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My client (Robert Ayres) freelances as a stylist and makeup artist.
He also does his own photography, with focus on weddings.
He has used the logo icon (which I created a couple of years ago) as
Ayres Creative,
Recently he has decided that it would be better to push his name (which as
a great reputation in the field). Business was re-named Rob Ayres (the "creative" was dropped).
I am revamping the old type work which was done using Lineto's Normetica
font (which I will continue to use in associaterd text). I am thinking that in
fashion, simple sans serif in a light to medium weight and wide seems to works well.
I like to openness of the design, with the large counters, and alternates.
I am having issues with balancing everything, as well as choosing the best characters.
I have done several Y's (unicase and standard caps), target-shaped geometric O's
and an alternate O with has larger counter. There was alternates A's designed
as well. I will post my a few designs.

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Hi typophiles,

I develop a logo for my "a la veer" latinamerican stock art company proyect, now it´s on my blog but soon will be online..
The goal of the logo is to for a caligraphic chili silouette form with a readable word "Chile"..Any comments are high appreciate..



Hello, I am currently trying to create a logo for a construction company, but the name is so vague that I cannot think of any mark that is suitable. I have done all the conceptual work - mind mapping, sketching, word association, image searching, etc - but still cannot think of anything suitable.

I think it may be partially because I am creating the logo for my father's business (note: I am a design student currently completing my Des BA) and thus I am too close to it, so now I ask you all for help with coming up with a suitable idea. It has been quite a challenge for me (frustratingly so as usually these things are not so difficult for me) so I hope you all can provide some insight be it a word, an image, a concept, a typeface, whatever you can provide.

I really appreciate any help anyone could provide.

The company name is: Ceilings and More (note: the word "and" is spelled, not "&", and he is very adamant about that).

Thanks again everyone, I hope to be posting later with some critique of some kind of logo!


APPENDED: attached is a digital sketch of one of my concepts. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to rip it and be as honest as possible too, I am not attached to it: it is just some of my work, it's not me!

Hi guys what's you thoughts on this new logo I have produced for a new eCommerce website? they sell a variety of different goods ranging from gaming to cologne to an international market.

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Its for a company called Mixed Economy Group (MEG) who helps universities get funding from the government to support colleges with both FE (further ed) and HE (higher education). So they are the core of it all if you know what i mean. these colleges would not get funded and would not run without them.
I want to give it a sense of belonging. I tried representing different coloured circles to represent different colleges but evolving round MEG because MEG is the foundation of it all. They are the core for those colleges/universities. how can i make it better? what typeface would be better suited for this. any ideas well come! thanks.
PS This is only the beginning of my logo. i am still in the process of making it work.i will keep updating it every now and then.

I am doing a menu board for a client named Surfs Up Tanning. The menu will advertise their pricing for the different tanning packages they offer. I haven't done the typography yet, but I was wanting to get opinions on the layout. I am concerned the anges are too much.

The menu will be split into 2 sections. The notces cutout from the top of the shapes will hold the title of the section.

hey folks...
been asked to do a logo for a local MC shop, but dont know nothing about mc's
and having a bit of trouble finding a fitting font

anyone that have any good ideas for this??

thanks in advance

I work for an automotive group and we just bought a new dealership, so there are 8 total. I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out what fonts we have in our logos so I can make them all the same. They were designed by one of our vendors, who says that due to the formatting, they can't figure out what font the designer used (who is no longer employed with their company). Can anyone help me out? I need to know the names of the fonts for the dealership names, not the part that says Chevrolet. I would really appreciate any wisdom anyone has to offer. Thank you!

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This logo is for a real estate and property management.
The client truly and really didn't know what they wanted except
Modern, Urban, Friendly and New..I haven't worked in the color yet.
the company provides affordable housing without sacrificing people's chance at living in a comfortable home. They make properties look nice and rent them to low income families, and young professionals, i would love to hear comments from everyone

Thanx in advance,

** I've updated the logo..I took a whole different approach. How do you all feel about these?

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We are trying to redesign the logo for an upscale jewelry in San Juan. They mostly sell very expensive watches. The brand must represent luxury and also the client wants a symbol they can use alone. Don't pay any attention to the name because it doesn't have any relation to luxury, jewelry or anything for that matter.

Here is the current logo:

This is the proposed logo used in various sample executions:

What do you think?


Just wondering if anyone can help me out with something I'm working on - what do you see here?

What do you see?

It's supposed to be a crown, and (this might be a stretch) the negative space is a figure hugging/embracing/supporting. Can you see it, or is it too ambiguous?

Thanks very much for any help!

This logo is for a Luxury Brand in Household products. (Tabletop: Dinnerware, Crystal) + (Bed & Bath: Towels, Bedding, Bath accessories)

Any suggestions or comments are most welcome.

gimme critiques for this logo pls. this is for a publishing company
-the curly things is to represent papers
-editura=publishing in roman

thanxxx =D

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I'm working on refining my personal brand. In my attempt to make my identity as strong as possible, I have created a tag-line for myself. Reliable creative.

