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I am starting a new project and I was thinking of using Goudy Old Style as my main title font. I have a few pairings in mind to go along with it but, I want to see what other people think would be a good look as well. Any feedback would be lovely.

Hello all,

I'm new here and I'm also new to type design. Having said that, I've been drawing type since I was a child and eventually grew up a little and became a graphic designer along the way. My hobby is now taking a serious turn as it's about time I tried to share and even sell my typeface designs. My first attempt was a hand drawn, all caps, neoclassical serif face that I named 'Carrig'. Carrig being the Irish word for 'rock' (I'm based in Ireland) and the typeface itself was strongly influenced by classic letterforms carved into stone and weathered by time.

So, now I am developing Carrig into a full family and here, with the Roman weight, I have drawn a full set of lowercase characters to suit the style of their uppercase parents.

Before I release this to the world, I would absolutely love some considered criticism (or praise!) so that I may improve it. As I am a novice, I am a little bit wary of making "schoolboy errors" and any advice anyone here can give will be greatly appreciated. And... as this is my first post, I promise to become involved with the community – if you'll have me :)

You can look at further examples on my website – Carrig Roman

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I was wondering what the font used for The Dark Knight CC is.

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I'm interested to know the name of the principal font (not the old ad in the bottom left). Thanks.

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I am new to this forum and to type design in general. Below my first design for which I would like to get your honest critique!

I started the font under construction via pencil / marker sketches of some of the important small faces, following the general guidelines in the book 'Designing Type' (which I think is an absulote must for every beginner).

I want the font to be applicable as a book type with good readability but 'with some tension and movement' here and there. I started with the 'a' and instead of having a rounded hook, I settled for a 'curve under tension' (i.e. a high curvature at the upper right shoulder. This was then used as the underlying theme in other faces as well (very noticeable in the 'e', 'c' etc.

I would appreciate some feedback so that I can roll in some changes during further development.

Thanks a lot!,


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These were "Japanese letters", try to add these.

The properties dialog.

The katakana letter u, imported.

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What this font ? Sorry for the mistakes I'm French :)

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Please check out this font, i tried on whatthefont but no results. thanks in advance.


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Can anyone identity the font used for "BAKERY" and "RESTAURANT" in this sign? If not a font/typeface, would you please recommend something similar?

It would also be great to know what script (or a similar one) is used for Ahrens. Thanks very much.

I'm looking for what would basically be Hellenic Bold. A version of the font that is not quite so wide.

Dispatch extended is a bit more narrow, and closer to what I am looking for, but not quite there yet.

Any thoughts? I'm thinking it may be easiest to just modify Dispatch.

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for the name of this font (a kind of classic mono serif). It comes from a little french book without any credits…

Thanks by advance.

Greetings from Paris,


Delegate (from IBM Selectric typewriter)

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I'm totally new at this, but my guess is some kind of Garamond. I don't mind being wrong! :) Please be as specific as possible.

Also, if the K requires a specific variation for that tail, please advise.

Hi, I have searched the web for this font with no luck, any help would be much appreciated.



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It looks open, light, pretty crisp, and modern, but has this "baroque" leg at the "R".
Sorry for the scan, nothing better available at the moment.

Thanks for your help!

Totally stumped as to what font this is, have looked for days online with no luck, any help would be appreciated, cheers

This is possibly the nicest typeface I've ever seen…could one of you kind people identify it for me please? I need it in my life.



Calson Graphique

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hi everyone,

i'm new to the site. i'm a graphic design student about to graduate. i have always loved typography and as one of my projects for portfolio class, i'm doing something i have wanted to do for awhile - create a new font.

here's the deal: i'm doing a tribute to bodoni. it's a bracketed semi-serif. (this is my favorite serif typeface) i started out with drawings and have moved to digital. so far, i've only digitized the lowercase. i am very new to this, so i'm looking for any feedback you guys can offer. however, i'm looking for answers not only regarding the typeface itself, but also on issues like: what it should be named?, has anyone already done a tribute like this one?, and anything else that i may need to know in dealing with a tribute.

so that's it, i'm looking forward to the feedback.

thanks! tribute typeface


I have trouble finding the name of the typefaces in the picture attatched.
Picture is taken from a Dutch newspaper (Bruges).

Thanks in advance,



Stencil Std

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Les ONeill

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I need this font or something as similar as possible as a starting point to recreate this logo in AI. Looks like a classic font but I can't seem to find it using any of the online font identity tools. Thanks in advance!



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I desperately need to find out which font is used in this logo, since I couldn't find and contact original designer who did this. I would appreciate your help.

Many thanks!

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I love this font, but can't identify it through any searches I've been able to think of...any help would be greatly appreciated. Attributed to Christina Berglund of Studio MPLS.

First aproach for text.

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What do you think about changes?

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