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Hello again

Thanks for the input before,, i thought I'd make a new thread to get it noticed.

I have modified it and I would like to know what you all think. Legibility and the 'colour' are of importance, I don't want some looking too dark.

There will be no lowercase as this typeface is intended for use on the back of football shirts.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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What is the font used in the trailer for "The Interview" with Seth Rogen and James Franco? Not the font used in the logo for the film, but for all the other text. Here's a link:
I first thought it was Tank, but that's a little too condensed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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Snow by Rasdesign

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Looking at the headline on this one. Possibly wood type? Anything close to it in digital?

Looking at the three faces in this image. Perhaps these are metal or hot-metal face? Not sure when Italian newspapers went to offset or photo type.


JourneyPS3 Regular

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Can anyone ID this for me? I'm really interested in the closed counter in the lowercase n.




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Les ONeill

I'm going in for an interview at P22 to possibly get an internship. I was wondering if you guys think I should include these two unfinished fonts in my portfolio. Also feel free to critique them as well. Thanks.

I have seen a few logotypes that resemble this font, but I haven't been able to find an actual face that is too similar. (if you know of one, tell me) This is my first font and I've only been working on it for a few weeks now.. Already I have many alternates for a lot of the letters, and it's tough deciding which ones will go in the final product. (especially the "e" and "a") So far there is only a lower case, but I plan to have a full character set plus an alternate or "expert" face when I finish.

TURBO Sample

Black Letter font used on Skids label?

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does anyone know the name of the typeface this letter A hat is using?


Celebration Text Fancy

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Hello everyone! Itay K introduced me to these forums, and it's a real pleasure seeing such widely active discussions on type.

I'm uploading a sample of a typeface I've been working on, it's a simple Hebrew font, stretched to fit three different "x-heights". The basic letter shape is also my design.


I remember this face from the '90s - any clues appreciated.



Citizen EM

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The word VENICE on the cover of a recent Penguin book is in a Tuscan style that I can perhaps describe as "wrought iron" because of the curls that look like twisted iron strips.

The letters are obviously decorated by hand with painted blue and gold trim plus shadow outlines. But are the letters based on a font, digital or ancient, or are they a creative exercise?
The closest I could find as a font is Jeff Levine's Saddle Hitch JNL, "inspired by a few words set in a decorative typeface from an 1887 publication."
But Saddle Hitch JNL is a long way from being a match.
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Old Vic

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Mike F

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I was playing with Illustrator and after some time I stumbled over a series of offsets which gave me this effect (see attachment)
What do you think, shall I go after it? Very easy to make, btw

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My boss has lost the screen for one of our T-shirts, and he needs me to remake it in Adobe Illustrator. I was not the original creator of the design, and I'm stumped as to what fonts are used. The bottom one "University" looks like a typical varsity font, but the top one is giving me trouble. I tried to clean up the image in Photoshop and use, but my graphic-art skills are limited, and I had no luck. If anyone could identify this font for me, or suggest a close alternative, I'd be most grateful. Cheers!

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I need help identifying the typeface used for the word ALLEGRO in this photo. This typeface does not appear on the Allegro Coffee Roasters site as far as I can tell. It seems to be specific branding for Allegro inside Whole Foods Market. I've only seen it at the Whole Foods on 3rd and Third. I've tried Identifont and What the Font to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Trade Gothic

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since Miss Tiffany asked so nicely in this other thread, here's a sample of my 60s-inspired ligature-heavy typeface which i'm sure is going to be a bastard to kern when that time comes. please note that i'm only in the early stages of creating ligatures so the end result may look very different from this sample.

This blackletter is on the cover of a book _Enzian und Edelweiss_ [two alpine plants] published by Verlag Hans Henning Podzun in 1955.

Larger scale image attached.
I don't know of a digital font that matches, but perhaps there is something from metal type or the photo-type/contact-letter sheet era?
Failing that, does anyone know of any more letters in this style? Perhaps the letters are modeled on something from a lettering book? Any more book covers by this publisher or others?


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...there was a font that I couldn't identify (the BEGINNING font).
But with the help of all the kind folks on Typophile, I'm hoping that it might be...




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Hi everyone,

Can anybody help me to find this font ?
It's used in the humor magazine Die Muskete (between 1914 and 1917).

Thanks in advance !

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Thank you for help in identifying this typeface used for a magazine title!


Domaine Display (Kris Sowersby)

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now with capital letters..

not sure about some letters (m, n) but i like it like this.

the whole charmap of the lower case letters:


I am designing a unicase typeface for my Typography class. It is called ‘Cutting Edge’ for now—hopefully I'll come up with something less cheesy down the road.

I was hoping to get some critique and feedback; general comments regarding aesthetics, which letters work and which don't, which of the two versions you prefer, and any other sage advice the type pros of this forum might have for me.

Version 1 has been built from two basic shapes, a square (denoting a “pixel”), and a triangle (“half a pixel”). Version 2 evolved from the first, with an additional rounded shape to smooth things out. Even though it shares certain characteristics with pixel fonts, they are both intended as display fonts (set at 24 points or larger). Mainly because there is no such thing as half a pixel but also because legibility suffers at small point sizes.

The spacing and kerning are arbitrary for now. Any comments are welcome.

Edit: Attached pixel-version.pdf (November 13)

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This is my latest font Mixamatosis. Its slightly out there and slightly unpolished, which is what I going for. I tried to make each letter have their own personality and not be too rigid with guidelines for making the font.

Zoom in for best detail.

Type Specimen

Type Poster

Let me know what you think.