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Good morning together!

I am new in type. Somehow I found this great forum.

I am working on a logo for non-profit/charitable organization. Eventually I want to use Neutraface. The family is $249 – pretty much for my uncompensated project.

Do you know a way out? Is there a similar free font? Would House Industries probably give me a great discount (I do not need the whole family, it is for charity, it is only used in one single logo)?

Thank you for your help!

Fountain happily presents a new typeface release:

Meadow Pro - a warm analog sans

Designed by Göran Söderström.

Meadow is a warm analog sans typeface for everyday use. With a contemporary fresh expression it's well suited for everything- from strong headlines all the way down to small size settings.

The family contains romans and italics in 5 weights (10 styles). Small caps, extended language support and OpenType features for the most demanding situations are included.

Meadow Pro can be found at:

Download PDF:

Thank you for your time
and have a nice day

Peter W. Bruhn

Dear Philes and Philosophes of Type

My new design was released 8th April at It is called Hermecito.
There are two pdfs posted at the gallery – one is A4 and the other in US Letter format – containing much information and specimen text settings etc. I'm attaching the A4 brochure but, as the max. upload is 2mb, not the US letter.

Kindest regards

We are in the process of designing our type catalog and I was wondering what you all would like to see in a type specimen.

Your thoughts are always much appreciated.


Allumi PTF Extended is an exclusive design only availble at

Allumi PTF is a different font. Different from anything I have has designed in the past. Allumi PTF is a sleek typeface designed with technology in mind.

It’s a perfect font family for any communication concerning design, robotics, or functionality. Pushed to its extreme limits, the Allumi PTF shapes are neither perfectly round or geometrically square. It’s a human design with a high tech touch. Allumi PTF can be described as the Eurostyle (designed by Aldo Novarese in 1962) of the new century, mixed with Frutiger. Allumi is a serious typeface because of the unique design and sturdy form. The pure shapes can create a global presence today with an eye on the world of tomorrow.

Each series features a full glyph set which covers most latin languages and includes all aspects of typographic needs such small caps, various set of figures & so on. In addition, with the use of some alternate glyphs, the overall aspect of text setting can change. Last but not least, more than 70 dingbats are included and adapted for the 9 series.

Jean François Porchez

Allumi PTF Extended minisite
Allumi PTF Extended page
Allumi PTF Extended test it page
Allumi PTF Extended prices and purchase Font family from €210 for 8 cpus use.
Allumi PTF Extended pdf specimen
Allumi PTF wallpaper

About Porchez Typofonderie
Founded in 1994, Porchez Typofonderie is an independent digital type foundry in France, designing, manufacturing and selling high quality typefaces for adventurous digital typographers.

Name three things you would consider before licensing a typeface in regards to a font EULA?

April 10, 2008, Bitstream Inc. released Kloi BT, a font designed by Oakville, Ontario-based Canadian designer Boris Mahovac R.G.D. of

Boris Mahovac has adapted a friend's handwriting in this new font called Kloi (pronounced Chlo - ee). It has a very casual feel and includes alternative swash glyphs of some key characters as well as some extra ligatures.

Taking advantage of the ligature and contextual swash features in OpenType, the alternate glyphs automatically replace the standard glyphs when appropriate, creating a very unique look.

Kloi BT is Boris Mahovac's second font design released by Bitstream, after Tabita BT, another free-form display typeface was released in 2006.

Kloi BT is available in PostScript OpenType format. Kloi’s extended glyph set covers the Western and Central European, Baltic and Turkish languages.

Here's my latest...

Breuer Headline
Breuer Text

... and [the PDF](

Specially priced for a limited time.

Znak Symbols™ is new font family from Slobodan Jelesijevic, released by Tour De Force font foundry. Znak Symbols includes 2 fonts (Znak Symbols 1 and Znak Symbols 2) with set of 94 strictly geometric symbols per one font. Original concept and highly applied graphics from Znak Symbols recommend it for miscellaneous purpose, from ornamental and vignette use to visual communications.

For more informations and samples, visit:
Tour De Force at MyFonts page
Tour De Force font foundry

Dusan Jelesijevic

Kefa II Pro is available on MyFonts with a Big Bargain introductory promotion of 90% discount until August 16.

Just to let you know that my new typeface Enzo now is available on FontFont.
Check it out if you like!

Belco™ is new font family from Slobodan Jelesijevic ( ITC Nova Lineta, ITC Pino) and the first font family released by Tour De Force Font Foundry. Elegant and very usefull for all kinds of publications such as books, magazines, catalogs and brochures, Belco™ for now comes in three weights: Belco™ Light, Belco™ Light Slab Serif and Belco™ Ultra Light SmallCaps. With wide range of possibility and smooth personal touch, Belco™ font family is ideal for longer texts, titles and typography exercises. Belco™ comes in basic Latin/English letters with Western Europe diacritics. Other weights will be available very soon.

