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I'm thinking of using a maze as a logotype symbol. I'm almost certain that some company is already using this but I can't find any on the net.

  1. Do you know of any?
  2. Do you think it would be wise to use it?
  3. What would you associate maze with?

Robert Koritnik

You remember some logo similar to this?

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Identity consisting of custom type design implemented with graphic ornamentation for Seattle's best Mediterranean Restaurant. Body type (not shown) for rest of identity system is Harmony Bold. Med Mix type and logo

Hi All

I am trading services with a just-graduated event planner - she is helping out on the day of my wedding and I will design a logo and business card for her. Budget-friendly for both of us!

I have been sketching out some ideas and one of them I really like but would appreciate some critique before I send all the ideas to her. I showed an earlier version to my fiancé and he said it didn't read well, so I worked on it some more. I really like it, but I know the name and have been staring at it. I am wondering if I am beating a dead horse or if I am on to something. I appreciate all your wisdom and input!


PS. The name of the company is Humble Olive. It's a bit odd, I know. My fiancé said the earlier version read Humb Le Olive.

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OK. Having some trouble with coming up with a lockup for this logo. I think the 3rd one on the right works the best in both contexts, but I am not happy with stacking the type to the right.

I like putting it underneath logotype, but then it gets lost on the 1st sketch, and on the 2nd sketch I am not sure what to have extend beyond the right of the logotype.

Probably what will work best is a combination of 1 and 3. Stack the type on the right when small, position it all underneath when big.

But I want see what you all have to say.

CAN is a network of creative professionals engaged in multimedia politically-focussed projects. A lot of their work will be for broadcast, some for print and web.

Thanks for your help.

I'm primarily looking for feedback on name legibility at this point. Being that the type is hand drawn, and the word is uncommon, I'm worried about the viewer's ability to pick up the name. Any feedback would be appreciated.



hello everyone,

Need some feedback on a logo I've been working on. It's for an organization who collects toiletries for less fortunate folks who can't afford them. The homeless more likely. I'm pretty close to finalizing but can't decide on the following font weights. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Hi Typophiles,
I’m designing a logo for a flooring company. This is a starting business, very small for now. He has a license with the name “Imperial Flooring Solutions.” I notice there were other companies named similar so we came up with the “solutions” before he got the license. He was really sticking to the name because of a family tradition on a different kind of business.
In doing my research I notice almost every flooring company uses either floor tiles or carpets on their logo so that was one thing we wanted to stay away from. Another thing I noticed is that companies named “Imperial” in other fields always use either shields with lions or crowns (for obvious reasons) so that was something we wanted to stay away from.

Services: Laminated Floor, Vinyl, Carpet and installation of all these. No hardwood at all. Commercial meaning no small houses but big buildings. Big projects.

After this brief background research I came up with some adjectives with my client.
• Direct (client focus in direct contract)
• Friendly (Client focus on consulting, advising client for best solution)
• Empowering (to give a sense of confidence to the client)
• Growth (self explanatory)
• Dominating (Imperial, Empire, dominion over areas)

I came up with a set of concepts of which I selected four to explore. I’ve been sketching forever and vectorized another whole bunch but still feel some of them need help. As far as the type, its just my first draft combining icon with type so I haven’t locked up on any solution yet my only strong suggestion would be a slab serif for its rigidness compared to floors and buildings. He tends to like sans serif but serif seems to fit more for a trustable company especially in flooring business but again not locked up into it.

Any type suggestions are more than welcome as I’ve been having a hard time matching a typeface with each logo’s look, e.g. hard edges w/slab pointy edges w/serif etc.

1) Concept one takes on the consulting part as well as relating a pyramid with empire. The horizontal divisions represent floors in a building. The pyramid is formed by a number of arrows coming to an end point, meaning different solutions guided to the best.

2) Concept two takes on the guidance part so like dancing lessons where they show foot steps to follow this idea leads to a center point. This on has been really hard to convey, it was selected only because I wanted at least three different directions. I thought the idea was clever but looks related to a shoe company.

3) Concept three takes on the word Empire or Imperial, overtaking territory. It’s a globe getting covered by floor titles and it highlights an “i”. Legibility on this icon has been difficult.

