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I'm trying to find a typeface that looks somewhat like poorly printed News Gothic (or some other early 20th century sans used for text). I don't want a "grunge" font, just some softness/roundness in the edges.

Any suggestions?

What are your favorite pairs?

Can anyone tell me what this is? Thanks!

I lost the fonts AR Julian when my computer crashed and can not find it anywhere... It is used for my company name and can be seen at

No one in the sign business can find it, nor the web. If anyone knows anything about it or a different name used for it please let me know.
Thank you very much...

What is your tatoo look like

Hello everyone,

I made a small website with my type work called R•TYPE.
Check it out at

Well I don’t know if this is the right board but I’ll try anyways. Well I’m a second year graphic design student and for one of our project we have to do a quote in the typeface give. I got palatino as my type and I was wondering if anyone knew of any or where I can find some either on the font its self or made by the creator of the type about it (Hermann zapf). I hope that makes sense.

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Does anyone know when Matthew Carter's Yale Design Roman will be available to the public?

Many thanks!

Typophile should not be hosting blogs. It’s a discussion forum, not a hosting service.

I drew a font in AutoCAD, and I want to convert the dwg format in ttf or otf.
Thanks for any help!
Delia Petrescu

This was cover of id magazine a couple months ago, I think... Cover line was "there are no rules"



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I found this free font the other day and wanted to share it. Its called VAL and has a lovely rounded form with curved lines making it really striking and different.

You can find it here…

Its seems to look really good in simple short forms of type. Perfect for logos or headlines, though the legibility is not amazing, but hey, its not really about that!

I also love the way it is displayed on this site. Gives good examples, but also shows the font as an alphabet form in posters with 4 fonts per page. I think this is a really interesting and original way of showing a font. It also directly shows you how effective it is in simple form.

Anyway, hope you think its as nice as I do.


Does anybody know where I can buy this greek font family? We happen to have one weight of it (Plain) but require bold etc yet I cannot find anybody that sells it despite extensive Googling.

Very mysterious...

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Greetings all. First time poster. I've trying to find a pairing face for a custom wordmark that I've done for a mixed martial arts company (yuck, I know). The wordmark is comparable to something like the ford logo. I can't seem to think of anything that really works well enough for me to present.



Anyone knows what font is this? Thank you in advance for your help!


Peignot Bold

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The typeface foundry and subsidiary of Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., Linotype GmbH, has introduced the Frutiger Serif typeface family, a new 20-font offering was designed by Akira Kobayashi, type director at Linotype, and Adrian Frutiger, who designed the original Frutiger sans serif design along with other popular typeface families including Univers, Avenir and Vectora.

The Frutiger Serif design is based on the Meridien® typeface, one of Frutiger’s first, released in 1957. The Frutiger Serif typeface family is available in five weights ranging from light to heavy, and all weights are available in both regular and condensed versions. Each has a corresponding italic, in addition to a condensed italic. The Frutiger Serif fonts support 48 western, central and eastern European languages, including Baltic and Turkish. The fonts are available in the OpenType® cross-platform format and include OpenType features such as ligatures, small caps and several numerical figures.

Individual Frutiger fonts, selection packs and typeface families can be viewed online at, and

The initial Frutiger typeface was originally designed by Frutiger for the Charles-de-Gaulle Airport in Paris in the 1970s. In 1997, he completed the Frutiger Next family, developed for signage at the Alte Pinakothek in Munich and then becoming commercially available in 2000 as a Linotype typeface. Other variations available from the Linotype Library are the Frutiger Stones™ family, which incorporates the look of polished pebbles as the boundary; the Frutiger Symbols design, a family of symbol fonts; the Frutiger Capitalis design, a font containing ornamental glyphs; and Frutiger Arabic, designed by Nadine Chahine of Linotype and released last year.

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There is a 50% off sale at Oak Knoll Press. A great purchase: McGrew, Mac, AMERICAN METAL TYPEFACES OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY.

Nathalie Dumont

A logo display face I did for a cafe a few years ago. At the time I really wanted to build the rest of the letterforms but never got around to it.

I'm thinking of a font.... big, blocky, rocky, chunky and it'll say 'Liberty'. Any ideas?

edit... maybe I'm thinking 'Earthquake'??

Hi there, here's a font in development by our studio, want the help of you typophilers to improve it. Waiting for your critique.
I will post more developments and pdf's soon.

My best regards and thank you in advance.


Hi everyone,

I am writing an experimental chat application, focused on a clean user interface. It draws several ideas from various sources, but is mostly inspired by the Gargoyle Interactive Fiction player:

Gargoyle cares about typography! In this computer age of typographical poverty, where horrible fonts, dazzling colors, and inadequate white space is God, Gargoyle dares to rebel!

Although I like Gargoyle's default font, Bitstream Charter, I found its Unicode coverage severely lacking (even in the commercial Pro version). For instance, it does not support cyrillics, or some eastern-european characters such as ş/ţ.

Here is what I have so far:

(also note how the base of the "fi" ligature is blurred)

Thus, I ask: which font could I use with better Unicode coverage that isn't too different from Charter, or perhaps better befitting my application in your opinion?

Edit: never mind, I just used Georgia...