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Hi! I've just finished my typeface Arrival, designed for signs. It has three variants: Normal, Normal Italic and Extrabold. It was the practical project for my MA Typeface Design course at Reading. Main features of this typeface:

_ Large x-height
_ Calligraphic flow
_ Subtle stroke modulation
_ Flaring on stems for clarity of reading from a distance
_ Flowing, legible hybrid italic

Download the pdf of my specimen booklet if you want to know more about it:

Here are the images:

application/x-shockwave-flashArrival Normal
arrnorm.swf (27 k)

<img src="" align="LEFT" alt="application/x-shockwave-flash">Arrival Normal Italic
<a href="
ita.swf">arrita.swf (28 k)

<img src="" align="LEFT" alt="application/x-shockwave-flash">Arrival Extrabold
<a href="
xbold.swf">arr_xbold.swf (27 k)

My web site's here:

Looking forward to your comments. I'm just trying to test the waters on this board... Be honest with your comments, O.K.?

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I'm trying to find the font(s) used in this logo or something similar.

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Any help would be appreciated.



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Thanks in advance!


FF Bau

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V's and R's stand out especially.



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Frode Bo Helland


I’m working on a sans serif typeface and like to know where to position the ogonek in iogonek and Iogonek.
Did I do it right?



Maven Pro

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Need ID this font please



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could be custom, dutch ads for Nationale toneel. identity designed by Van Lennep



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These are the letters that go along with the numbers in my "check out my numbers thread."

Any feedback about width, consistency, etc. would be greatly appreciated.



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im after the name of the font in under the logo, also bonus points for what the logo font is

This is probably an obvious one, but it hasn't crossed my path before. Anyone know what the font is or name any that are similar?
Thank you in advance.

Hi All,

Like many first-time posters, I'm not entirely new to the site, having lurked in the shadows for a while.

I won't give you a full biography now, but will tell you that I've developed an unhealthy interest in type design since being forced to reinvent myself due to illness. My background is technology sales, not design, so my efforts have tended towards the simple. Which is why I find myself in need of some opinions about my latest font.

Let me try to set the scene.

Imagine walking a well-known street. Every so often, you check out an unknown side street , but you don't walk too far down it, because your instincts are to stick with what you are familiar with. However, on one occasion, you find yourself in one of these side streets by accident and walk a bit further down it. You're not comfortable - you keep turning, about to retrace your steps, but an inner voice tells you to keep exploring this strange street.

You get to a point where you have to make a decision: return or keep going? This is where I am with this design.

I was editing the internal contour of an 'O' in a geometric sans I'd been drawing when I accidentally changed a smooth node to a corner node. There was something about this 'pinched' contour I liked, even though I didn't (and still don't) understand why, and I ended up creating a set of lower case glyphs based on this idea. I've created a TTF file and you can see the output in the linked PDF below.

I'm incredibly conflicted about what I have and have held back on designing the upper case glyphs until I can resolve the way I feel about it. Sometimes I look at individual letterforms and hate them; sometimes, I look at the same letterforms and love their quirkiness. The only time I consistently like what I have so far is when I see a segment of body text at around 36pt and it's for this reason I'm asking for the community's view.

Does this design have promise (and, if so, any thoughts about refining the characters I have) or, should I turn back to my well-known street?

Thanks in advance, Steve

Hi guys - my guess is that this is a free comic font - the m & e look so familar but I can't figure it out.
Big thanks.

Hi All, this font wanna be a part of my degree work. Please help me, I need a critic, as for me I already can't see the bugs, or mistakes or etc. of the font, to tell the true I fed up with this a bit. + now 5.48 am and I've to write in english. sorry but im tired, and going to sleep. thanks your comment.

<!--attachment: Paprica-33668.swfattachment_icon.gifapplication/x-shockwave-flash9.0 *Paprica%2eswf --><!--attachment: Paprica-33668.swfattachment_icon.gifapplication/x-shockwave-flash9.0* Paprica%2eswf -->

Paprica.swf (9.0 k)


Rotis, the village is about 15 miles away from where I live and was born. I never got to know Otl Aicher. He died before I heard of his work. The typeface Rotis was later always part of my typografic life, because I discussed it a lot. To be honest for a long time I hated it. But what I hated much more was the theory Otl Aicher built arround it.
I am still getting angry now, when I see so many designers and architects following him without much critique.
Still there is something about it that interestes me.
A few years ago I started to draw a new interpretation of the Rotis idea, because there was a potential client that wanted a headline face in this direction. It never happened, but I went on with it.
I started it from zero, never used any outline of the Rotis fonts.
The first thing you can see is, that it is not condensed. That never really worked in Rotis.

At the end there are not many elements left that remind on Rotis, accept the often discussed e and c. The stroke is oldstyle while the rest of the forms are neoclassically upright. I kept it in my first version.
Because it follow two different concepts in the stroke I made two alternate versions. One with an angled axis, called the oldstyle stroke version and one with an upright axis called the neoclassical stroke version.

I want to ask you a two questions:
1. Do you think it has got enought character to live a life next to Rotis?
2. Would you do extra fonts, or Open Type styles for the alternate versions?

I have never based my fonts as near to an existing design as in this case. So I am quite eager to hear what you think.


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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for this font, used by Karssonwilker, Inc. on John Hollenbeck's Claudia Quintet's most recent albums.
The capital Q is very distinctive, as you can see here :

I've been looking around quite a while but found nothing that matches

Also apparently the numerals used in the tracklist are a monospace variation, as the "1" on the following image appears to miss the slant

Thanks a lot folks!


Replica LL

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I'm in need of help in identifying the attached image of a, somewhat, techy font. I have tried What the Font but it doesn't give me anything close to it. Thank you for your help.



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I am desperate to know what this font is, but I only have one letter!

Can anyone identify this font from a magazine article.
Thanks in advance!

This seems to be a popular face but I can not seem to put my finger on it. Anyone?



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I am working on my senior thesis project, a typeface that will interpret qualities of voice. What you see here represents a sketch for the