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Hello everyone. Does anyone know what font is this?

More characters can be found here:



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Froggy--Inspired by a Typophile Battle Week involving ligature madness with Cooper Black. Froggy was my double “g” ligature carried on to something else, a semi-serif. It is pretty early in the development but I am trying to get it ready for the Type Battle display at TypeCon by July 5th or Tiffany will see to it that I get worts :-)

Please let me know what you think.

Here is round 2
Here is round 3
Here is round 4
Here is round 5
Here is round 6
Here is round 7
Here is round 8
Here is round 9
Here is round 10
Here is round 11
Here is round 12
Here is round 13
Here is round 14
Here is round 15
Here is round 16
Here is round 17
Here is round 18
Here is round 19
Here is round 20
Here is round 21 below with Icelandic text and a new eth.

Chris Lozos

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Century Old Style (compressed)

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Hello All,

First time posting a design on Typophile. The following design is based on photographs taken while visiting the dominican republic (see photo below for source):

Let me know what you think!

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I know the type style in "SugarBritches" is "Girls are Weird" but does anyone know what the words "beachwear" and "gifts" is set in. Or can you suggest something similar to it. Looks like a condensed font.


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Am I correct in thinking these are Times New Roman and Baskerville?
Although that Times looks more contrasty to me than usual, and Baskerville might be using acute accent instead of its usual 9-shaped apostrophe.


Baskerville Old Face, Times New Roman

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Thanks in advance

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Hello there, almost two years ago I entered typography field, and a still consider new in this.

I'm working on a typeface looking for a Avenir or Neutraface serif with transitional roman features. This exploration started when I'm trying to find a serif equivalent of Futura or Avenir without any success. When I started to design I altered the course of the original idea making half-rounded endings, and in each new re-design and corrections this typeface was getting more ornamented. I think to make it a text typography.

I included a PDF with a sample text. Although I worked with some uppercase letters, this typeface's version doesn't include any one, I'll work on it after I make corrections on lowercase letters.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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this is new or fixed:

the bowl of a is a bit bigger.
the curves in h, m, n are more flat now.
i changed the diagonal strokes of K, k, R so they match Q in both roman and italic style. i like this new sharp feeling more, but maybe it needs some more optical fixes.
the italic style is more wild than i planned, so it is not possible for me to see all optical problems.

i would really appreciate your help. thank you.

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I'm looking for a font very similar to this MINUS the 3d effect.

Any suggestions? TIA


PT Barnum, Alexandre

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Kindly advice the font face.



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Dear forum-Members,

------------------- edit July 2010 ------------------

Dear members of this forum – Tierra Nueva is finally out, released in July 2010. You can find more information here, and the final specimen here.

Purchase is available via and

As this project was started here on, I will leave the text below, from 2005 till now in a as-is state for documentation.


in my leisure-time I am working on a font inspired by an spanish map of america made in the year 1561. The Map has hundreds of letters and a lot of illustration (sea-monsters, native americans, etc.) on it, I think it's made by copperplace engraving (or at least by another form of engraving).

There is enough material to make a roman, italic and capital display font with a lot of ligatures, flourishes etc. of it. At the moment, i am experimenting on the roman and have started selecting glyphs for the italic version.

I guess i have worked too long without feedback (as you can see, i have created many ligatures and diacritics already), so it's over time already to show it somebody...

My method is to select some glyphs from the map (they vary, there is no "typical A"), do a 1:1-redraw, adjust and modify it trying to keep the original impression (with some exceptions). I also added some of the letters that are not availiable on the map, as it is in spanish and latin (missing U, missing Z,z, etc.). The original figures are all lowercase, the uppercase ones are derived from them.

There are certainly some problems with some glyphs at the moment (for example C, S, Z, K, W k, s, w, 2, 8, too wide f-ligatures and/or too narrow longs-ligatures, i am sure you'll find more of them).

I would be thankful if you could take a look at it, comparing it with the original letters, and telling me what you would do different, I just need some feedback before I can go further with it...

Last thing: I am planning to call it "Terra Nova". Objection? Suggestions?

Thanks a lot for your help

ps.: if I am already posting: are there any guides, tutorials, FAQs, frequently made errors, etc. how to start working on a font concerning the technical matters (opentype, ligatures, encoding, etc.)? I am trying to lern a lot about it at the moment, but it's just collecting and combining pieces of information and do trial and error...

Dear Typophiles,

Here is the first version of the lowercase alphabet of my first typeface*, Ernestine**. Backstory is here.

* I have made a little family of bitmap fonts before, but I'm not counting this here because Curves Are Hard.
** See below.

The intended use for this is twofold, my main focus being small text (thanks to Hrant, as well as Hans Jörg Hunziker in class, for bringing this idea to mind); the other, possibly, display: The plan is to first finish this "base" cut shown above, and then deduce two additional optical sizes from it, which will likely be of more practical use than the base itself. First, an optically corrected small size cut with more weight & looser spacing; intended point size is 3 to 8*. And second, if time permits, a display cut with less weight & more detail.

* Some quick experiments with ink traps, opened counters, and the like revealed that this can be surprisingly legible at 3pt, and rather comfortable at 4.

I'd be very grateful for crits, and any opinions really. I've been *very* immersed in this over the past couple of weeks or so, so I presume I don't really see most of the issues myself. (I must say a monoline typeface really seems to be quite a beast to try to tackle, too.) Spacing btw is still quite preliminary.

** Oh, and the name. Ernestine is the working title that I kind of got stuck on. I think it matches the feel of this rather nicely, but the word looks uh, suboptimal (very long, and somewhat boring) when set in the typeface, so I'm open for different naming ideas that would also look good. :-)

So, I'm throwing her out there. Please don't hold back, and don't be gentle for the sake of it: I'm trying to learn, and I'm wanting to actually make this usable.


This is The-typeface-potentially-known-as-Omnium.

It is a text typeface with a rotated humanist axis, designed with a large x-height with the aim of strong horizontal emphasis and even colour. A sanserif sibling is also under development. It is my first typeface.

I’d love to hear your impressions, suggestions, criticism.

I became acquainted with Fontlab for the first time last week so my spacing leaves a little to be desired. Let me know if you’d like to see samples in any other format.



Dear colleagues,

Some uppercases and corrected lowercases.
Critics are welcome.

Eduardo Tunni

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Arno Pro

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Source: Clarins Men Baume Super Hydratant

I cannot find this font anywhere.


ITC Tiffany

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wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!


Olympian Bold

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Romance Fatal Serif

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Commercial Type/PortraitCondHeavy

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