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Need feedback on logo,

i have some asymmetrical options and more symmetrical things happening.I'm not happy with the translation of the flower, it resembles a Clip art flower. The typeface face choice is ms eaves which i'm not happy about. Can somebody help out?


the company does flowers for most occasions with an exception to funerals..( i think)
an excuse for the bright colors perhaps...

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I like this, but it needs help, I can't figure out what needs to be done from here...

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This is the very first design for a business card for my friend who wants to start her own PR thing. I don't have other designs yet but I hope to develop different directions soon. There weren't very many specs to go from. She is elegant, likes pink and has a certain sophistication about her that I wanted to deliver through the design. I created the "flourish" out of an F and by adding to its curves. The little "*" is for the shine in the tagline. If just this design is too insufficient to critique, let me know.

I am also attaching my intention for the logo even though we never actually talked about creating one. She mostly wants a little BC for self promotion and I may not be the one doing the website.

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I'm on the exec of a small ultimate frisbee league in Barrie, Ontario. We're looking for a new wordmark and/or logo. I reckon the wordmark is easier, so have been playing around with a few concepts myself. (I'm definitely not a graphic artist or typographer—just a mechanical engineer who volunteered.)

This wordmark will go on our website, on jerseys, discs, and potentially other promotional stuff. I'd like it to be clear and legible at a distance for both small sizes (e.g., decals) and larger (jerseys).

I'm also hoping to reflect the sport: it's co-ed and friendly; modern; fast, "flow-y", and fun.

This is my first try:

The font is Familian. I like the flow and roundedness of the font, and the aspect ratio of the block. However, I think this looked better in my mind's eye than when actually in front of me.

I'm favouring my second concept:

The font is Century Gothic. I like that it's clean, and the very rounded characters remind me of the round shape of a disc. Not separating the words is an effect that to me suggests modernity.

For either, it should work in with either black/white or in colours. I just added the different colours in the second so that the .com was de-emphasized.

Any feedback on these concepts would be very much appreciated. Also, any suggestions for a different font (preferably free or not too expensive) would also be great.

Please critique my Mattikdesign logotype (image below). I have done publication design, now do mostly Web design, but have little experience with logotypes. This one is for my own design company, in which I want to focus on more sophisticated, subtle (less flashy) Flash design.

The logotype uses ITC New Baskerville. I added the "tti" ligature, and altered the descender on the "g." And because it has to look good on screen, I flattened the bottoms of the baseline serifs (to avoid blurry little curves). I'm not sure about my kerning, or if my modifications have broken any rules of good typographic design. Any feedback would be truly appreciated.

Note: Please be patient if it takes some time for me to reply to your response. Thanks!
Mattikdesign Logotype

This is not a logo but rather an idea which I had.

Soon my apprenticeship ends and I had to apply for a job. So I thought about not making a standard letter to write to the agencies but rather just a logo printed on a selfmade postcard. So I could write on the back and the guy from the agency could read immediately my application. Therefore I could not glue a picture of me on the postcard, so I decided to paint myself. So my name should look a little bit like a signature.

Its a bit late now and I want to go to bed but before go to sleep I want to upload my current status to hear what you think of it.

Its just a rough sketch which I traced in freehand. Its not cleaned yet.

Because the logo only appears on a postcard I thought about giving my picture an irregular, selfpainted border that let it look like a postage stamp.(only sketched yet)

So what do you think of it!?

Bye: Steven


I don't know if this is the appropriate forum for this type of critique, but I am posting some packaging options for a Gourmet coffee. It is very high-end, from Puerto Rico (Map). The name Platino means Platinum.

Threw out one other arrangement and a love of ball terminals with Carousel

Cant seem to get my jpegs to show on the old post, otherwise I would have kindly just placed this post there.



Dear fellow Typophiles,

My idea is to create a logo that can be used on products and things that are made in Latvia (Northern Europe). Logo has to be easy to print/burn/sew on any type of product or thing.

Here is what I have come up with -- ( initial draft).

Things worth knowing:

Concepts used in the logo:

Please let me know your thoughts on the typeface and the spectrum of emotions this logo creates. Thank you.

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sorry messed this up. read other posting

a sketch for latin america brand contest


This logo is for a urban spa with a very modern aesthetic. Their clients are late 20's to early 40's. I have drawn it from a combination of different typfaces. I need some help on the tracking and anything you think is not working.

Thanks, Lisa

Hello everyone, I'd love to hear your comments regarding a brand logo I made for a company that sell special anti-stick coatings created using nanotechnology that protects different surfaces from dirt and corrosion and decreases cleaning time.

It's called QuickNano because the idea is that you can use latest nanotechnology quickly in your own house.

