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I suppose it could be handwritten, but those As are mirrored and one S looks like it's maybe just an enlarged-then-truncated version of the other one ... ?

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Hi Typophiles -

Can anyone out there identify the typeface used for NETBALL in this image?



SF Intellivised

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Hello Typophiles!

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Thanks for the support

Looks like a wood type, highly condensed slab serif. Illustrator identifies the missing font as Collier Heading Plain. Searches yielded no result, so it doesn't look like it came from a major foundry.

I've just complete my first typeface, I began drawing it in 1998. It's based on the aesthetic of nixie vacuum tubes. Nixie tubes you ask? They are the predecessor to LED displays, they were used extensively by NASA during the space race of the 40's, and 50's. The typeface is a matrix style face and the design was in part a study in creating something that allows others to use it and at the same time 'redesign' it.

I would really like to hear what other typographers think Nixie.

You can find more examples and download the mac or PC fonts from my website:


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wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!

I have added a PDF poster with the z changed as per Eben's good idea.

Here is an early look at a display family I started that will be multiple widths of very heaqvytype with italics to come later.


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The attached draft is based on a 1957 poster for "Invasion of the Saucer Men." Please check it out and give me your feedback! This is the first vintage remake (and full typeface for that matter) that I've undertaken and I know it could use some tweeking, but would love feedback at this early stage, both overall and also any specifics.

Here's a link to the original poster:

Thanks for your comments!

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Hello type geniuses!
Any idea what this display font is? Perhaps there is a font similar?

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Hi, Any ideas on this one? I've seen similar styles used recently




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Make your comments on the type TRAGEDIA.



Hi all,

I am a graphic design student and new in the field of typography. Your suggestions and comments on my work will really help me a lot. The fonts I worked on are inspired from the shape of Polo mint.


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This font in progress is based on cardboard cut-outs from standard shipping cardboard boxes. Please crit. Thanks.

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type2.pdf (146.3 k)


This is a fun, quirky font. It works quite well now, however I don't believe that it is as strong as it could be. I would really like to recieve some feedback on Eggman, my first font.


I have identified a good number of the fonts on sight, and was wondering if you guys recognise any of the remaining ones before I start searching in earnest.

I think I should know the Inline serif face for The First Post, yet I am drawing a blank. The stencil face for The Cross Hands looks like it’s based on Bodoni, but it’s not any of the Bodoni Stencils I know. The Bodoni for The King’s Head has this little protrusion on the “G” that throws me off.

Thanks for the assistance!

I am working on a fat slab serif meant for headlines.

Any comments? Is the lower case working, or would this be better as an all caps face?

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Hi Typophilers,

This is a typeface I've been working on for over 2 years now. I want to round it up and put it on my website which will be ready in some days.
For my site I'm looking for an image or styling that could go with it. For all my other fonts I have made designs that fit to the font. Have a look here at some examples (see 'related links'):

But for FatBoy I can't seem to find a good image to accompany it. Is there anyone that has a tip for me?

If you have any other crits regarding the font, please shoot.


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This is a display face I have been working on, provisionally titled clam. I would appreciate any comments and critiques.

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<a href="
sample-24843.pdf" target="blank">clamsample.pdf (88.6 k)


Thanks in advance

Looking for the lock, stock & barrel font, or something similar.


Billhead and Copperplate

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this was in my drawer for quite a while, so i thought i could show it here to get some feedback. the dashes are placed too high, but otherwhise i dont plan too changes - adding some accents for french and german and $,£,€ for use on flyers.

what do you think? i plan to release it as a freefont.

The typeface looks Tuscan, however it may just be an altered display face? Any idea or guesses as to what typeface this may be?


Number 514

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Still in development any suggestions will help.

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application/pdfAdspace font
adspace.pdf (192.7 k)


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Here is my first attempt at making a font :

I would be happy to get any comments from all of you, because I didn't had much feedback from typographers.

Anyway, when I made it, I didn't tought it would be accepted on MyFonts, so when I saw people was buying it, I started to think about a full charachter set and redesigning all glyphs to make them work better each others. I'm also working on the kerning, hinting and all things that needs to be done to make it more 'professionnal'.

Thanks by advance,


Edit :

Sorry for bumping guys, but I think my post should be in this place rather than in Release, as it's still a work in progress, and I'd be very glad to get any comment.

I'm not here to tell you "Yo Dude, buy my font!".