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Hi ......
Could someone tell me the name of this font....

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Source: Kellogg’s Toppas Traube packaging (Germany)

I've managed to escape knowing these two typefaces, although they're quite popular. The first is the sans serif Print magazine uses for its body copy. It's a wide typeface, and is rounded when it's bolded. Does anyone know this without me scanning and posting it?

The second (I've attached) has a lowercase l that curves at the baseline and a slightly squared o.

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Thought I might find this on dafont as it doesn't look too polished, but no luck. Any ideas?

Hi friends

please help me Id the font used for

Thanks in advance


Hello all,

Could you please help me identify this beautiful script? Things.jpg

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I thought this seemed like a font that would in the Dover Art Nouveau series, but it wasn't.

Anybody recognize this? It looks hand-drawn, but repeating characters appear to be identical, except for the angle, so I'm thinking it's actually a font.

Hey guys,

Trying to ID the font from Belenkaya logo
Any ideas?

Thanks :)

Dear people,

i’m looking for the typeface used in the credits of the movie "Saint Jack", directed by Peter Bogdanovich.
Does anyone know it or something that comes close in shape?

Thank you very much,

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do you know a contemporary alternative to rotis semi serif (see pic)?
A condensed sans with some retrofuturistic ¿labserifs?


Anyone know this one?

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trying to identify the font designed for us some 8 years ago. Is this a font or a designed image or an altered font? See attached file.

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Can any one identify this font painted on our gym's roof at the University of Arizona as we have lost all record of it. We would very much appreciate it.

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Im sure these are fairly obvious typefaces, but I cant put my finger on them. Sorry about the size of the image. Thanks in advance.

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Anyone knows which font is used in the chivas logotype?

Thanks in advance

One of our art directors is trying to match this type face found on an embossed, letter-pressed invitation for a Mizrahi event. Any guesses or suggestions for a digital font that has the same "feel".

The sample was about 8 point type so the scan is rather rough.


Saw this in a book, I think it was from the late 50s.

I thought it was Augsburger Schrift but it is too square. Of course, some smart monkey might be messing around with the vectors.

Thank you for your help.

Anyone familiar with this one? I've already tried WhatTheFont and Identifont - I presume it's from a smaller foundry.


need help identifying the font on the back of a Marc Jacobs fragrance sample card.

I can't find this font in any way!!! help me please :-)

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i don't remember which font is this one. can anyone help me?

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OK, my first eyeball said Lucida Sans, but there are some differences. Any ideas?