I'm not sure what typeface to use. On the picture is Myriad Pro. Maybe you can suggest an alternative typeface?

Does the basic concept work? Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!

Ladies & Gentlemen, players and pimps put down your Macbook Pros / Pimp Cains / Chalices

First post on the forum and having read some of the previous crits you guys give good advice and the standard of work here is generally high.

I have been working on a rebrand for who have decided to recognise the names of both directors.

One guy is working overseas for the firm and one is handling business in the UK so by recognising his name they seek to clear up any ambiguity surrounding who's in charge etc.

see attached and let me have it.



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Hey guys ... plz help me with some crit with my restaurant logo ... we are supposed to do this assignment to create the brand identity for a restaurant and i chose to create a swiss cafe... the cafe is called farb

Hi everybody

I´m designing a logo for a friend of mine, a human resources consultant . I came up with these 4 ideas, but somehow they all seem familiar to me; i did it all from scratch and tried to be as original as possible, but at the end i wonder if they are very similar to some others already existing. The copy reads "human connection" in spanish. I´ll appreciate your help.

Thanks, and best regards.

I'm not a designer, but as my father is kind of director of a ceramics school, i submitted him ideas for a logo for his school. There isn't, and every single compagny paper they have are of very poor quality (the worse is that there's a "graphism" branch in another school of the same group).
So though i know my things really not deserves to be there, i guess maybe you can give me ideas to make it less miserable (in all cases, it will be better than the nothing they have).
There's an old first version, made with Dominican (which appears to me to fit well with ceramics) and another with tyfa (which is more modern but still make tghink of some past in my view).
Be hard, i really haven't any pretention. You can't hurt me. logo
Only typography, it's not a brand but, let's say a "pretty name".

Hi Im trying to work around the logos and still couldnt get my head around it..
Any help out there?

I did design those rough work as see my links below

If theres a tips or helps would be great to give me some idea

Hey all!

I need some help getting the typography right for a logo I'm developing for our fictional studio, called (Buro) ODD. With our choice of name we basically wanted to give ourselves some freedom, which works because we've got a lot of odd stuff planned for our audiovisual and webdesign productions... like using cornstarch and recycled paper for letterheads.

Being the typographic newbie that I am, I'm struggling with the typography. On the one hand I want to create something that is ODD, fresh and a tad artistic. On the other, I don't want to communicate that we're a messy bunch.

So far, here's what I've been focusing on. Any comments and tips are appreciated. While the basic form won't change drastically anymore (we're really comfortable with this), crits are always welcome. The logo might get a color, but I've uploaded it B&W for now.

edit: also uploaded more version from teammembers.

edit2: seems like the old uploads were moved, thus their url not working. uploaded the same plus extra.

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I just discovered this site about a week ago and have enjoyed reading the mostly honest and thought out critiques here (It's rare to find that in most forums)

Anyway I thought I would take advantage of others experience and see what I could do to improve on this logo.

The company is a small employment agency that wants to seem "contemparary, national, and friendly" She has looked over a few samples I provided her and likes this one, but I think it needs a little more, It does'nt have much personality yet.

Any suggestions, tips, etc... would be a huge help.

GP Logo

Here is the latest addition to my portfolio, from concept to completion in one night (last night), a PARIS rotational ambigram. HiRes PDF attached for closer inspection.

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Human Resources company, SAP Partner; reserved, but not uncommunicative; experienced; nice.


Hi all,
I've recently taken on a web job for a client but they wanted a quick modification of their existing logo, which is the stacked letter emblem. Originally it was used rotated -90 degrees with the stem of the R functioning as a page break (yikes) for whatever it was used on. The client wants to keep this emblem, but make it a bit more professional and iconic. I added the additional text. Let me know what you think: kerning, the whole square thing, etc. I'm not introducing color just yet, just want to get it looking good in black for now, and trying to be fast and effective on this one.


Hello. I have a friend in Spain that started working for a new company there called Ip2-TV
which provides broadband services, telephone service and cable. She suggested I help them
by providing a visual / creative analysis of their branding and I thought perhaps posting the
current logo here could be a good start. The work that is posted was created by their designer
in Spain, whose name I do not know.
A thorough honest critique would be much appreciated.
Linked are two versions of their logo.


Hi there

After a few times trying to give input to others, I thought I might post something of myself here.

I'm working on this t-shirt project.
I started it just for the fun of it, but now I have plans of producing it.

It is not finished. I have to take a closer look at the type. So this is more of a sketch.

Let me know what your thoughts are!

The idea – in general and short – is that we all eat, sleep and breath type! Hence the lungs.

My idea was to make it a limited edition. But am not sure about that.

Your input is appreciated.