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Hello, I am looking for an alternative to Acid by Stephen Baum. I realize it is an incomplete work in progress and I'd really like access to more glyphs.

I really like how this type has a clean, scientific almost medicinal, sterile feel to it. I like how it is very geometric as well. Please if anyone has any alternatives to this typeface it would be awesome if you could share.

Extra credit if you can find me one with a web-font alternate as well.

You can find Acid here:

Thanks for the help!

What's the font of the logo of this site?

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, and was wondering if you could help me identify this font:

I have had trouble identifying it, and even online 'softwares' cannot match it to an existing fond correctly.

Thanks in advance!

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I've been brooding over Verdana for a while, and since I had some free time last weekend, I decided to make my own Verdana-esque typeface; but without those odd terminals. I started with (roughly) the dimensions of Verdana, and just worked my way through the glyps, and ended up with something that, to my eye, is an interesting amalgamation of News Gothic and Verdana, with some Myriad trown in. What do you think?

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Need alternative font that looks like Merkury Radim Pesko

unfortunately i dont know much about the typeface, it has definitely been digitized, image is scanned from a zine/booklet published in 2013. please help, ive been trying to work this out for 8 hours already and desperately need to find out what it is asap!

thank you so much!

Hi guys, do you know which is this font from a David Byrne, clip?

Thanks for any good info ;)


Trade Gothic LT Std (Bold) from Adobe

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Only need the DalSense font, I have the braille. Thanks.


Geo Sans Light

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Hi typophiles. I want to show you a typeface I'm currently working on. Her codename is Revista and her purpose is to be the "corporate face" for my studio. No figures, no punctuation, and not kerning yet (Illustrator phase).
Let me read your suggestions!

Can anyone identify this loose sans font? Thanks in advance


Berlin Sans

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Can someone name that font?



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Hi all,

Based on typecooker dot com method, I am trying to design a font the works with russian according to the following parameters:

width: normal
weight: black
construction: roman
stroke endings: sans serif
ascender: much shorter than x-height
descender: much shorter than x-height
contrast type: broad nib
contrast amount: a lot of contrast
stems: straight
intended application: multi-purpose
intended size: use very small

As I am not a user of the cyrillic alphabet, I would like if anyone who knows it could clarify 2 doubts:

A) The word "Булак" is clear?

B) For the entire font to serve its purpose correctly in Russian, do I have to design the 60 glyps that form the Basic Russian alphabet only? Are there any other glyps I will have to design?

All your news comments and corrections will be very helpful. Thanks for your help!

Carlos Fabián Camargo G.



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I need some help. Does anyone know what font this is?

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I know this is an ugly one, but I have to create a vector version and I'm not sure what this font is. It might be one of those Windows exclusive dealios. Thanks for your help.

Hi all,

here's a font I found while browsing Spotify. It's a very simple font, but what I like about it is that it's tall, but not too tall.
I'm looking for any font similar to this because I wanna use it in one of my projects, and I would prefer it to be free.

Thanks in advance!


Alternate Gothic

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This is the first typeface i have ever designed. I currently attend SCAD and took Intro to Typeface Design which is a 10 week course. I went the experimental route and really wanted to create something new. Its nowhere near refined but my teacher told me to upload it to this to see what kind of feedback i get :) let me know!

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I have been designing a book jacket for a book on Meditation. So I opted for what I thought would be a clean crisp san-serif font with good legibility. We weren't looking for anything that would be too unique/new so I opted for one of my favorite classic typefaces.
That being Futura (bold set in lowercase).

The author came back with the following description:
The font is brutal and rather ugly.

If there is one description of a font which didn't seem to tally with my own personnel opinion it this is it.
He wants something crisp and modern but softer!
It remains to be seen if what he means is something like Vag rounded.....

Anyway so let's have it. Who out there can't stand Futura either?
And what is a much better sans serif.

Love to hear peoples views....

this is a sequel of baustelle, a typeface i started some time ago.

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Can anyone please ID any of the main fonts used in these examples (SACKWEAR, USA, GREATLAND)?

These are obviously transformed to fit the shape, just looking for what font options exist to use as a starting point.





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Want ot identify the two typefaces; (A) Williams' Soap and (B) Barbers Favorite.

(B) Similar to Gothic Condensed No. 521, but I don't think it's the one.

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I need help to identify this font

It's very similar to Report School font.
The letter S is specific, I believe.



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