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I'm looking for a font that is near identical to Gotham Condensed Ultra. I would purchase this font from Hoefler but do not sell this font on it's own but combine it with the set for £500! Anyway, I would love to hear from someone who could suggest a couple of alternatives.

Many thanks,


I realize this pic isn't a font

I'm looking for a face that's anywhere close to this or from the same era (1880s) would do actually.


I really like the face used on for their logo and the "creative & tech jobs" text. I tried searching around and using but have not been able to find this face or something similar.

If anyone knows which face this is I would really appreciate it.

I'm old enough that when I hear the word "gangster," I immediately think of Al Capone. However, my young client is thinking in terms of "Hip-Hop Gangsta' Rap." When you all stop lauging, can you recommend an interesting logo font for a small record company specializing in Gangsta' Rap? (Oh yes, I should mention that it's specifically Cholo Gangsta' Rap).... Blackletter fonts that resemble tattoos are the most obvious choice, but is there anything else out there that might be a more interesting alternative? I'm certain this forum is loaded with gang members, so I eagerly await your response!
Thanks one and all!

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Working on a website that needs a clear hand-written-style font, easily readable at smaller ( < 14pt) sizes. Marker Felt fits the bill, though I'm personally not a fan. I was wondering if anyone could answer the following questions...

  1. Marker Felt comes packaged with my OS (OSX), but I can't seem to find any licensing information associated with it, and have found earlier versions available in numerous places for free / donation. Apple don't seem to offer it for sale and neither do any of the major internet font sellers. So how does my use of it stand? Can I use it for free?

  2. If anyone has any alternatives to Marker Felt they think I might prefer, I would appreciate it.

Thanks a lot.

I am going to start studing some type faces so I made a specimen wich groups main glyphs by familiar shapes, shows the vertical proportions and three different paragraph settings, one of them helping to measure type space efficiency (do = 1000 glyphs).

I would like to have some commentaries about how could I improve this tool for the study of a type face. The lower case glyphs are about 2 picas height and the upper case about 3.I

I am searching for a modern serif or slab-serif with a corporate and "cubic" feel.
This is the way i ma going: (but i don't like the lowercase "e")
or (i like this one but need an alternative)
or maybe...

Hope you guys can come up with something...


I suppose in some cases, the combination of heavy bold weights and the reduced proportions of small caps might just be too much to be legiable, but Minion appears to have small caps in every weight.

Any particular reason? I can't imagine it's got anything to do with the work involved, since I've seen this phenomenon in typefaces with otherwise massive, sprawling character sets.

Hello all.

I'm not a designer or typographer, just an editor. I edit a small-scale UK magazine. As well as covering current affairs we review films and music, but it's a pretty intelligent read -- sophisticated but pretty sober. We're relaunching next month, going from a mono interior to full colour.

Obviously fonts are a pretty big deal. It's the designer's call, but I got a few books and read up just because typography interests me. I also read a bunch of blogs and forums.

But here's the thing. I can't understand why Mrs Eaves wouldn't be a brilliant body text for us. I know it's pretty common now, and I know it draws attention to itself, but I like that it's full of character. In comparison most other things look bland, particularly the Baskerville alternatives that I get presented with.

The designer is with me to a certain extent. He says that he loves the way it looks, but that I should understand that typographers have a problem with it as a body text. Well, I guess I do, but only insofar as it wants to be seen. I do think it's readable despite all that.

If we use it it'll be 11.5 on 11.5, with column widths of around 75mm. We'll be printing onto good-quality 90gsm satin.

So, if you think my subscribers will benefit, please convince me that I'm wrong (with alternatives). The only other font I've seen that I really like is Fabiol, and I reckon you'd think that was worse...



I'm working on an brand identity for a manufacturer of designy modern furniture.

At first, I was thinking of something explicitly design & modern.
Maybe some kind of gotham thin, or a klavika, maybe even engel.

But I wanted to add strength to the brand.

I fell on Giza.

I love the great impact of this face, but now I'm stuck in the choice a typeface to go with it in the body copy, and I feel Giza would be difficult in a daily use.