For more informations and samples, visit:
Tour De Force at MyFonts page
Tour De Force font foundry

by Dusan Jelesijevic

My latest type design and first MyFonts release is called Raniscript. The name was inspired by some images of vintage matchbook designs advertising the Flying Rani. Raniscript is based on a ronde style script, but with some contemporary touches. It comes fully loaded with contextual alternates, swashes, case sensitive punctuation, and a set of caps that are designed for caps only settings.


Nick Cooke's wonderful new Houschka Rounded family is now available, released through his G-Type foundry and distributed by Fontworks UK Ltd.

View the fonts and read the Press Release on Typophile:

Buy the fonts:

| Attachment | Size | | --- | --- | | Houschka Rounded sample.pdf | 212.82 KB |

Anyone have any good recommendations for a PHP/MySQL-based shopping cart/inventory tracking system? I'm going to be selling both fonts digitally (infinite inventory) and selling hard goods, so the system should be able to handle both those...

Also, I'm looking for something open-source that I don't have to pay a buttload of money for.


I've been reporting my royalties on a Schedule C at H&R Block for years now. I recently met with an accountant, and mentioned how we always owe a ton of money at the end of the year, partially due to the royalties.

He asked me how we were reporting them, and told me that a Schedule C is not at all correct, that the royalties should be reported on a Schedule K, and that this might save us some money.

Before I take up H&R on their undoubtedly non-hassle-free DoubleCheck

Does anyone know if there is a text sample creating software off the shelf that can be implemented on a web site so that potential users can try mall bits of text in various typefaces? If so, how much does it cost and what is involved in implementation?


Good morning!
Already launched two fonts. Working on some more but i would like to have your opinion.
Of course, they still not as good as most of the typeface works around here but... maybe one day!

I have heard many men speak of a fountain from which the free fonts come?
I search for many time the Optimos and try also the FontShopping but no such luck with NO big bucks or Visa card.

I thank many people in advance for these helpful comments.

Yours sincerily,
Gui Yong

I am proud to announce the release of Cabulosa, a brasilian urban calligraphy inspired typeface.

Available at YWFT.

For further information on Cabulosa, download the pdf here

And for those of you who aren't familiar with the style, here's a preview of a nice documentary that is about to be released on the theme. Directed by João Wainer:

Greater Albion Typefounders have just uploaded a portfolio of Poster designs using our latest release "Mellin" to our blog. You can also try out Mellin for yourself on Here's a preview of one of the designs:

Hello Typophiles,

My agreement with Matthew is non-exclusive, here is an extract..

  1. GRANT OF LICENSE. In accordance with this Agreement, the Publisher
    grants Atomic Media a non-exclusive license to sell and deliver the submitted
    Product, bitmap fonts, via the web site known as for two
    (2) years after the Agreement is signed. The Publisher retains title and
    ownership of the Product. ATOMIC MEDIA reserves the right to refuse to
    include the Product in the Atomic Media Site if for any reason ATOMIC MEDIA
    deems the Product to be unsuitable.

This means that i can keep selling hrough Atomic Media, but also offer my fonts in other places?

Truth in Design and Fonts for Flash are working with super pixel fonts and i want to know if is legal to offer my new works to this guys, keeping my agreement with Atomic.


The Empire Wars was inspired from lettering on medieval age.
its really great font for your band, label,
clothing company, etc

i give attractive offering for this promotional

Available : WITH 5 FONT

UPPERCASE With Ornament basic solid
UPPERCASE With Ornament Shadow
UPPERCASE With Ornament
UPPERCASE basic font,
Punctuation characters
Multi language ( TTF and OTF )

FREE : poster Vector with border (ai,eps,cdr)



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I just published the first of many books to come on the topic of type in our environment. We often overlook some great examples of typography as we go about our daily lives. FOUND focuses in on those subtle examples as well as dramatic ones, such as signs and graffiti. For the first edition of FOUND I have focused in on Springfield, OH and all of the forgotten type that it holds. Next up Seattle, WA.

Preview and pick up your copy at


-- Andy

Crisis was designed and generated completely on one single day. The target was to make a useful font while investing nothing more than the absolutely indispensable. The component-based glyph construction scheme of another font has been utilized, further detailing work has been strictly limited. Due to those restrictions some letters have rather unusual shapes.
However, because of the production limitations Crisis will be offered at an unbeatable rate. It is equipped with 320 glyphs and comes with all accented letters needed for any European language. Crisis has compact proportions, it is very legible even when set in small sizes. In printing you get more text on one page and thus save up to 30% of paper.
– Coming soon at Myfonts.