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I have to create new banners for a corporation and cannot figure out what this typeface is. Thanks for your help!


Prelo Slab

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These are door numbers on a performance space that was opened in 1974.
I am not sure if they are from a font or were custom for the doors only. Any help would be appreciated.


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Simon Page's Futurism Posters

Anyone know this (crappy) font? I need to identify it to recreate the logo (client request). It may be a little distorted, but if you know it, I'd appreciate it.




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Anyone knows the font used?

Found it in my own font library


Foundry Gridnik

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Anybody know what typeface is being used on this Arsenal kit?



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I'm looking for this decorative western-inspired font used on this wedding invitation. Only all-caps sample available. Have browsed through various font repositories with no luck.



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This is a quick and dirty trace job I did from an old Speedball Textbook (16th ed.). It took me about a week.

The original:

and my output:

The spacing isn't perfect, and I had to create a couple letters to fill out the alphabet, plus all the extras for a complete MacRoman font. See the attached PDF for all that, and to peer into the fleshy curves.

I made it in FontForge mostly using Spiro curves. They get a bit difficult to deal with though, since you have to convert them to Bezier curves to make a usable font and the procedure isn't fully optimized in the current version, requiring much manual tweaking, lest one get 5 or more Bezier points for each Spiro point on a curve.

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I came across this akward sans serif and am wondering if it's an existing font or maybe just the designers bespoke typeface for the poster. Anyone have an idea of the source of this typeface?



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I suspect that this steampunk fantasy title is graphical rather than font-based, but - just in case - might it be a font?


Kingthings Pique'n'meex

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Mike F

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Pendry Script

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Saw this on a poster in a diner, no luck figuring it out. (I think my original post was flagged as spam)

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Hello everyone,

I am a final year student studying in the UK. Last month I attended the Plus Type Conference in Birmingham. I listened to a fascinating lecture about the Grotesque Italian by an American lecturer David Sheilds, from the University of Texas.

A few days later I read up on American wood type generally, and was really inspired, in particular by some of the Antique Clarendon's shown within. I decided to try and recreate my own version digitally, as an italic.

Here is my work so far. I have only created uppercase and numerals so far and would much appreciate any form of critique.

Thanks a lot


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Since repeating letters look the same, I assume it's a font.


Colors of Autumn

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I created this font and I want to know your critics on this work.
Thank you.


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Any ideas on the name of this stencil font?

Any ideas guys? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


Jacques and Gilles & The Hand (Bold) by Julien Saurin and Fanny Coulez [La Goupil, 2013]

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Hello Typophiles :)

I have a question for the more experienced type designers.

Hi, i'm new here so i don't know if this belongs here, or in the bitmap section. I've seen this done before, but what i was wondering is if i had anything new. thanks ahead of time.

absorbatron.swf (19 k)

Hi...could I have your takes on these, please?

Thanks as always...!

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This post is kinda a follower of this post:

We recently agreed with DFi that they need a font for their lines of product. A first attempt of this project was made 10 years ago;
I've made drafts of some logos, but have to step back the project. One logo was made from these drafts i made, but not finalised by me.
here it is:

This logo had a great success through DFi customers, and they were know for that technology and that logo (... :-/ )
So the font MUST look like that logo and match the style.

After somes trial, we also agreed that one black font was too heavy to be used alone and must be tempered with a lighter font.
On basis of trials made with Myriad italic, they choose the Black/Standard mix. I tempered thas choice by making a semi-black (or extra-bold, i don't know how to call this) and a slighty bolder standard.

here is the draft of the new SafeMail Logo:

I've just finished the last letter of the extra-bold font, as it is my first work of this amplitude, i need all the help i can find!
have all the letter the same boldness, have all the letter the same angle, is the style consistent enough, or whatever looks wrong or unbalanced.
Don't forget that the style of the font is predetermined by the old logo SafeMail.

I join a PDF in file attachment of the extra-bold (or semi-black...) font. The standard font will come soon to join it.
Any help, any comments are warmly welcomed.

EDIT02: i've just uploaded 2 new pdf where i've made some change to the G, J, L and Q in extrabold and reported these changes in the standard.

EDIT03: i've tempered a bit the waveness

EDIT04: i've removed the angles

EDIT06: for the black font, i've have standardized the ascendant of letter, remake the K, modify the Q

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Any ideas on this one? uppercase not complete yet

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