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Hi guys, I need some help here to solve this mysterious font.


Petita Medium

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Mottek - modified

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George Thomas

Hi all,

I collected my courage (as we say that in Holland) and I posted my font here.
It's my first some kind of Sans-Serif-Display-OpenType font, based on circles and rectangulars and other shapes. Most drawn with FontCreator (my previous font maker program).
Here's an (older) image, which I made with Illustrator at school:

I've made a little test specimen, which I added in my attachment. Not all glyphs are listed, but it contains Latin, wide range of accented letters, Greek, Cyrillic, Small Caps and more.
I think I need to get InDesign somewhere and learn how to use, because PowerPoint (2007) can't access my OpenType glyphs and alternates, etc.

Please note:
- I'm 15 years old, so big way to go and enhance.
- Never had any lessons on type designing.
- My first "meeting" with FontLab Studio.
- My first OpenType project.

Thanks for your replies!

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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Here is the beginnings of a sans family designed for the possibility of use with my recent serif project. In many ways it is unrelated though. It isn't just a version with the serifs ripped off. The x-height is the same, cap height the same, asscenders shorter, decenders slightly shorter. The forms are a complete redraw.

The thing I especially like about this sans as a stand alone project is the black weight. It developes a playful brushy quality that is evident, but only hinted at in the regular weight. It is that quality I'm hoping will differentiate this offering. Some of the black glyphs were inspired by a collaborative project between Kyle Johnston and I that is now growing cobwebs.

I am not even through the lower case yet, so there is a long road ahead. Before embarking, I wanted to get your impressions.


Hi guys,

I'm looking for a simple, honest and approachable san serif for use in body text. My idea is to have a journal feel but without being too themey. Something with the characteristics above that come together looking elegant. I loved the feeling of Frutiger on my page ( one of my faves) and although quite neutral it's the complete opposite of what I want, its cold and distant and not really in line with the honest feel i'd like to convey.

I like Myriad Pro but wanted to see if there are others you can recommend, perhaps something I am simply not finding. Any recommendations would be appreciated.



PT Sans Pro

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Used this but outlined the font (bad rookie mistake) and now I can't remember which font this was. Thought it may have been a Google font, however I am unable to locate it.
Any assistance is appreciated!


Aller Display by Dalton Maag

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Can someone name that font?

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Hello Tyophiles.

I have tried (and failed) to identify the two sans serifs on this Bluenote cover

the typeface used for the artists names seems similar to Trade or Franklin gothic – but the "G" is clearly different

I can't find any match for the the fat bold type..

Many thanks!


monotype grotesque / Knockout

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This logo was created by an intern who then did as all interns do...left without providing native files to us! Any ideas are really helpful in identifying it so that we can add some content and maintain our brand. Thanks for any help! See text here:

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Hi fellow Type nerds.

I've been working on these 2 weights of a new family called 'Avocet'.

As I've been slaving away in my artist's garret with no feedback, I was just wondering if I'm heading in the right direction. I think the ligated characters could look pretty good if used sparingly. I find that I get slightly irritated if I'm reading long text passages with lots of these. Does anybody feel the same?

The caps are a bit quirky, but I think they look unified nonetheless.

Any (positive) comments gratefully appreciated.


Nick Cooke | G-Type

Hi all. As I mentioned in a post in the General Discussions section, I've designed an upper case typeface as the first project of Kris Sowersby's pilot Typeface Design paper at Massey University. This was a 5 week project so it's not perfect, and we were required to only design glyphs A though Z and concern ourselves only with metrics to space the letters between HHxHHOOxOO, no kerning (big can of worms apparently!).

The second project is to design a lower case typeface, either based on our upper case or something entirely different. I want to base mine on my upper case, and am keen for some ideas from you guys on where I could go with it, example typefaces and the like. Any feedback on my upper case would be great too – I'm all for making more improvements.

For context: I really love Futura, but lately I have been getting used to softer typefaces with a similar feel like Myriad and even Avenir. So, with this project my aim was to create a 'softer Futura' in a way. I decided to create a heavy/bold weight with tight spacing to be used for headlines/display.

Thanks in advance!

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Does anyone know what font is used in Wai Wai?
Thank you!

Does anyone know what this font is?

(Please ignore the blurriness of the "T" -- I had enlarged it for the sample so there would be some representation of it included).

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Plaza Bold, modified (probably)

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Lex Kominek

I've been having fun working on this sans. Any thoughts on how I could fix the Y and y? Notice any other problems? Sorry, no punctuation or numerals.



Open Sans

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Please help!



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I don't know if this is all the same font. The rounded apostrophe is interesting.

Thank you!

Hello, I was trying my skills in type design, and started working on a font, but when i tried to submit it here to receive some advise, I saw about 35 very very similar fonts designed by others.

Is this the case ? I mean is every beginner designing the same font :) ?

Somebody made this logo a couple of years ago. Nobody has the raw file and I can't find anybody who can ID the font. Your help please.

It's been nearly a week since i started working with this typeface. I have made a couple of revisions and trying to rectify some problems and inconsistency. I would really like to hear any inputs and criticsm as to how can I improve it.

By the way, I am quite new to this kind of stuff so please take it easy on me. =)

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Hi folks! Any clue what the font was used?

Does anybody know which typefaces these are?

Both the one used for the title and author's name and the one for the logo at the bottom?

I spent about 3 hours trying to find this font, but failed. I need help. Thanks in advance.



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