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After going through the grinder of naming my business Creative Squeeze I am finding that developing one's own identity is extremely difficult. Rather than focusing on the objectives of the design, I am constantly dealing with emotions and opinions. I have hit the sketchbook and funneled with friends to arrive at these two design directions. Typophiles

Hello again [sigh]

Once again I've changed course... and I sense this is my final design (hehe!)

Thanks for all the support you've given me during this identity-crisis of my company :-)

Give me some comments on this if you please :-)

Best regards,

yesyes part 11


coming from a manufacturing/architecture background rather than from the design side, i never got in touch with typography, so far. now i'm at the point, where i think about selling some of the furniture, that i have created over the years. i put together a first concept of a logo/brochure, but looked at the whole thing once too often and need some skilled advice. here are some of my thoughts, that are behind the logo and everyhting (no need to read it, but may explain what i wanted to do):

the logo:
my name, 'fertig', means something like 'done/finished' in german. i wanted to play with that and make it a statement, as i'm going to offer a finished product, a series of furniture, that reflects my ideas and rather pragmatic lifestyle. no custom orders wanted. hence, the period sign. as two dots in the logo looked too much and playful, i removed the tittle on the i. the claim should be self explanatory.
choosing a typeface was a bit of a problem, as none seems to offer a decent solution for an rt-ligature. some create a faux ligature when reducing the tracking, but that looked even worse to me, and i wanted to add some individual appearance to the standard font. as a result i came up with what you see, and am quite satisfied with it.

the brochure:
the two pages are printed on an a4 sheet, folded in half, and folded again into a z-booklet. i intentionally left 2 pages blank to give it some more room, but have the feeling that the frontpage looks too empty. if i increase the size of the picture, i loose my alignment with the text. moving the text up, too, eliminates the headroom and makes it look squished to the top. further enlargment of the logo makes it too dark for my taste. comments?

the typeface:
i wanted a clean and technical layout, but found futura to 70s and too harsh in its appearance. looking for a smoother, yet geometrical typeface, i soon stumbled upon avenir and found my match.
i tried to combine it with other fonts, but jumping on the 5-typefaces-in-10-styles-train, that you often see online recently, didn't really serve the purpose in my eyes.
the brochures will have individual colors for the different pieces of furniture, so in combination it gives you a nice palette that will lighten up the website. i'm thinking about a light gradient on the colored strips.

the problem:
i think i overdid it with the cleanliness, to the point where it gets boring. unfortunately, i don't see a way of adding some more tone and personality to the whole thing. criticism, comments and suggestions are highly appreciated!

sorry for that monster of a first post. looking forward to your opinions and ideas.


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I'm a recent graphic design graduate, and I've been working on a personal logo for sometime now. I must of changed it at least 100 times, but I think I'm finally getting somewhere. I like how its looking as of now, but I wanted to see what you guys thought.

what do you all think?

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i need an opinion about this logo. me and my boss had a little fight over this subject - nothing serious though :P.He said that i was hard headed and wanted to "sell" this logo to the client giving him no other alternative. whatever... i`m only curious what do you fellows have to say about this. the business is about cast iron furniture merchandising and the products go from cheap to very expensive, from bed to banisters and chairs and shelfs. Thanks :)

P.S. here is the link to the site which will be in january - february 2008

I'm designing a logotype for a law office here in Tokyo.

I envisioned a sans-serif that is sturdy but approachable, and decided to take a stab at it myself.

I'm not an experienced typeface designer, so there are still a lot of rough edges to work out, but I was wondering if perhaps some of the more experienced on this forum might be able to give me some nitpicky advice.

For reference, I started by making modifications to DIN Neuzeit Grotesk Light, though it's pretty far removed by now.

As an alternative, if there are very similar faces in existance that don't cost a fortune, I'm open to the idea of buying something instead, although I'd like to persevere with what I got if at all possible (both as a challenge to myself and to avoid cutting into my budget).

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

Seinan version 1

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Hi all,

I'd like to get your feed back and suggestions on a logo I'm working on for a Education Program sponsored by a local public school system. I'd also like to get some general feedback on designing in education. I've designed for education programs before and I have a really hard time getting my clients past clipart and 'chalkboard' They love it... Does anyone have any examples of good design in education (I'm talking elementary-high school) or have any comments on what works well generally.

To the issue at hand. I'm designing a logo for a 'community learning center" It's a center where kids can go after school to take classes not available in the ciriculum or classes to supplement their required courses. The name of the federal grant is the "21st Century Community Learning Center" The administrative folks call the program CLC. They want to brand the 2 locations in the town differently and they've chosen a train theme. 'Jefferson Junction' and 'Lincoln Station.' So the logo needs to evoke EDUCATION and TRAIN. I've attached my concepts so far but I'm missing it. any Help?


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I just found this forum and boy am I lovin it. I'm glad I'm not the only branding nut out there. I will probably utilize this board some as I am kinda an island to myself at my job and don't really get much extra creative input. Anyway - here is one that I just wrapped up - I just want to get some feedback on it.