I 'd love to share your thoughts

thanks in advance


The master director and writer Wes Anderson has a new movie coming out in November called Darjeeling Limited. But this time Wes (or his team of creatives) have opted to not use Futura as their font. What is this mysterious font? The font seems to perfectly fit with the movie. The movie takes place in India and in India, I have noticed, they use western design and art but with a slight Indian remix, and the font of Darjeeling Limited does that exactly. Its really nice to see an artist like Wes Andersson have such great understanding of graphic design and typography. Much like another master of film known for his 2001 Odysseus.

i am currently working on a graphic standards guide for a network of authors and they would not be persuaded into purchasing any fonts... so i am stuck with the fonts within Windows XP and backwards.
for the "bread" i will go for the Garamond.. but what can i use for headlines? i wanted something like Fontbureaus Interstate...
Anybody have a nice suggestion that would work fine with garamond?

I'm looking for an alternative to Sackers, ideally something a little more elegant or feminine but with a similarly classy authority - think Marc Jacobs logo. It'll be used in a logotype with no curved letters, in fact only V,Y,L,E, I and N and all caps. Trade Gothic Extended is one but just wondering if anybody knew of any others to try out.

Hello all!

I'm having a very hard time finding examples of beautiful corporate/company stationery online. I need some inspiration! If you have a link to a beautiful piece of corporate stationery, or just want to post an image, please do!

Greetings comrades

I have reworked my own business card and need some feed back before I print.
Any feed back would be great. Thanks!


I am about to start a book project and would like the type treatment to be based around 1970's/80's Americana Truck aesthetics. Also with the possibility of having a slightly feminine feel to it as the project is based around two blonde, truck driving sisters.

Any font recommendations would be great.


Is there a font out there that could be described as Rockwell with rounded serifs? We're looking for something like this for a charity project, like Rockwell, but would want to have it a bit softer, and if the serifs had round endings, that would do it. We've tried it by rounding the corners on a few characters, but are wondering what's the closest existing font would be.

Many thanks.

Edit: Ah yes, and it shouldn't be any typewriter font.

Hi there, first posting here, can anyone suggest a book that will teach me the anatomy of letterforms and type design. I'm a graphic designer of about 10 years standing but have never designed my own face. I did Fine Art at college rather than Graphics and a friend was telling me that on his graphics course they redrew Gill Sans and learnt the intricasies of each letter shape, that's the level of detail I'd like. I'm looking for something very hands on, telling me why different letters are particular widths, relationships between shapes etc. not anything theoretical, historical or overview.

Any suggestions? Many thanks.

OK, So I am a huge fan of Hanging Figures (or lowercase figures, or old style, whatever). I know that some sans faces have them, but many don't.

I have altered the numerals for the Trade Gothic Condensed to make the numerals look better with the all lowercase text. Still, I know better than to alter a typeface.

I would like to know if this is just dead wrong, is it okay? I didn't squish any letterforms.. I actually manipulated some of the anchor points. Part of me is ticked with myself for thinking about it, and another part likes the way it looks.

Please tell me what you think?



I'm working on a site for a law firm. This is not something that's my usual forte -- both web design and conservative, traditional design, that is. This site is being built in Flash, so I can use whatever font(s) work, but a lot of the obvious traditional serifed faces seem really hard on the eyes when displayed on screen, and a lot of the sans faces that look crisp on screen feel too modern, tech, or casual. Any suggestions?

Even my design-saavy friends fail to sympathize when I groan at otherwise-decent designs that are unoriginal in their type selection. They say,

I just bought a copy of Freight Text on the recommendations of many people on here, and while I like the look of the font, I'm not at all happy with how tight it is allowing the word spacing to go. I don't usually spend a lot of time adjusting H&J settings, but I messed around with the ones I know about, and nothing seems to help. Just in the first page of text it is doing this quite often. See circled line in the image below.

Any ideas what I can do about this. Using InDesign.

I'm looking for suggestions of well designed type that would convey these feelings. Thanks for your suggestions.