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This is something I was playing with for some time.
Fatum Eurydicae (Eurydica's Destiny)is a name for arty-farty cafe+giftshop, elite yet a bit kitchy. I was trying to achieve some kind of baroque feeling.
I was fooling around with some of my favorite typefaces - Garamond, English and Bull. Your opinion, please.


Hi all, long time lurker.

What do you guys think of the logo attached? My old logo was good but I felt it didn't represent me and my brother properly so I've re-designed a completely new one.

I wanted something simple, to the point and typographic. There are two people involved with the portfolio and the split in the middle O represents this. I've kerned it as best I could but sometimes you just need fresh eyes to make sure every things proper and my brains numb from thinking of ways I could improve it.

Thanks for your help!

This is an idea I

My girlfriend (who's also a designer) and I are starting our own design studio here in Seattle... we're calling it tart because of an inside joke (and also because of the yummy tasty pastry). We spent most of the day brainstorming and working on this logo and would like to get some outside thoughts on it.
The type is a tweak of Franklin Gothic.


Any thoughts about this logo design for our youth group, Omega Ministries?


Hi all.

What do you think about creating a logotype for multiple brands. Let me be more specific:
I must create a logotype not associated to anything(!?!).
It will be use in handdryers, ladies brushes or even bandages (!?).
The brand name? Not sure but something like "metaline".
The ideia is to "develop" this new concept: logotype not associated to anything.
Can this work? how ? ideias? suggestions?


Howdy all,

Very early thoughts on Soseus [soh-see-uhs], that is an online & offline business marketing and consulting firm. Soseus is a bastardization of "socius", which is Latin for "partner".

They work mainly with medium-sized companies who are generally profitable but aren't very interesting (insurance, chemicals, etc), and make them so to other businesses and consumers (and a better bottom-line) -- by advising on all parts of the brand, everything from how the receptionists sound to the marketing collateral to rebuilding their website to be more functional towards what their customers want -- and end up being quite integrated with these firms along the way.

I wanted to make a wordmark with a bit of corporate, a pinch of design-studio, and a personal touch... and kept coming back to something near metroscript by Michael Doret. Any other thoughts?

What is it you expect if you saw this logo on a business card at a tech conference... say CeBit or IEEE?

All comments accepted and respected, of course!

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This is something I've been driving myself insane over for the past few months -- I'm simply looking for guidance and advice, or whether or not I should even pursue this direction...

I started my freelance business close to two years ago. At the time I wasn't too concerned with my identity (big mistake) so I quickly created something that I've had trouble living with lately. I've already questioned it once here on typophile. Since then, I've constantly tinkered and doodled trying to come up with something new, and I've finally come up with a mark that I'm happy with -- at least I think so.

My business has migrated almost entirely into website design and development, and I'm one of those standards-based nuts. I want to give a feeling of pride and craftsmanship about my work -- you know, the little guy who sits in his shop and creates handmade goodness -- but I want to avoid the web 2.0 look.

Any and all comments are most appreciated.


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Hello everyone, I've working on personal project. I'm attempting to create a logo for concept I have in mind. The idea is quite simple. You have talent in graphic design, copy writing, photography, art direction...etc. UC exist to help create a working live network for all creatives new and experienced. You create your network based on your desired goals. You create your own team of qualified professionals. The concept is in it's infant stage. Below is what I have in mind. The general idea is to create a sense of togetherness, workmanship, bonding, team. With that in mind, gloves off, bring it, but be constructive. Much appreciated.

Hi, everyone!

I was assigned to design a logo for a theater company. They are producing their first stage play by now, so they are putting a great importance on the logo. It is called "Gentes", which is an unnatural plural of the collective word for "people" in Portuguese.

What sets them apart from other companies in Sao Paulo is that they are going to produce original musical theater, with brand new books and music. Most of the other companies go the other way round: their work is either Broadway musicals barely translated to Portuguese or jukebox musicals telling the stories of some important Brazilian artists.

