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I've been working off and on on the next installment of my Aviano Series. This is Aviano Flare. It is an extended semi sans. The intent is eyecatching elegance with a bit more swash and brush influence than most semi-sans faces. I welcome all constructive comments on the design. Any thoughts on the name? Thanks!

Above, PDF

wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!

The attached sample is of a typeface that has somehow evolved out of my efforts to learn OpenType feature coding and which didn't begin with any serious goal of creating a complete font (especially given that I really have no artistic or typographic background as I fear is probably reflected in this sample). Now that I have a complete alphabet, though, I find myself wondering whether it might be worth expanding this into a full character set. Unfortunately, I'm not the most objective critic, so I was hoping for some feedback. I'm worried that the uppercase is slightly too heavy for the lowercase and may need to be redrawn.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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I was walking to a movie theatre when i found a "HIGH VOLTAGE" sign on the ground. The sign was made to look like a stencil so they could attach it to a wooden phone pole and it would stand out. Anyway it looked cool so i made it into a font. Later i changed the curved lines to straight and added the original stencil tabs. this is the result.

voltage67.swf (1 k)

Do you know which typeface this is (made up of dots)? I know that it is not: BPdots, DotSoon, Nation, Score Board. Thanks for your help! Dee



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I know a lot of art deco/jugendstyle similars but no match.
Any thoughts about what it might be based on? Perhaps something not digitized? Old poster?



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This is my first dabble at doing a font.
Far from finished, and I'm sure it's been done a hundred times before. But I thought I'd post it, as I'm a long time lurker here.
Personally I like the A, D, T and S.. not sure about the rest though.. What do you think?
(the name is from A Clockwork Orange, I love that book.)
malensky bit
Oh, and this is another version.. Which might be a bit too.. much, hah
malensky bit 2

Please help to ID this font.

I know I've seen this before but can't remember what the font is.



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dear typophiles!

i spend some time trying to add greek characters for my Oksana typeface. it is my first attempt to draw greek alphabet, i try to do my best and make it corresponding to existing cyrillic and latin scripts, but i need some help from advisors. please look at pictures below and say something

thank you and happy new year ))

Trying to ID the deco condensed sans typeface used for "Beverly James & Phillip Barnes". Thanks in advance!


Frisco Bay JNL

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What name font for "Fight for the good fight?"

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I'm trying to figure out the name of this typeface. It would be great if anyone can help me out. Thanks!

wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!


Versailles Bold

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I just created this font and would appreciate critique/comments.

<!--attachment: fontsample-69471.aiattachment_icon.gifapplication/postscript432.2midtown+fontfontsample%2eai --><!--attachment: fontsample-69471.aiattachment_icon.gifapplication/postscript432.2midtown+fontfontsample%2eai -->

application/postscriptmidtown font (432.2 k)



I recently found this typeface. Does anybody know, what it is?

Thank you very much.


Roman Script

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I'd appreciate some help. It's the white text in the image I'm referring to.

Thanks in advance


Tiempos Headline

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Archura: arched textura.

I started off the design of my first typeface with a post to Typophile (, and so I thought I would submit the final design as well. Archura is the result of my typeface design class with Cyrus Highsmith at the Rhode Island School of Design.

<!--attachment: archura-specimen-37680.pdfmime_pdf.gifapplication/pdf675.5 *archura%2dspecimen%2epdf --><!--attachment: archura-specimen-37680.pdfmime_pdf.gifapplication/pdf675.5* archura%2dspecimen%2epdf -->

archura-specimen.pdf (675.5 k)


The most controversial aspect so far has been the spacing. This PDF shows a ±15 tracking variation.

<!--attachment: archura-spacing-37681.pdfmime_pdf.gifapplication/pdf638.4 *archura%2dspacing%2epdf --><!--attachment: archura-spacing-37681.pdfmime_pdf.gifapplication/pdf638.4* archura%2dspacing%2epdf -->

archura-spacing.pdf (638.4 k)


Thanks in advance for any feedback, and for being part of my project. Typophile has been a terrific resource.


Im a graphical designer that just recently got completely addicted to typeface design. Im very happy i found this forum because obvously i will need some professional help =)

This is one of my first attempts at designing a typeface. Im making it mainly for use as a display font in print graphics and websites.

Thanks in advance.
- Lasse

Typeface: SNAP!

A modest first attempt, that has't been imported to Glyphs yet, thus excuse the rather headache-inducing kerning of them vector shapes.

All opinions are very welcome, as I am not entirely sure on in which direction to really bring it home. Cheers!

Hi Typophilian mates!

Well I love try to design some fontface cuz I'm just a begginer on this discipline, in fact, my start is this year and my previuos experience is on Calligrhy.
I come to tell to all of you that this is my first full character set designed and I would like take your opinion and critiques about this work and so you can help me to improve it, please.


The uppercases Farola are very decorative then its lowercases are most regular for keep a little of equilibrium.

This is a Display font is done to be used on big sizes, titles or logos.
here an example:

Respects and Regards
Pedro [PeGGO]

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So.. I'm in Will's class and here is my typeface, Nostalgia. A typeface affectted by storytelling and time. Any suggestions? Do any characters not fit with the rest of the set? Thanks! Jessie

Hi fellas!
I was make a new font thinking in posters design, my inspiration was the "Ton" shape then leave really soft curves for each line that we need to solve.. hope you like it and if you want drop a comment or critique.
regard mates