4) Concept four relates to the first one. This one combines Growth (as in a tree shape/arrow pointing up), Different directions (branches of the tree/arrows), and again the imperial pyramid/triangle shape. I started wit a geometric shape but then decided to try a hand made one to give it some human touch (friendly).

I want to present all four or at least three so let me know what you think/suggest specially type suggestions.


I'm working on a redesign of the newspaper I work for. I'd love some honest feedback and ideas.

Also, I'm planning on using Utopia for the body type (also used in the nameplate) and Franklin Gothic for headlines and other things. Are these choices too cliche for Newspaper? Any other suggestions?



Hi everyone

I am designing another wedding monogram for a client.
The couple's name is Charlie and Allison.
They like clean and modern.

Which version do you think best works.
Your thoughts on improving it.
If either one works for you, just let me know.

thanks for your feedbacks everyone.


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Hello! My name is Rickard and this is my first post here at typohile. I'm excited to join this forum, not only to observe but also to learn more about the world of typography!

I am from Sweden so please bare in mind my fairly incomplete language skills.

I this a good start on the forum is to show a thing that I have done and with some luck get one good thought or two from you guys. I am talking about my very own logotype for my name, also soon to be my website and all-around self-brand.

Take a look and tell me what you think. I was aiming for a sleek and rather elegant feel. Also I tried to have complexity in mind and avoid to advanced techniques. As you see it's rather simple. Too simple maybe? Does it need a background?

Thanks in Advance!

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For this logotype I am hand-drawing the name. Face inspired by the typography of Iñigo Jerez's work for Suite and I guess Eric Olson's work at Process type foundry. I'm trying to achieve a fairly 'warm' character, still with few curves. Perhaps 'design engineered' would be the word. Since I have no previous experience of this kind of work, I'd be happy for any critique. Shoot.

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can anyone identify the font please?

‹ Eyelash bar logotype Need your critique ›

Hello everyone,

I don't post very often, but have a great deal of respect for the many knowledgeable and insightful members here. I hope some of you can provide good suggestions and feedback for this project of mine.

I have a logo which features Chalet for the type, and I'm trying to find a Serif for headings (and possibly body) to properly compliment it. I guess I'm just trying to achieve a proper balanced look, since the logo type is so distinctive.

Any advice/suggestions are much appreciated, as well as any criticisms on the logo itself. The logo is very much a work in progress, and I attempted some small modifications to the type (for the lowercase u and a).

Chalet Fonts


EDIT: I'm thinking a slab serif of some variety. Any thoughts? I saw suggested in another thread.

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First off, let me just say that I just discovered this site, and am quite impressed. Not enough active design forums out there.

Anyways, I'd love everyone's feedback on the logo I created for my company, mid-brain design.

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Hi Typophile

This is my first post so please be honest and don't hold back. I've been approached by a entrepreneur who is building s string of 24 hour gyms in the Berkshire area for 18 plus the audience is for people who are your average Jo looking to get fit, to your pro weekend warrior who are fed up with high gym prices. The only terms were that it should look professional, clean, simple, bright and bold, oh and it must use florescent pink, blue, or green.

So I did my research and looked at competitors as one does and then I started sketching he liked the concepts but couldn't settle on one of them so he enlisted the help from another designer who would design it his way, after going through 9 iterations I did for him. Now I'm not saying my designs look amazing because they don't, they could do with a lot of work, critique and tweeking and the right font for starters, which I'm hoping I can get from here.

My initial design 1

Design from another graphic designer

After the other design I wanted to simplify it and use fonts that would be right for the audience, the more I look at it though the more I think the logo should be on one line.
My counter design

What do you think Typophile? If anyone has any critique, advice etc please let me know. The client has settled on pink and not using bevel now and understands why we need to make the logo simpler.

Thank you

I've often visited these boards but this is my first time posting. I've always seen typography as the upper echelon of design... and I find it a little intimidating.

Anyway... on to my post. I've been running a graphic & web design business for a little over two years now and I'm in need of a makeover for my site and identity. You can view what I have now here:

I want to start with a new logo but I've had a real hard time finding the right font to use, mainly because of the shape of the word and the fact that it begins with the number 3.