I will use the logo with the tag-line on my website and promotional material, where as the MK logo is already in place on my business cards and letterhead, so that can not be modified at this point, although a critique on that would be great as well.

Does the logo look proportional? Does it reflect reliable creative?

Your critique is appreciated.
[logo attached]

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Hello guys
am working as motion artist for long time but actully this my first time to do a logo for me ... i wasent have much time for my personal stuff .. its like 7 years ago in the business .. and never took that rest to this step before

anyway ..
im not a typefacer .. sure i deal with typography in my work as motion graphicer.. but im not a font maker .. but i need to know your opinions you guys about my logo as typerfacers and professionals in this field and any advice i can work with to fix my logo ..

about the style and the way too effects there .. becouse its not for print yet .. i just draw it fast in photoshop ( i will clear it out with cmyk colors and print issues someday . i just need to finish my logo to make my own showReel )

sorry for the language

and yeah forgot to say ... the logo says ( Yas2er ) .. please Critique

Hey everyone.

Well, I just finished my first term at Art Center on Friday. Man, it was pretty grueling, they work the crap out of you.

I took Type 1 from Leah Hoffmitz who is an excellent type and logo designer. She does a lot of freelance work for Landor in San Francisco, and she drew both the FedEx and Banana Republic logo.

Anyway, we spent a good 4 or 5 weeks working on 2 logotypes; 1 corporate, 1 retail (or just smaller company). Just to let you know, these were not originally done on the computer by manipulating a typeface, they were both sketched and painted on tabloid paper in Plaka before more revisions, and then digitization. My corporate logo is for Nikon (camera company), the second is for a hat and clothing company called Brixton.

I've had about 4 weeks of feedback from my teacher, so I was just curious to hear what some of you guys had to say about the logotypes. Thanks!


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This logo is for a alternative print design magazine based in Singapore. What do you think?

spunk logo

Ok, let's try again ;) (I tried under "blackletter", but no luck...)
My name is Piotr Kocybik and I'm a graphic designer, but that's completly not important :).

Until yesterday I was a quiet spectator of all the wonders of this miraculous forum, but since certain things happened i am forced to abandon my safety zone and encounter some reasonable Typophiliac feedback. Please help.

I am working on an visual identity program for 600th Battle of Grunwald aniversary (see wiki).

I've made a decision to make a logotype and it took me to the point of creating my own typeface for this particular purpose. (not the whole character set, just some glyphs – to create a sort of graphic system).

The starting point is the number: "600".Basic idea is that "6" refers to "G", as in "Grunwald". Help appreciated. – i need to pick a face for the caption to accompany the "600". "Beedicta" by Elias Bitencourt could be nice but it's not ready as far as i know.

Then comes the full name "Grunwald" – as an alterative to the "600" – i.e. without the caption.

Latter files contain other texts set using some extra characters constructed in the same manner as the firs – "600 lat", meaning "600 years" and the name "google" (maybe for the anniversary day?). There's also the thing in use.

I'd like to ask what do you think of the methaphore and the overall concept. Do You think it speaks what it should?

Please, help. Be cruel if you have to, but... whatever. I need to know.

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This is a logo I am developing for my client "Pedro", a professional chef spezialising in Spanish paella. I am a little worried about the chef's hat, because of its colour. Any ideas? Thanks for any feedback...

This is a recent identity project I am doing for a client. Rather than leaving it at default, I adjusted the kerning until it looked to my satisfaction. I just wanted to get some feedback from this forum, since most design forums focus more on layout and the macro-aesthetics and I am trying to fine tune the micro.

btw, this identity is for a mortgage company

This ambigram didn't have any specific purpose, more of a personal challenge.

I used Bodoni as the basis. I wanted to make a different amibgram than a blackletter or script, since they seem to be the most forgiving to the form. I thought a modern serif could work & look somewhat unique.

I'm in the process of setting up a new consulting business and welcome any suggestions on the design of my new logo. It's a consulting business that helps other businesses to grow and overcome difficult situations.

Below is a rough layout of what I was thinking. I'm open to suggestions on the layout and the best fonts to you use for this type of logo. The brand is about being professional, modern and mature.


hey, hej guys (and gals ;-) )

I am currently working on a small personal website for reference purposes... Included will be a portfolio with some of my recent work and contact info... No big deal really... I also developed some sort of own identity (consisting of a logo) which will be a cornerstone of the site...

Could you tell me what you think about my logo? (jr are the initials of my first name)

Cheers :-)

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Am currently working on final year project- branding.
So its kind of a school which combine play + learn for kids.
The concept is "building blocks".

So this is a folded name card.
I think the back part of the name card is a bit too complicated but I have no idea on what to do.
Anyone could give me any advise? I really need helps here
Comments and critiques are highly welcomed :)


I'd like to get your thoughts on this design I drew up. The focus of the label is old-time American folk, pre-war/post-war blues, and the like. My aim is to create a clean script logotype, with some of the quirks and charm of a hand drawn logo of that era, while still looking well-crafted.

Anything you would change in the weights, kerning, curves? Should I round out the hard edges? I will be staring at it until it looks perfect. This started as a (crude) hand-drawn sketch and was traced.

Thanks in advance!