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this is my eeemm typeface called " the great i.t.",
because it is derived from a logo i made for the world famous
electronic music group. i.e., a friends project. this logo is attached, as well.

the forms are very simple,and very thin,
so it is like the basic idea and form half finished:
uppercase letters have an exoskeleton, lowercase letters a endoskeleton,...

i hope for input, i need to hear what you typophiles think about my great i.t.
i am prepared for all kind of support,
and rotten tomatoes, as well.

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This is a new typeface I'm working on. It's based on a song called Metaphor by Sparks.

So it's pretty wonky and some characters need to be re-done totally I think - like the x and r. But I'd love some opinions.


I'm looking to reproduce a logo which includes this text for a client but am not having any luck finding this font. Has anybody seen it around?


Falcons Font

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Hi guys

Need help id'ing a couple of fonts on the posters attached.
I really like the block display type font that says 'GOT GAME' if anyone has an idea?
Or if you know any of the others that would be great also.
Thanks for your help. :)

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Hello guys, I'm working on a new typeface named (for the moment) "Kling Klang", and I'd like to get some thoughts about this work :

As always, any comment is appreciated.

Thanks by advance,


PS : If you've got more time help, please tell me what you think about this one too (Vasy Molo) :

• This face is based on painted square caps found in Washington, DC.
• The masters in the PDF are weights 100 and 1000.
• I don’t plan on releasing as many weights as appear in the PDF, these are faces I’m comparing to decide what weights to use.
• 1100 is an extrapolation. I’m planning to manually thicken it to having almost no counters and then use the result to create one or two superheavy weights between 1000 and itself.
• I’m not sure if the lightest weights are even worth using. If you think they’re horrible and I should just focus on the big end, let me know.
• Feedback on the figures would be especially appreciated, as I know it’s one of my weakest areas.

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Saw this image in the 95.7 KJR facebook feed, but have no additional information about the font. Thanks for helping me out.

Hi there, anyone know what this is, please?

thanks in advance



House Upright (Sign Painter)

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Les ONeill

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Impressica is a distressed face I did for the 25th annual Seattle International Film Festival poster. I think that most distressed computer generated faces lack detail when printed in large size so with Impressica I have an average of 130 elements in each letter. This however became problematic when importing and generating postscript in Fontographer, as there is too many points, so it was left as eps files and I hand set it when I use it. There is 2-3 alternated for each letter.

Hi, Here's another one of my one zquillion ongoing type projects. I especially want to know how similar this one looks to other faces and well, how about the name? its an homage to the singer of moloko...

Shown here a glimpse of Roisin Hairs KF

Can anybody help with identifying this font? - similar (ish) to Cooper Black

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Looking to add to exsiting artwork and wanted to match font.



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I'm trying to identify the font in the iconic Reno arch,

Please help if you know it!

Dieter Steffmann is well known for his creative appropriation of digitized fonts. I like the design of his Kalenderblatt Grotesk and wonder where it came from. The original font is most likely German Jugendstil from about 1910.



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What can I say about this draft...? Never mind that, I want to know what YOU say! Mind you, text set in AI, so no kerning etcetera.

(I do need some help with /s/, I just can't get it right.)

Any thoughts on this here sample?

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Hello All,

This is my second typeface to design, and I am hoping for some feedback. My inspiration was the cigar branding coming out of the Spanish Carribean in the the late 1800's and early 1900's. Shown are all my fancy letters.. for the letters with large swashes I am creating "standard" letterforms so any swash interference can be resolved.

any idea about this font?
thx a lot.


I've made the logo for my site based on idea of this font two years ago.

Anyone knows the font name of this?

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It is the typeface used on the words 'This' and 'Dead' that I am trying to find a font similar to.
If you can help it would be much appreciated.

This font comes from a San Diego Chargers wallpaper. WhatTheFont IDs it as Rogue Sans, but that's not it. I'm not sure if the serifs have been added to an existing typeface to go with the font used for the 'Chargers' name (see the logo in the top corner of the Chargers website).

Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks.


Rogue Sans Medium

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Mutura (modified)

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