While their work could be described as "experimental", as it discusses very controversial topics, it still has a very mainstream flavor. Their intent is to present a very realistic version of musical theater, what many have called a paradox. I have been in many of their meetings and rehearsals, however, and the idea seems really possible.

All of their processes are collaborative, and so they wanted the logo to be. The group of directors, musicians and choreographers consists of 13 people and all of them had the same importance when choosing the logo - only actors and actresses did not participate. I presented them with some choices of logo reflecting the experimental edge of their project. Surprisingly enough, they wanted the logos to get rid of that, and the final logo was decided through voting.

The problem is that the chosen logo is looking bland and generic by now. The original version was dirty and irregular to represent people and convey humanity. They wanted it to look clean, but its irregularities make no sense anymore and many of them say it is looking like a low quality cosmetics brand. They don't like the fact that both "e" look the same and want something more authentic. I myself see some issues in the letters "g" and "s".

Now I need your help! How can I improve it? I appreciate any thoughts and ideas!

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Please help me decide between these three versions. Any criticism would be greatly appreciated also.

Version #1 is the initial concept, with the wordmark letter shapes intending to resemble carabiners. The triangular shape proved a bit too awkward to work with however, and thus version #2 was conceived. To add a little humanist aesthetic and visual interest, the horizontals of the wordmark were slightly thinned for version #3.

I am worried that the initial concept might have been lost throughout this process of refinement (was it even obvious in the first place?).

MEC stands for Mountain Equipment Co-op. For those not in the know, they're Canada's largest outdoor gear retailer.


I am addicted to neo sans and tech today haha. Here is another concept created today let me know what you guys think. I used the L to make a path in the symbol. I really feel like the path is too rounded at the bottom left and making that less rounded will help the shape work. Let me know what you guys think.

I'm a noob.

In school, I was assigned to pick a logo that we didn't like. (I choose Animal Planet becuase they recently changed the entire identity of Animal Planet, and the new logo is horrid.) I've been working on this for weeks, but I still don't feel completely satisfied with it. I almost feel like there is something missing... Any suggestions would be grand.
Ill post all three logo so you can see the evolution..hah

P.s, my illustrator skills are limited so there are lines around my birds... they are not gonna be there when I tweak it.

SIM logo
Rebranding this mark for a small/regional company who are distributors of mid-range to high end office furniture. They've been in business since 1986. URL:

The toughest part was finding the right font for the word SIM. In these sketches, the word SIM uses Argus Extra Bold and for the tagline Eurostile or Helvetica Neue. I invite any suggestions and/or alternatives for font use, color scheme, and design.


Hi, this is a logo for a local under water rugby club. Made the symbol a while ago and now I'm trying to get the typography right.
Teams for women and men. They have a solid community with a lot of social activity besides the sport. Easy going friendly bunch that loves a loud party.
They insist on Cooper Black, and I think it suits them well, but I think having all the text in CB is to heavy. I need a second font that goes well with CB and the spirit of the team. I think Comic Sans might work, although, after hanging around this place I should maybe know better.
Wide open to suggestions/critique on fonts, kerning, sizes or the logo in general.

Am currently doing the Channel X ISTD Brief, where we have to come up with an identity for the channel (name, logo etc.)

I came up with the name VIRUS. I am however struggling with the logo at the moment. I have lots of ideas of what to do with the identity visually, but need to come up with my logo first to do these.

This is what I have so far -

The top typeface is Neutraface, with the second being Avant Garde.

I have converted the V in both typefaces to triangles, by copying the 'I' and forming a line at the top of the V to create the shape.

This triangle is the 'virus', and will be used in TV indents and so forth.

I personally prefer the Neutraface typeface, as I like the R within it. But the V is the most important character, and it is not very geometrical, as it has slight curves within it. My tutor also pointed out that the V seemed quite thin compared to the letters R, U and S, where as it should be the most prominent letter within the word.

When I have tried to make the currently flat bottom of the V into a point I have found that both typefaces are not symmetrical. Do any of you have any ideas?

