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Any idea what the font is used on this 1984 George Orwell book cover?


compacta light

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Hi, this is the first thing Im working on...and Im sure you all have sugetiosn and opions, I have no school on this dark art and i basicly let my self go. I really want to learn but i have no guidance.

Thank you all!


I used to watch 'Danger Bay' as a kid in the late 80s and just stumbled upon this opening title gem. Does anyone know what calligraphic type this is? It's got some similarities to a bunch of chancery typefaces. The show used a drop shadow variant but a non-shadow version would do me just fine.

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\blocklyn.jpg {blocklyn copyright (c) Per Ekengren}
I wanted to make a typeface by blocks. But not too oblique as a square pixelfont, just a little bit more "curved" (you read sexy :) )

I know some of the letters are totally wierd when looking at the whole typeface. But just drop me down with your critique.

Hello Typophiles!

Here you can see the latest project of mine, a quick-made, playful yet - I assume - quite legible title or display typeface.

What do you think of it? What do you like or dislike?

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What's the "FLAVOR" font? Thanks!


I need to recreate this logo and finally identified the typeface (Gabriola). Now I'm trying to find out where the typographic ornament came from. I traced the element in Illustrator but it is hard to tell from this low resolution image how close I am to the original. I discovered that this character is called a hedera. Learn something new everyday! If anyone can ID this, I'd appreciate it. This is my first post to this forum so I hope I've posted this request correctly!


Please help to ID this font.

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Hi All.
I've been working on and off with a collection of typefaces for my conceptual foundry Brainreactor/GyoDea. The collection starts to take shape, and I would be glad of any comments regarding my work.

The collection contains both display/experimental and some sans serifs for Display/Logo purposes.

I appologize for the pdf layout in this preview, I work on a book where all the fonts will be displayed in a proper way.

All typefaces have full alphabets with upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and so on. However, I think it's a bit early to show them all in here. I have 24 other full alphabets going on on top of the ones I show here. I will upload a new pdf within two weeks, with more and harder experimental Typefaces.

Any comments?

Andreas Lindholm

999.2 K
"Preview Brainreactor/GyoDea"

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wondering what this font is called? Sorry for the small excerpt.
Thanks in advance!!

Hello everyone. I am designing a high school newspaper for my campus, called "The Pioneer". What it pioneered, I do not know.

Here it is:

Some info: the campus publication industry in the Philippines is hyper-competitive -- annual press contests influence school press offices to twerk their writing bugs. And being stuck with Arial and Times New Roman means total loss in this arena (because duh).

Last year, they used system Franklin Gothic and Proforma. Here, it's Flama and Farnham. Thoughts?

Hello, I was assigned to digitize a handdrawn grungy 3d-font, and it has been a nightmare ;)
So far, only capitals... and legebility isn't the best. But as I said, I only digitized and evened this thing out. Comments, suggestions?


Can anyone please figure out what font is used here


Wolf's rain

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hi there!

first of all: i'm a total typedesign newbie.
and i just wanted to know what you guys think about this:

thanks for having a look at it.


See the latest PDF here (latest updates at bottom of post):

Thanks to Antonio for the great feedback. In response to what you said:

  • The proportions are definitely not accurate. Shadowcliffe is only partially based on Trajan, as opposed to being a direct replica/revival. So I'm still taking plenty of artistic liberties.

  • The S is indeed wider by design; as much as I love the original Trajan S, I wanted Shadowcliffe to be a little more versatile, and as a result things like the ultra-narrow S have been adjusted for greater consistancy.

  • The J, K and R terminals did in fact "swell" too much. I was trying to give some of the standard glyphs a slightly more swash-like character, but as much as I like the idea I was going for, the execution never quite worked out. So I've reverted them to a more standard design.

  • The X was unintentionally top-heavy and should be fixed now.

It's a font I've found in e-flux newsletter and I love it! I want to use it for a project.
I don't know if it's an actual font or a modified existing font.
Thanks for your help!

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It's back... in black.

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Can anyone help me identlfy the font used on this camera lens please?
Many thanks

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SF Americana Dreams Upright

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Does anyone know a font similar to this.
(This font is work-in-progress by Neo Neo design - and looks like it's missing some of the scandinavian glyphs Ø, Æ, Å).



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Hi, The Q symbol has probably been customised from the main typeface.


Flama Condensed

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