early Kufi thread as is, while I wish to get acquainted with Arabic writing history, I open this thread to gather resources about this topic.

As a first step, I'd like to ask Saad which kind of writing is this one, photographed by Eben Sorkin while doing the Arabic class at Reading with Fiona Ross.

I'm looking for the name and where to locate the font that was used for the TV show Fame

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This is Chile sans, a typeface for identity and reading. This "new" font its different form my past chile sans font with inverted contrast(who will be in stand by). Well, the concept behind the face is to make a font to be used by chilean graphic designers.
I will post advances for my new Chile sans font from today to the letras latinas 2006 exposition. The font include:
Regular, Bold, Italic, headline and Icons.
This is the current version of Chile, in headline. Your comments are welcome as always :)


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Found on the Letpress mailing list

Fournier, Manuel Typographique, Tome I on google books.

What font are usually used in newspepers?
I need about 20 names.
Like Times new Roman, Baskerville.

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Hey guys! I’m really liking this new typophile design. Too bad it won’t email me the password to the old account. But nevermind, I’ll post that bug later.

Can someone identify the font on this cover?


Does anyone recognize the font upon which this sample button is based on? Its used on

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Neat new article on PingMag about assorted calligraphic styles on sake bottles:

I just started on a project for infosys and need to know which fonts they are using for the logo (which I assume is a commercial font that is modified) and for their body copy.

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This is the early sketch of a logo were i'm trying to design the typography myself.
I'm happy with the '5' but i wonder if the '2' is of the same looks… what do you think ?

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I'm looking for a display font for a book about American folk art. I want something funky and handdrawn, but not novelty or wedding-invitation-y. Seems like the vast majority of script faces out there are just silly.

Storm's Rondka is really close, but too slanted for my purposes. I like that it's deliberate, not like dashed-off handwriting, and not too ornamental.

Any suggestions?

I’m looking at buying an HP 1200 to have a small mono postscript printer for testing type. It appears that this will be a solid 1200x1200 DPI level 2 postscript printer that will work with my Mac or any other OS I throw at it. Anyone have horror stories?

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Hi, all-
Long-time Typophile visitor, first time forum poster :-)
I wonder if someone could take a look at these three words and tell me where I'm going wrong with the kerning?
Seems so simple, but between the upright L and the angled A and the rounded C and the upright K, etc etc- it's driving me bananas!

Many thanks!

Hi guys,

i just attached asome INDIANA JONES one-sheets. Looking for the font they used to set “INDIANA JONES” and the one they used for the subtitles > “LAST CRUSADE”, “LOST ARK”, or “TEMPLE OF DOOM”…

Thanks for your help…

Best, Flo. ///

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(Larger Version)


Does anyone read it as LakersGroWnd? (should say LakersGround).
If so, this is one possible solution...

Also does the spacing between the characters look right?