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Some of you may have seen my post a while back about a logo for my freelance work. I was going to use the name "Red Door Design" until it came to my attention that there are a handful of existing agencies with the same name.

So I decided to use my last name instead — "Aranda Design" — and developed a logo. Interested to hear anything that anyone has to say.

Hi I'm working on a climbing brand called yeti outdoor. It would be great if I could get some critics and advice about it. I need some fresh eyes. Let me know what you guys think.
Thank you so much

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So, client went withthe Eight Shape, so I took the crap out of the middle and went with two leaves on the side. Created a two colour version, that can obviously work in just black as well.
Im really stuck on the placement of a typographic mark with the loogo mark. They need to exist together but I cant seem to nail it down. Would love some ideas from the well informed.

Edited Version. . .

Changed to Centennial. .. . still iff'ed out about the placement.

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I would love some input on this logo i've been working on for our organization... I can't seem to get anything more than "It's great" or "I like it" out of my co-workers (none of them are designers).

Here is the scenario:
We are America's largest high school assembly program and we speak to millions of people every year. They have not had a designer until they brought me on in july of 2007. You can see the design mess I inherited here: Rachel's Challenge. I am currently working on changing things, most of the work I've done is marketing collateral, and I am trying to convince them of the need for them to have a unified brand, to update the logo and website. The problem is that they aren't buying it. Any talking points that would be helpful to convince them would be greatly appreciated.

This is the logo for a new program they are launching:

I wanted it to be very simple and appealing... It needs to be kind of trendy while still appealing to educators :) It comes in two parts. the actual name, and then the "Power of One" graphic. These are actually normally not together as they are here, the "power of one" is probably going to be used more frequently.

The type is Avant Garde.


Thank You all in advance!

I need your feedback on this logo, as I'm about to take Custom Art Company from a fun little side gig to a full time business. I have done one short print run with this logo, but I'm willing to make changes. I'm about to begin designing a new website and make a second print run for design promotion.

The Custom wordmark carries a somewhat heavy burden: I design for print and web, illustrate, and, like you, have this fetish for typography, particularly hand-lettered type. I like the wordmark as a solution, and I want to convey a mark that is strong, not too flashy, and shaped a little out of the ordinary. Swelling with pride, potential, but not bloated. I wanted something that instantly said, "This is not created from a stock typeface (or one that's instantly recognizable)". At the same time, I wanted a refined, clean, ordered finish on the thing.

So this is where the logo stands currently (plain, with full name, and with URL). As I mentioned, I do have some equity in it, but not much at this point. Thoughts? Thanks, everyone.

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application/pdfcustom logo
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To be placed on masthead here:


Old Logo:

Also my work, but four years ago when I didn't know better ;)

The NY Times recently had an article on Larry and the Cap FAQ:
(somehow he forgets to mention be though)

Hey all, I'm working on a fashion-related logo and wanted to get some feedback.

This is for a site called "I love my LBD" (little black dress). It's a blog documenting street fashion, shopping, etc., but with a friendly tone and based around the idea that anything you feel comfortable in can be your "LBD".

We wanted something clean and typographic with a bit of a fashion feel to it, I had the idea of integrating a dress shape into the B and like that concept (if I can get it to work, I realize it's very rough right now and doesn't necessarily read yet). I like the slab serif for "I love my" although I'm not set on that typeface (particularly as it's really pricey), Gotham for "LBD" works ok but I'm very open to other alternatives.

So, thoughts? Does the basic concept work? Any suggested tweaks on the dress form itself? Thanks!

Any expert kerners care to lend a hand?
Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Hello everyone. I would appreciate any critique you have regarding the following logo.
The background:
I did the site and the logo last year. The logo had to represent a lot of concepts for one sign, I believe. The stars are "beginning" and "end", the swooshes are "ontology" and "software". Finally this year, the guy is going global and I managed to persuade him, that the old logo is not really *that* nice, though it was my job to do it. :-/ The focus is IT and new technologies; the audience ranges from managers to state institutions to students; ages from 20 to 60; different nationalities, different cultures. We've already had a lot of variants discussed and tried out, but neither seems to work. He is still into swooshes, I am more into typo play. Here is what I have right now. The variant with O-matrix is just there to show you, what I've tried and what was already declined. I thank you for your constructive critisism.

