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A serif typeface meant for setting long passages of text in. Been working for several weeks on this—I currently have sixteen of the lowercase letters drawn
Please let me know what you think!


I am interested in ID-ing the typeface (or, better, its modern font equivalent) for both the bold caps sans-serif and the body text sans-serif used in this cool 1967 boyscout "Camp Tenderfoot Scoreboard." Thank you!

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I thought this was Trajan, but it is not.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

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freenode's logo

... uses a font I haven't been able to exactly match. Pradell is close, but has a double-footed right leg on its n, the cross on its f isn't beveled, and the proportions on the e are off. Garvis, Georgia, and Gauthier also seem close-but-not-quite. Anyone know what it is?
[edit: attach copy of image]

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What's the name of this font?



This unbracketed slab serif font reminded me of old gambling signage, hence the name.

This will probably be the bold weight, as it is a bit heavy for normal text. I hope to produce a book weight and black weight sometime as well.

Comments and critique welcome.

David Thometz


Modified Adobe Jenson Pro (Light Italic)

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Looking for something to represent the typeface used to annotate images in Gray's Anatomy drawings. Thought it might be Garamond but the 'g' is wrong. It ws published in 1858. Not a big choice of typefaces then. Maybe someone knows and will tell me while I search!

Hello everyone.
Can you recognize this slab font?
Thank you in advance ;)


Achille FY

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I need to add a word to this logo, but I only have the outlined file.
Does anyone know what font this is , or was based on? I searched thru serif fonts with swashes, but no luck...
Thank you!

This is the current version available in Google Web Fonts, and Myfonts. You can also see it in my Behance

The idea is that you can provide feedback so I can make it better. This year (after I finish another typeface) I'll continue to develop it... creating ext. Latin-1, more OTF, other weights and an interesting black-letter variant that matches.

And here is the PDF so you can zoom in all you want :)

Thanks in advanced.

The type used in the title "The Book Remains the Same" – these are the largest images I could find. Thanks for any help.


Fortescue Semibold

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A fresh, clean Slab that plays in the space between the Typewriter and the Storybook. I'm shooting for something highly sophisticated, and I'm very detailed in my approach; so please give me as in-depth a critique as you are able.

{PDF version}

I don't mean to nag, but I know there are a lot of really talented fontographers here. And I know that they occasionally apply their expertise toward constructive advice... And I've tried to be a part of this community, writing several lengthy critiques of others' work. So, what I'm asking is: I can has critique now please?

Im using an app called TYPIC, i really love this "T" Font. Please help, Thank you.


Marcellus SC

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ok. so it's not much to look at. it's definitely not refined and it's in no way a finished face. BUT, it is sketches. and even though there's only something like 15 characters "done", i've been working on this for the better part of 9 months and motivation dries up quickly. so to stay interested in designing this i'll post some of my initial sketches. not so much for critique (comments are much appreciated, of course) but more to know other people are seeing it as well.

i think my starting point was from looking at Bulmer and reading the chapter on Caledonia in Anatomy of a Typeface. there is just about no relation visually to Bulmer but it was most definitely the face i looked at for inspiration in forms. i hope someday this thing could be a continuous text face. something readable. but this being my first attempt at actually drawing and vectorizing a workable typeface, i'm not exactly sure what elements make something more suited for books, magazines, newspaper etc...

thank you for looking.

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Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I have been working over the last couple of weeks on a font, posted earlier as 'Tensa'.

After implementing lower and uppercase, I started to play around with the lower case to give it a bit more character. Basically I added some 'gravity' by lightly 'flaring' the vertical stems. I didn't update the upper case yet as I am interrested in getting some feedback first.

I gave it the working title 'Primus' as this is my first font. Also I attached two pdf's with some sample text set in Tensa and Primus (text from WikiPedia: Punchcutting).

I really would appreciate any feedback!



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wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!

I am hoping to find out the font used on the nearly complete "TRUMP" sign on Trump Tower, Chicago.

I used this font at some point for an old business logo ... I refreshed my computer a few weeks ago, and I thought I saved the font...

I think it's a Roman Serif font: howver it has decoration to the letters. Hope somone can help. I've tried most of the font finders, but I just can't seem to find it.
I've included an attachemtn so that you can download it if you need to.
Thanks !


Trajan modification

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