This is a logo i have created for an advertising company but the main objective of the company is web design & graphic design. The company has only two members and they are the 2 brothers. They`r goal is to attract large and important clients so i thought that something simple, stable and powerful would do the trick. Do you agree? If not, any better ideas? :D

P.S. i had real trouble coming up with an icon illustrating two brothers. Can anyone help with this, too? Thanks a lot <):)

I've created the logo and identity for Lorri C. - A high fashion design & dress making business.

It's the first time I've used Mrs Eaves as a typeface so I wanted some clarifications on the usage:

On the business card, I've used Mrs Eaves Small Caps for most of the text (except Roman for one line) however it seems the numbers are a lot smaller than the rest of the letters and the brackets a lot bigger, I've had to make the brackets two point sizes smaller. Is this what I should be doing?

Also when is the right time to use petite caps? And I wish there was a bold small caps :(

In general, any feedback would also be appreciated. It's my first post on here but I want as much criticism as I can get so don't hold back.

Thanks in advance.


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I would love some feedback on my logo for my freelance design studio (Makaio Design). I do have a feminine edge to much of my design which is reflected in this logo; I am concerned that it might be too feminine? Or does it communicate refined, artistic elegance?

I design a broad range of projects including identities/ websites/ print/ invitations & announcements/ as well as freelance photography (mostly portraits and still life).

I welcome all input! Thanks.

Hi all

The Christianity Explored logo is established and has been in use for some years now, so that’s not changing any time soon (to my knowledge).
However, the strapline ‘Time to Discover’ is a new addition.

In order to bring some 'relational' warmth to the CXP logo, we've attempted to go down the handwritten route. What do you think of these three routes?

  • First option is using a font, 'SF Scribbled Sans' - a free download from

  • Second and Third options are (digitally) handdrawn with Wacom and Illustrator CS3

Your feedback (positive or negative), would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


Hello, I am new to these forums so firstly I apologise if I am posting this in the wrong section.

I am a graphic design student currently in my second year of my college course. One of our projects was to design a poster, ticket, invitation and envelope for an exhibition called "Beauty all around us". The exhibition is about typography in the environment and we were asked to experiment with legibillity and design showing the relationship between them.

My initial idea came from road/motorway signs and what they would look like without text, this then developed into using symbols in the typography its self to create the design below. This is the poster design. Any opinions, critiques or questions please feel free to share, and again I apologise if I am in the wrong section of the forum.

Hello typophiles,

This is my first post in the critique section. I recently made this logo for an Artificial Intelligence symposium at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I'm pleased with it, it portrays the "motion" aspect well I think. Please tell me what you think.

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Hello, everyone. This is my fist posting to the forum. I've been reading this forum for a few weeks and have learned quite a bit from your critiques. Thanks!

I am currently designing a logo for a progressive non-profit, for their new leadership-development program. they have already settled on the name, which refers to this resource network (of 4 parts)... unfortunately i couldn't talk them out of using "matrix" since that word has been killed.

I am soliciting any feedback that you may offer, the more brutally honest the better. On this forum I have watched some pretty mediocre designs begin to sing after the valuable critiques provided by all of you.

I'd love to hear which direction(s) have the most potential, and any ideas with integrating the "matrix." Thanks in advance.

Some different avenues I've been exploring...

Hi guys,

I am looking for some assistance with the lettering on a project I am working on. After multiple versions, we have now locked on the symbol but would like to take the typographical elements further. There are kerning issues but would really appreciate feedback on the letters together and general design.

I ask that we not mention the client just for search engines.


David Pache

Hey everyone! I thank you in advance.

I'm designing a logotype for a local jeweler. His previous identity was old english/blackletter typography of his name 'Mathew'. After a brief with him, we decided to keep some of the style of the logo, in particular, the authoritative/established look and feel that blackletter typography represents to him. (trust me I tried to stray away, however without any success). Another thing he wanted, since he loves old school art & design, is a mixture of what he had with a modern AND retro touch. Quite a hard task.

So what I'm doing is designing custom letters with a hint of blackletter and retro inspiration. Please feel free to rip this up as its the first draft and the first time I try to design letters from scratch with such a broad design range.

Thank you,

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