The company sells a couple of very specific software suites (ComputerEase - an accounting software and LaserFiche - a document management software) does networking, and sells some hardware. They came with more of a blaze orange color in their design history and a logo that was pretty dated.

I wanted to subtly enforce the idea of a computer screen through the shapes in that particular font. I also wanted the logo to show support and partnership (the m and v were a bonus) as they move into a consultancy role. We also use that shape repetitively on some pieces as a pattern (see folder) and some broad solids of the orange and blue.

Looking forward to comments/criticisms/snide remarks etc...

I will try and post some of the other items later that go with this identity
MicroVision folder

I developed the logo for a publisher. I had some trouble solving the feet of the angel.

I am redesigning a mark for a company called Kentucky Lights, inc. There are no real boundaries, so I don't have to keep any elements from the old mark.

I haven't picked colors yet or a typeface. I am leaning to Champion Gothic Bantamweight with alot of kerning. Any help would be appreciated and I welcome sketches etc.

here is new work I did for Fizx wireless internet.
body is set in Lux Typographics Section font.
FIZX font is custom design. A bit jagged as a jpg.
business card

Arya is a upscale oriental rug gallery/dealer based in Seattle.
Client needed upgraded typographic identity that looks less dated, less ethnic, and bolder. must accompany exsisting Zoraster logo. Top version with lower case Y just didn't quite work. Client choose bottom logo.



I’ve been tasked with creating an identity for an IT company called Air Fire Telephone and Data. The provide various products such as Digital Telephone, Internet Access, Server Co-Location, Web Hosting, Data Backup, E-mail/Spam Control, Domains, and Network Consulting. Their clientele are business's who rely on the internet. They are not after the low end customers. They are after people who loss money when the internet is not working for them. The client wants to reinforce that they are the most relieable IT company. Any thoughts would be very helpful.


hello there,

i'd love some feedback on a logo for a little collective i'm involved with. i've played with the curves and i'm not yet happy with it. some fresh eyes and opinion would be appreciated.



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So this is a logo I designed ten years ago for my father's company... originally designed in MS Paint. While I don't plan on changing the logo itself there has been a lot of change in what fonts have been used. The one you're viewing currently is the most recent choice but I was wondering if anyone had any input on what would aesthetically be best.

Anyways, the following is an excerpt about the company for some background information.

"HR Privacy Solutions is a New York-based management consulting practice focused exclusively upon helping clients meet the privacy challenges involved in the collection and use of employment-related personal information. Our clients are U.S. and Canadian multi-national employers and employer service providers needing assistance in complying with domestic and international privacy laws."

Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

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I need help. This logo is for a jewelry company that designs custom b/w photo jewelry set in sterling. It's very simple, casual and meant to highlight the photos. The target market is mainly women with children/grandchildren. Please tear this logo apart. What would you change? nickel pickles logo

I am working on a logo for Evergreen Farm. Basically they buy horses, train them, and sell them. They want a logo for their website, signage, etc. It is still in black and white and line form. I will probably add something to the bar on the E (because it feels bare).

I am using Runic MT for the font, and Caslon 540 for the secondary font. I chose Runic because I feel it is sharp and classy. I was looking at Layfeyette (Font Bureau) and Acolyte (Altered Ego) as possibilities, but I don't own either. Before I make a purchase I want to hear opinions on the font choice.

i am trying to get a logo type done saying Third Street I have racked my brain and dont have the know how to do it in these styles or know what font was used, can people on here help me, would be so very greatfull. Im thinking street,urban something that will last. THANKS

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Hi all,

I'm working on a logo for my design portfolio (Level D). I need some fresh eyes to take a look at the direction I'm going in. Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.



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Hey guys and gals, I have designed this logo for a a company called Headland Properties and I can't match it with a font. Does anyone have any ideas of a font that would sit nicely with this mark?


this is the logo i've designed for
a medium technical company that fixes
PVC,Laminate,Stores etc...
the fonts have been used in greek cause it
considers a greek company also i've used
a moto the client told me about...
this is going to be used for a business card
that is ready but i would like to hear an opinion
about this logo...i'll say again that it is going
to be used for a medium company so i believe it
hasn't to be much official...
thank you!!!

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This is a latinamerican fusion rock band. From Santiago de Chile.
I use the andean mountains rocks and texture. I think it is near to be finished, but i need some suggestions, specially on space or contrast..
Can you help me on this and share some opinions?



This is a logo that I am working on for a firm that "prepares development codes." It is a pro bono job that I am doing for a friend, but of course I want it to look nice. I am having some trouble with the typesetting of the name around the symbol.

Please tell me what you think. Any recommendations, advice or critiques will be warmly welcomed.

Duncan Robertson

this logo is for a new kind of loyalty card, instead of having all those different loyalty cards in your wallet/purse, you have this one instead. i really like this, and its the first logo i have done that i think works, but any help would be great.

I am pretty much done with this logo, and I didn't have a lot of leeway with it (couldn't really modify the bear since this is originally a Chinese org). But I am wondering if you all think I need to have a period after the A in USA? It looks wonky if I put one there. My other idea was to use circles in place of periods, then I think that makes this less 'agrammatical'