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Does anyone know this font? First thought was Avant Garde, but it isn't.


Code Pro

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I made this font as a gift to my girlfriend. As any other font here this one isn't really finished yet, but i hope to do so the next months. With your help! You are strongly encouraged to post your critique here ;-)

Thanks for Your Help!

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Looking for an ID on this beautiful sans serif. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

many thanks,

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I need your assistance as I am unable to find this font for reuse:

Thank you in advance!



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Avant-Garde Gothic ITC

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Anyone know this guy?

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This is the first results of my screen font project. I've based my letters on a 14pt pixel grid to make the look well on a screen at a text size without any hinting. All suggestions will be very appreciated.

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Hi all,

Since there hasn’t been paid too much attention to this topic:

... I’d like to come up with something more elaborated. ;-)

I created a semi-capital font in almost the same type of grid, slightly more complex now.
The result are some written-like, quite decorative lettershapes.

I really like the fluidity of some of the shapes, where others tend to be stuck in the grid and bear strength when standing on their own.

I have attached a file with the font on it, including my work method.

Below you can see a sample. Any comments, ideas, advice?


I am in search of this font used by Ryanair for its Krakow & Malopolska logojets.

Excuse the perspective the image has got.

Thanks for any help


Fortunately I finally had the time to continue my first efforts in the conception of a spurless geometric sans.
Any comments would be appreciated! :)


Coughy Machine

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Hi, can anyone tell me what typeface is this one used by Giovanni Pintori in this advertisement for Lettera 22? Thank you !

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This font started off as a few glyphs for a logo design. I thought it was interesting enough to flesh out the rest of the design in my spare time... but now I am to the point of pouring it into FontLab and starting the lighter and bolder weights.

And I am beginning to wonder if it is worth all that work. I like a few of the glyphs a lot (like the "g"). But I am worried that this sort of simplified "machined" style has been done to death...

Do you think Laconic is worth pursuing? Feel free to hit me hard. That will either convince me to turn my back on the font or finish it up out of pure stubbornness.

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Thanks a lot !


DHF A Great Happiness by Dexsar Harry Anugrah

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I need identify this font.
The image is chilectra vintage logo (chilean company), in a football jersey 1993 year


Helvetica Neue

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I was looking for a thin font and came accross this in a catalog. It is from the Hawarth Beside catalog, but cannot find any information on their site. It is super thin but the characteristic that gets me is the slightly curved crossbar on the uppercase A.
Please excuse the very large image, its the only way you could see the curve i mentioned.



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Can anyone help me identify this typeface form the Shelborne Hotel's logo? Concurso Italian, Examiner NF, and Huxley Vert come close, but aren't right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




id like some feedback on this font im designing. its monoline as i want to be able to dynamically alter the stroke, slanting etc. in processing

you can play with the uppercase at


Any idea of what this font is? Thank you for any help.

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I'd like to know what sans they use in this publication? Closest I can get is Deja Rip.
Any ID's greatly appreciated.


Many thanks!


Modena Condensed

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Hello Everyone,

I am wondering if anyone out there has experience using fonts from Parahcute's DIN series. I am unfamiliar with the foundry and would like to set my C.V. for a design professorship using DIN Display, mainly, but my jump over to their DIN Text if it doesn't work out at lower sizes. Before I lay down the Euros, I'd love to know how well these fonts behave. Are they well-spaced and well-kerned?