Also, before you start - the variant 1 was not presented yet. Variant 2 was presented yesterday and was marked as "hmm... nice, I like it", the variants 3 and 4 are just my personal favourites, though the client hates both of them.
I thank you.

Hi, new here but have just spent about an hour and a half looking through loads of threads, some of the ideas here are amazing!
Anyway, I'm in the process of designing a portfolio site for myself to bring some of the work I've done together to try to push for a new job. The site is called optonica (does not mean anything, just like the word!). So far what I've got I'm not really happy with, I just think its a bit boring. I think the word optonica really lends itself to something special, it feels like a very 'designey' word if you know what I mean.
So, below is what I got (the bigger one is just to give you an idea of context and colours), please can I have some thoughts. Thanks in advance ;)


although this is a logo (attempt), it really represents my first foray into non-pixel based type design.

the result of this first effort is nothing spectacular, and yet i need some feedback to see if my instincts are good or bad.

item 1 is a direct adaptation of one of my pixel fonts.
item 2 adds perfect circles into the mix
item 3 airs everything out
item 4 adds some flair to the interior shapes and trims the horizontal elements
item 5 is a step in the wrong direction

i'm going to continue working on this logo until i get it right: i'm not going to shop for a font that might fit the words. why? because i need to make the leap into bezier designs sooner or later, and i've been putting it off for a long time.

that said, if anyone has suggestions on creative directions i might take, i'm all ears. i'm looking for something modern, but not necessarily cold. i want panache, without being cute or clever, and i want a semi-bold look.

trust me when i say i do not mean to imply that this first step of mine embodies all the qualities i just listed. it is, as i mentioned, just my first stab at things.

the logo and tag will probably go something like this: set your image apart. the idea being, a uniquely edited photo catalog is available here.

any help, as always, is considered a supreme act of friendship.


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Hi everyone,

Brief is for a draftsman and interior design company combined- must be simple fresh and modern. They wanted to avoid "house" type logo's.
Here is the bw version- the colour version is white on blue happy to post if interested.
I have also done another version of all of these logos incorporating (at lower opacity a blueprint)...but i am going to try and convince them that it would be best suited for website or etc.
These are rough ideas so far....please help I'm going crazy.



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This is a pro bono logo (Is that enough O's, or what?) for a senior national league baseball team. I know this isn't the typical baseball look, but I think it captures the Southern California personality and the energy of sports. Once I started designing the logotype, I started thinking that this was a job for Andrew Baker, but I put my head down and plowed forward.

I welcome any critique ya'll are willing to offer.

SoCal Waves Logo


What do you see here?

It's not supposed to be a "logo" per se, more like a keyvisual/character sort of graphic for a web site, but I need to quickly check what it "reads" as.


hi guys,

can i have your thoughts on Logo i am creating. It is for a computer repair, parts and accessories store. Logo should be modern, high tech, cutting edge. Can i have your thoughts and advice. I am new to logo design by the way. Any help u can offer to help me improve will be greatfull

Hello again!

I'm doing logo and layout for my student organizations member magazine.

It's a swedish magazine and is called "Askungen" wich translates to either cinderella or ash kid (ask ungen). The organizations name is ASK (Arcada Studerandekår). So the name of the magazine is an amusing one.

I'm pairing Daw Wide, which is their font and can't be changed, with Caecilia. I already made the calender where I used this combination and I think it works quite well (

Now i have started on a logo set in Dax Wide black. I'm planning on using Dax Wide light for headlines in the magazine and maybe Dax Wide black for larger articles. Caecilia will be used for body text.

Here's what I got so far. I'd like to soften the Dax Wide and the two second versions are an attempt at that. The small text is Dax Wide bold in one version and Caecilia heavy in the other.