This is something that I've been thinking of using... but it's still lacking in something.

31three logo

It's a modified bank gothic. I've very open to suggestions and modifications. The illustrator file is here for those who like to mess with stuff.

I'm not trying to get you to do my work for me... I'm just really stuck and need some help to get me rolling in a new direction.

Jesse BC

I'm a seriously cash-strapped entrepreneur who has hired a designer and gotten a workable glyph, but she's not as obsessive as I am about type, so I'm trying to help that part of the project along. We’re making final tweaks on the glyph, but this should give you a good idea.

I’ve looked at Helvetica, Optima, URW Linear, etc., but they pretty much all look the same with the letters I have (“Kite & Key;” possibly uppercase). I would not presume to learn your craft in any meaningful way, I have tried to do my homework ("RTFM") by reading and browsing many design books and purchasing and reading Bringhurst 3.1, but only get stuck and overwhelmed. Bringhurst was a disappointment, since he actively criticized logotype and focused mostly on typesetting books (preferably, it seems, books in history and the humanities).

Can anyone suggest a good typeface? Linear also looks a bit like one of our suppliers/competitors. I’ve got hundreds of samples, but they are all starting to blur together.

I'd like to use something with serifs, but that seems to clash with the modern spirit of
the glyph's design.

Hi there,

My first post on this forum:-).
I designed my own font for my company I whill start after newyear.I would like to have some opinions.Witch one is the best.Reads the best.What do you read?I should make changes to get this wright?What?

I wanted a sollid,compact attractive font that had a compination between old and new and that would draw attention.

I got the link to this forum and heared there are some good typograhist.So I'll get some good critisise.:-)


logo design


I'm currently working on a logo for a friends wedding and am looking for some feedback. I'm going to have to draw this logo from scratch and so am looking for some tips on how to do that successfully (I'm normally used to editing existing fonts rather than drawing them freehand).

This sketch shows how it currently looks. The letters will be filled (the second 'm' of Emma and the 'v' of Steve will be filled red). I'm generally happy with the look of 'Steve', but 'Emma' looks unbalanced due to the height of the 'E'. Any help at all is appreciated at this point.



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Hey guys, I'm working on a logo for a children's creative playspace and boutique.

How do guys feel about this logo I'm working on and more importantly how is my kerning?


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i need help. are any of these directions working for anyone?

i'm having a heck of a time finding a visual that embodies the word champfactory--at least a visual that is uncluttered, and holds its color well. think either addidas logo, nike or apple--simple, curvy blocks of color.

the product is a card game based on motorcycle racing that has been developed over time to embody many different types of racing, although its still motor-sport based as opposed to say, track and field.

so, i can try to create something illustrative of an actual factory that pumps out winners, or i can simply go for an illustration of winning, or speed, or strength, or other attributes of a champion.

this graphic is not coming easily to me, and i've ruled out trying to make a wordmark due to the sheer length of the name. it may be time for me to put it down and come back later with a clean slate.

any ideas, anyone?

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What do you think of this one?
It's for a company called Telindus. I threw away the "e" , just like in T Mobile.
The 3 arrows represent different IT problems that can be solved by them obviously. Maybe it's too heavy, anyone...?


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A publishing house + industrial design + creative activism
that's what obscena is about. So i'm excited with this project and need your opinion on which type should i use. First I tried Neutra for its natural extended p... mean b from ob. And the some other options including the overusebutstillnice avantgarde. Tak a look also to symbol. should i keep it (ob) together right?

well about the company is about having fun, pleasure, with creative work, seriously professional and so I do need something timeless.

other types I've think of:
bodoni (oh yeah nasty)

really anxous

Hi all!

Need some comments about that:

To get you into the picture:
I've been ask to redesign the Identity of a web design, development hosting, marketing etc. company based in mauritius ( Its a small agency aiming high, they want to be the leader in the sector in mauritius and looking forward to export their services. They want to be seen as professionals, reliable, proactive and responsive.

This what i've come with.

What do you think guys?


Jean-Lou Désiré