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My friend is a Magician/Sideshow/Fire Performer and desperately needs an identity/logo type plus promotional materials. This is what I have for him so far, he saw a rough comp where I didn't have any of the typefaces, but I've since bought the fonts and done some iterations. I need your input, the forums were down exactly when I wanted to post this! We've not decided if he's going to use colors or just keep with the black and white/grey theme. I know these aren't EXACT sizes of biz cards yet, but I need to nail the details first. Thanks!

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Hi all,

This is an assignment for my Brand Identity class in the Visual Communication program at SAIC. My brief was to re-brand Fifth Third Bank*, a regional bank in the American Midwest. The bank was started in Ohio and their current branding was just redone by Deskey, a brand consultancy firm that also does Pepto Bismol's packaging]] but I and my class feel that its missing the mark entirely.

The first few are variations on a wheat sheaf, representing the values of growth and security, and history. The others are variations on a turtle icon that also has suggestion of a 5 and 3. I chose a turtle because I think most bank logos are way too generic looking, especially the current 5/3 logo. There is also zero humor is most bank logos and I'd like to change that. Tortoises are some of the longest living animals on earth.

*Disclosure- I bank here and wish I didn't because their customer service quality has been less than average.

(Larger Version)


Does anyone read it as LakersGroWnd? (should say LakersGround).
If so, this is one possible solution...

Also does the spacing between the characters look right?



I have just finished uni and I'm in the process of creating an identity for self promotion purposes. I've come up with a name and an idea that I'm happy with based on my surname (Watt). I've discovered an amazing observation that a bit of a pun (using watt as the question 'what') and the connection to the unit of power can both be represented in one symbol because a question mark incredibly resembles the shape of a light bulb.

After some development, I've arrived at this solution but I'd love to see what some of you guys think. Does it work? Is it too cliched? How would you tackle it or improve the idea? Obviously all comments and opinions are valued and appreciated and will be considered.


Wattsisname identity

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. lockhart-logo-idea

Any thoughts or ideas on this logo or ideas for for a different one. This is my first logo so be kind! :-)

Links to other logos that might be good for insperation might be good.

Hi guys,

I just created a new custom logotype for one of my friend, it's somewhat final already, but I think it would be good if I could get some feedback/opinion from other person. I'd like to know what might be improved, which is I can still do. This might be useful for my upcoming project as well.

Here is the link

I hope some of you could give me a constructive feedback, I'm new here, please tell me if anything wrong with my post


Hello everyone,

My first Typophile crit: So I'm finally at the point to be designing a personal logo, stationery, etc. I'll be graduating in May (finally!), and am ready to go out into the "real world." I've been working on this mark for a while now, and I feel it's at a point I'm happy with, so I'm ready for your insightful critiques to improve it further! I'm going to start soon on my name placement, typography, etc., but I wanted to nail this mark first.

My design style tends to be, in a few words, complex, clean and somewhat delicate/elegant, but not really feminine (unless the job calls for femininity). I also have a slightly unhealthy obsession with typography (as opposed to other design elements). I hope that makes sense; let me know if it doesn't...

Thanks in advance for the help!

Recently I gave my blog a facelift and would appreciate feedback on first impressions of the home page.

heres a logo for a client through my school. after about a dozen attempts this is the one she wants to go for. thought id get some C+C from yall


Hey everyone, it's my first time posting here. I've started working on a logo for a dentist and want to avoid showing a tooth or tooth brush and all of that. From what I know, he is an older dentist and would want something more on the conservative side. He is one of the only dentists in the region who does cosmetic dentistry (teeth whitening, replacing silver fillings with white ones and so on).

Let me know what you think.

dentist logo

I hope I'm not infringing on any unwritten rule by posting a link to this other site, but I value the input of the creative members of typophile.

I am looking for critque, ideas and possibly entries into a logo design contest that we are hosting on another site.

The contest is being held at

Details of our intentions are in the summary and brief.

I've also posted another link to our current logo (top) and the recently redesigned logo of our broadcast network. The SCN_Station_ID.mp4 link at the bottom portrays the full effect of our rebrand and how we identify on-air with our viewers.

I would really like to hear some feedback regarding our recent Broadcast Network rebrand.

Thanks in advance.

Starting Fall semester (I'm in my senior year at college) we drew a specialty shop category out of a hat, I received "Fly Fishing".

From there we were to think of a name - but the teacher pretty much vetoed all of our ideas, and named the stores herself, so I ended up with "Fly Tie".

From there we had to decide what our specialty shop offered to make it so special. Obviously with such a name, I didn't have much room - so my shop offers a place for urban professionals to come learn how to tie flies in between their fly fishing trips. Think of it as a sewing club for men that like to fly fish, it's a place to chat and gossip and learn more about their favorite sport.

