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I claim to have a world record in type design in speed.

When House Industries guys went about their Font Sprint in Vancouver, I promised I would trump their attempt of producing a working font in under 4 hours. They failed miserabily; they had upper and lower case letters, and most of the numerals.

I promised that if ATypI ever came to Helsinki, I would make a whole font in that time.

ATypI did come to Helsinki, so I had to put my money where my mouth was, and since I was one of the organizers, I could. This is the result:

It is ugly as hell, but it's a working Open Type font with 122 kerning pairs.

I made a RoboFog-file with pre-demernied x-height, ascenders and descenders beforehand, but that was it. Everything else was made on site. From start to this pdf, it took me 3 hours 4 minutes.


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Hi guys,
I am doing a Literary Magazine, most probably with Lyon Text Font.

Lyon will be used for Body Text.
Can you suggest which font can be used with? for headlines, subheads, notes, etc.

Thanks and Best,

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I just edited a brand new trailer for a tv show I'm working on but now I need a font that compliments the title of the show, VIP Latino. I'm not really a typophile so a suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I'm very curious about the design community in the Northern, and I do mean Norther, California area. Specifically in Arcata and the surrounding areas. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!


Hello everyone.

I am currently creating a book about the diverse usages of Univers. It is essentially a responce to the Lars Muller Hommage to Helvetica book with the aim of giving Univers its due as a true type great.

I am making good progress but am sure that i am still only scratching the surface, if anyone has any good examples of its use (pictures or details) I would love to be made aware of them.


I am searching for a headline and sub-headline font for ads for a technology brand. Their body copy font is gotham rounded. Has anyone discovered a nice typeface pairing for Gotham rounded?

Im redesigning some stationery.
Is email hypenated or not?


I would appreciate your recommendation for a typeface for a resume for a freelance management consultant that is well hinted for Mac and Windows, I might end using it for my reports too if it can be embed in Word. Currently I am using Georgia+Verdana for screen and document sharing as it is “standard” but I am considering investing on something more “exclusive”.

Thank you for your expert advice.

Regards, Carlos.

Can anyone suggest a sans to use for headlines with Cholla slab? Ideally, my client is looking for something that will be set in all lowercase (which is problematic in itself, I realize, but that's what he wants...).

Thanks for your help.


I've been looking for a while now for the sans serif font made by William Caslon IV, considered the first sans serif font.
I would have thought someone would have re-issued it by now.
All I could find was this, though.
Any ideas or people wanting to take on the challenge?

I'm in need of a Greek font to pair with Hoefler's Mercury Text. I'm looking for a sans for this purpose. I've had a hard time turning up results. I've been using FontShop as one of my main sources, but, their recent redesign has been hateful to me. The site is barely usable, and not at all useful, especially looking for a Greek font.

I apologize if this post is one of striking ignorance, but I am self-training and limited in the most important resources of any field, experience and understanding. Any direction is greatly appreciated, whether a font recommendation, a place to search more effectively, or a search term that will help me turn the needed results.

Thanks for helping,

i am correcting a text in Indesign and would like to ask you which are the right typography quotes,please?
is it with single or double quotes?which is better
are there any space between the quotes and the word please?

thank you

Anyone have specs on the Itoya 11 x 17 spine insert? I don't have one handy.


How is this working? This is for a wedding photographer that wants to appeal to the less traditional bride, but not alienate the more traditional bride. She selected the color.

thanks for your advice!

Can anyone recommend some fonts your would pair with Bodoni Poster for a non traditional wedding invite.
Please & thank you!

I was playing around with diacritics in an opentype font of mine, and came to the conclusion that the marks on Uppercase Letters need to be a bit bigger than the ones on lowercase. At the moment, I gave them just a scaling of +9% compared to the original size, but I guess that in some designs, this isn't the best way...

Do you design special versions for uppercase? Where do you place them in Unicode, is there a special place for them?

What about smallcaps (here I did use the LC original size) and titling (here I designed new, more detailed ones, but do not exactly know where to place them in unicode).

Thanks for your suggestions

I never learned how to type certain accents over letters. I have a client that needs the macron (I just found out its name) accent ' ¯ ' over the letter ' e ' but most fonts have premade é characters only as the closest (and incorrect) equivalent. I know that the accent is included, but aside from typing the ' < ' key while holding down the Shift and Option keys on a Mac to get the accent by itself, I don't know how to get this accent over the vowel.

Can someone tell me how to do this? I learned page layout programs by myself in the 90s as I finished graphic design back when we still did paste-up, so I'm feeling rather unsophisticated about how to use accent features. But I figure I'd rather ask for help than go dumb - it's an accent I need for a particular client whose name is always mispronounced.

Additionally, since many fonts have pre-made letters with accents, is this something that would be better off with a specific letter e with the macron already pre-placed? It will always be used with this client, and I'm not sure if larger display layouts would represent the best application of the accent.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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can someone plz identify what font is this ???

My company are introducing a server-based font management system As part of that they want to sort out the library and importantly delete illegal fonts. The issue is they want to bring in a 'complete' library to use across all titles - the one being touted is the Adobe type library.

Are there any better alternatives, and (assuming most people would be negative) is anyone in favour of this type of rationalisation?

Thoughts as always gratefully received…

I'm looking for some suggestions on a (somewhat) techy typeface suitable for an identity.

I've been considering Klavika and Relato Sans, but I find the former a bit to rigdid and the latter might be unsuitable because I recently used it for a related firm. I'm not set on a sans serif.

I've been toying around with the uppercase R in Relato (it has a straight "crossbar"-ish part of the bowl, similar to Auto) for the word mark, lining it's bowl up with other crossbars. I'm not sure if I'll follow through on that idea, but nevertheless I'd love some suggestions on typefaces with similarily constructed R's.

Just wondering what the conventions are for date formatting ie. separators, and text within brackets.

For dates which is the conventional way to format a date?

11/05/04, or 11.05.04. If the former is correct, is the latter acceptable?

For brackets my question is in regard to capital letter usage.

Example 1:
"Please forward the information to me by mail (please tick)."

Should it be (Please tick)? I think the correct way is lower case, but I just want to be sure.

Example 2:
"(One complimentary ticket is included upon entry)".

I think the correct way here is uppercase, again not 100% sure.

If it's how I think it is, you should only use uppercase for text inside brackets when the information within the brackets is a new sentance.

Hello everyone

I'm looking to hire a WordPress master to take care of a theme I bought, turn it into a online store website.

It's WooCommerce compatible. What I'd like to be done there is logo and title customization, some color scheme tweaks and populating the store with products images and items information.

I'd also like it to have installed along with WordPress itself and some SEO plugin added so my website is better visible for search engines.

Please take a glimpse at the guy at

Many thanks for your proposals

Can anyone suggest a sans serif family that includes an especially thin weight...or two?
I've already found Interstate FB.

I won't use Avant Garde, so don't even tell me...

Im a Design student doing a rebranding/packaging project. The brand I'm doing this project with is Tetra. They make home aquarium/pond products and fish/reptile food. This is the logo I've made:

The concept has to do with water, growth, fluidity, scales, movement, and fish.
My problem is now I'm having problems picking a complimentary font to use on the packaging. It needs to follow the same concepts(especially fluidity), but not be too similar to the logo type. Any suggestions? I've really hit the wall on this one.