Castigate away...

Hi philes!

I'm trying to convince a good friend of mine that his logo-concept (the bubbles) for a customer is a bit of a rip-off... but I can't recall where I saw it...

Any help here?

Preview here:



I'm trying to work out the L and E in my "Luv Ace" ambigram. And/or any other problems you might see.

okay, so i'm trying to put together a portfolio and i've only tried my hand at a couple of logos. The first, Tessa B's, i rather like, but i think it needs a bit more polish. The second, ShoeBox, is really rough. I pretty much swiped the design idea from the Beatles. Is it even worth salvaging? showcasing? anyhow, i thought i'd just see if i got any response here. thnx for any help you can give me.

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Dear Typophiliacs,

I am tasked with designing new logotype for a University Library Digital Center.

They have chosen Trajan as the preferred typeface.

Some issues i'm trying to improve:

they often use an initialism: "CDRS" which (to me at least) looks really horrible in Trajan, it looks like the 'S' at the end is going to tip over. I've tried to improve this by making outlines in illustrator and trying to stretch out the leg of the "R" --- how am i doing?

also in the fully spelled out words, there is another RS combination, which i tried to apply the same "trick" , but i wonder if it looks weird if that is the only R which is 'fancy'

in the jpeg it has a few variations of size and some with the 'fake' R leg, some regular, and the initialism in trajan pro and trajan pro bold.

any feedback or critique is appreciated.

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Hello everybody. This is a logo for a company that sells caravans.
I was assigned to design their new logo. I would appreciate if you could tell me your opinion about this one. What do you think?
Thank you!

I'm trying to design a logo for a weight loss clinic, and although i think the image is somewhat cliche, it gets the point across i don't know if this is the kind of thing that you would want to add humor too...

Hi everyone,

I'm a graphic design student, and we've currently been given a project to design a restaurant identity. Now, I've chosen quite a complex theme - it's hard to describe - just think "grandma" "cozy cafe" "arts'n'crafts" "vintage/retro". So my idea is focusing somewhat on pretty decorative features but not heavily so. I don't like the tacky flowery crockery idea if you get me!

Anyway, so after a few concepts, I've come up with this (semi final) logo design, and I want to know what you think. I have had some positive feedback from peers, but I'd like some more harsh and detailed criticm, you know? I've added the full poster image too, so you get more of a taste of the look I'm trying to get.

I'm only at a rough draft stage, so not much attention to detail has been paid. I want to know if the typeface design is okay, if I should vertically align the text (I have it aligned so that the slopes of the two beginning and end initials align on an angle) or keep it the way I have it, and whether or not the bird even looks ok.

Thanks for your time :)


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Please offer some reviews / critic

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I posted this in the Sans Serif forums a couple of days ago, but only had 3 responses so far (thanks Ill Sans and Coop). So I thought I might have better luck here, especially as this is a logotype.

Here is a logotype we are working on for an architect. This client does really nice work, very simple and sharp but with some bits of beautiful ornament. I have thought of it like the photos of the opening of Mies’ Barcelona Pavilinion: an iconically simple structure inhabited by a bunch of guys in top hats and women with fur collars. Hope that means something to some one out there.
My design idea therefore is to create a mix font - Helvetica Neue Ultra Light representing style and simplicity, American Typewriter representing a sort of ornament, VAG Rounded representing a smart but friendly attitude, and semi serifs (The Mix or Rotis Semi) representing technological ornament. Sounds like a lot, right?
The actual aprocess has been to modify Hel to create this mix, taking selective cues from each of the previous.
So, just looking for general comment and tips to refine this. I am confident in the design and really like it generally.
Please be aware that I love Helvetica, tight letterspacing, Swiss-style simplicty and all those other things that you might hate! Our client shares my general design disposition.
This is my first post, so thanks for taking it easy on me!

You may be interested to know that my colleague, user name Univers, has also posted an architect's logotype here recently. These projects are not related in any way.

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