From there we had to create a logo, it was hard to come up with something that represented fly fishing as a whole, and showed the community/group aspect of my store. I finally decided on the "knot" or line wrapping look. It's based on tying flies, how you wrap the line around the hook to get started, and continue to wrap the line to add materials to the hook. It also represents the "Duncan loop" probably the most common knot tied in fly fishing. Finally the knot presents the individuals wraps (the customers) coming together to form one solid piece (the store).

So I thought this idea covered, fly tying (what the shop offers), the actual fishing part (what the customer loves to do), and the community aspect very well (the essence of the store). Not to mention it had an upper class, sophisticated look to it (read more about the font in the communication plan below).

Check out my communication plan here for more info:

Let me know what you guys think. I know the logo is no where near done as of now, that why I'm looking for comments. Next semester is starting soon and I want to get to see what other designers things of it as is.


I'm working on this logo for a multimedia design group. I'll post a few more revisions if need be.

The letters are d s, can you see them? Is it too heavy? General thoughts?

Pitching this little sucker to a homeless shelter manager next week.

The building is new and very modern. Opening in March and causing a lot of controversy in the city. The person briefing us is very open to a different outlook on shelter branding. The shelter is more of a schooling/get back on your feet/change your life centre. I've stayed well away from the roofs/doorways/hearts used in pretty much all other shelter branding. The logo is aimed more at council members, business' and press than the actual homeless.

The building is split into 5 coloured sections which have been used in the kada font. The idea behind the actual logo is the spark and energy of inspiration and change that the people can make for themselves. Also changing the fabric of our lives could be used (Afterthought?!). The 'LIGHT" in variable worked better un-aligned due to the round edge of kada.

This is the first time I have posted any work on here so all comments/abuse would be great...

I'd like to wrap up two older threads re: Precision Networking logo - and Thanks everyone for all the input, it helped me a lot to decide which direction to take.

The color treatment is still being decided upon, but the the concept and the actual wordmark have been finalized:

This is one of the logo "sketches" for the yacht project management company (see my previous post).

The client requested one direction to be particularly clean, modern, no gimmicks. Much like, or

Attached, two superposed versions. How does Frutiger hold up? Knul in small caps looks a bit too playful to me, however it really works here

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hey all.

What do you think of the M?
Background: this is a logo for a bistro. Should have a clean line, more of a serious tone but still got to have some warm feeling. The food is served in an elegant way but is not too pricy.
If it’s that not clear - M should remind lightly the pomegranate flower (...)


I'm designing a logo for a friend of mine, his name's Mateo.
It's meant to be printed on a t-shirt.

Do you think this works, with all letters outlined?

Or is this

an improvement?

I'm curious about your comments..

These are a handful of the options I've been staring at. Any thoughts on color options, containing shapes, etc? Thanks.

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Hi all, I've not got a logo to crit, but I thought my post might be better suited to this area of the forum... I wanted to ask if anyone has got a good formula to work out the amount of 'no-go' space that should surround a logotype - I can then factor this in so I'm not making the space around the logo too claustrophobic. Is it all down to the eye or is there a more scientific way to do this? Does anyone know of any good brand guidelines that are out there worth looking at to see exactly how good guidelines are created?



Please tell me what you think. (Note: I'm not worried about how the text in the grey area looks right now)

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Hello, fellas, im working on these logos for 2hsoftware, im quite satisfied with this but i wish i could get some feedback before sending it to my client, im uploading the old logo too, which is IMHO very, VERY cliche and kind of outdated.. Anyways, check it out and tell me whaddaya guys think.

Old Logo

New concepts

Hi guys, I need some genuine and honest comment about my logo design for a yoghurt treat store. The meaning behind the logo (yogo) is a combination of yoghurt and go, my target audience is on-the-go consumer.

This is a monogram I have been working on for a school. My problem is with the width relationships between the stem, the leg and the arm of the K. I think I'm almost close to nailing it but it's such a difficult letter.

I also tried to compensate for the brightness of the F making it slightly narrower on the stem than the J and the K.

Thanks for your time.

Hi, this is a logo I'm working on for I'm on a team that may be doing a complete overhaul and branding for their company and was hoping to get some early critiques. I haven't put too much work into this... only a couple hours. I'm open to font ideas and any comments on the idea overall. (I'm not a big drywall fanatic; my google research on "drywall" brought up a lot of those paste spatulas which are used for spreading the goo over the seams... so I thought I'd work one in.) The colors are not set in stone, as we have ZERO feedback on that from the company yet. I just need some prelim ideas.