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can anyone identify the font used for the Saab Grintek in this logo?

Many thanks,


Please help me identify the R and possibly the othschild in this logo. House-A-Rama League Night from House Industries is very close to the latter and I could probably use it to manipulate but any help on the R would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, I'm a graphic design student and was wondering what the typeface for the Typophile logo is. As well as the typeface in the background of the main page.

Any help is appreciated.

Looking for any help with this font

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Dear Typophiles, I guess this a (easy) job for Jan:

I have seen this font all over the tv and here too

Thanks in advance.


any ideas?

Dear All,

Posted this a little while ago but there were no takers, so try again...

This is the logotype from one of the large department stores here in Japan, Takashimaya (I am always seeing this one as it is my wife's favourite department store here! This one from a bag of rye bread).

I am curious to know whether it is a font or custom lettering?



Hi All,

The Cacharel Logo has probably been created for the Label. But does anyone know a Typeface which comes close to it? We already checked the Bodoni Poster but it feels to heavy and masculine, specially on the endings.


Help needed to identify this font.


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Help with identifying the font type of the attached file thunder, thanks.

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I have to rebuild this logo for school and want to know what font this is, thank you

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Anyone know what this font is? Thanks in advance

What do you think these typefaces are? the sans looks like Meta, not sure about the serif..


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I need to recreate the waynes world top 10 babe list and i am in need of the font for the title and the list names. can yall guide me in the right direction please? thank you.


I'm looking for a typeface similar to Corrosion by House Industries, included in the Flyer Fonts collection. I would definately consider purchasing this font if you didn't have to buy the entire collection for $125. The other fonts are pretty rad as well, but I don't have any use for them at the moment. This is for a personal project (website) and $125 is over my budget.

So pretty much I'm looking for an outlined face that is irregular and maybe even rough... scratchy or carved looking, but not too scribbly or childish looking. Maybe something you might see at Urban Outfitters, but without fake perspective/3-d effect. Commercial or freeware are both fine.


Any idea what the face is on this?

I have no idea where this one is from, or even if there's a font out there that shares similarities to this piece.

I figured the best course of action was to consult the usual experts here :)

Thanks in advance!


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can identify this Rounded Grunge font?

I'd really appreciate it!



I need some help identifying a set of fonts that's been given to me.. I've tried everything, but the only thing I've found is the 2nd one, le mons... Any help on any of them would be greatly appreciated :)

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Hi everyone,

Can anybody help me to find this font ?
It's used in the "Efdemin — Chicago Remixes (2)" EP on Dial Records. Artwork by ITF Grafikdesign

Merci in advance !

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I just started on a project for infosys and need to know which fonts they are using for the logo (which I assume is a commercial font that is modified) and for their body copy.

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I'm trying to find a typeface that looks somewhat like poorly printed News Gothic (or some other early 20th century sans used for text). I don't want a "grunge" font, just some softness/roundness in the edges.

Any suggestions?

Can anyone tell me what this is? Thanks!

Hi, looking for the 4 fonts in use here:

Similar fonts are fine. Thanks.


Hi there, need to identify these couple

"el estudio/the studio"
and "dutch uncles"
might be easy but it looks to me like some similar variation to some contemporary fonts, anyways, thanks in advance


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