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Hi, I am looking for the name of the font used on the scandic Hotels webpage. All caps and short of handmade.

thank you!



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8-bit Limit (BRK)

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I've been working on this font for a while now. Does it make any sense?

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Looking for an ID on this pretty inline display font used for the HAUTE logo

Many thanks for any help in advance,

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This is STEREOTYPE yo!
Hello, I am in my first typography class and our instructor has given us the wonderful task of developing our own typeface. its pretty fun I must say.
Anyways here is the begining of my typeface "STEREOTYPE"

this is mokeka...


does someone recongize this font on RYANAIR's aircraft 'U NEVR BEAT D IRISH!"?

I had Akzidenz Grotesk but that's not it. Your input is much appreciated.

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Frutiger Condensed Black

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This was cover of id magazine a couple months ago, I think... Cover line was "there are no rules"



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A logo display face I did for a cafe a few years ago. At the time I really wanted to build the rest of the letterforms but never got around to it.


Times Modern, Dala Floda

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Make your comments on the type Serial Killer.

I've saved a while back this image off the internet but I don't remember from where, or what it is and by who. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the history if these letters. Thanks in advance


"Initials and Decorative Alphabets," Erhardt D. Stiebner and Dieter Urban

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Looking for a face ID of "New York vs. The World," or something similar

Thanks guys


Hoboken High Sans

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I have no idea what it is. Please help !

Thanks so much


Hello Everyone,

Thanks for looking at the post.

Kindly can you advice the font of Happy Dogs.

I had a feeling that they are not same " Raleigh XBd BT (Extra Bold)"

Please advice.

Hasnain Munawar


Christian Schwartz' Stag

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Yet another 'my first face' thread... I've been reading about type design here for a while now and wanted to try making my own simple face.

I started out with a doodle of the A and really liked that shape, so I started making other letters based on that.

I've only got uppercase done right now, but I wanted to get some feedback before I spend more time on this.

The result is pretty okay in my own humble opinion, but of course it's no quality face. I haven't done any kerning pairs so the spacing is a bit off, and it still suffers from the 'circles appear smaller than rectangles' illusion. The letter I'm the least happy with is the 'G', which is just a mirrored 'E': I haven't found a good substitute though.

All comments welcome...

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Would you know which typeface this is?

Thank you!

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Something I did by the morning coffee. I know it’s a bit early to post here but I’ll be developing this during the fall and you can comment when you feel like it. This might some day replace Peignot in a logo.

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Good morning, could you help me to identify, this fake lower case Banco found on a french pizzeria ?
Thanks for any help.


Sprint of Aldo Novarese

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Mike F