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I would appreciate any help in identifying the font that "QUAKER" is set in on the attached image. It is a recent rebrand -- if the image doesn't show, here is a link to the type in question:

I know there were two logos, one set in Archer... but haven't had any luck identifying this wordmark.


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can you please tell me what font the masthead for gymclassmagazine is?

Thought it was Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed, but the spur of the G is different

Much appreciated

Thanks in advance!


Anyone know what this font is or suggest something similar?

sideshow digital logo font

Many thanks.


Does anyone know what this font is called and if it has been digitised?


Hey typo-geniuses,

Can anyone id this main title?



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Need to find a horseshoe shaped font. Can anybody help. tks.

Hi, this post just concerning the requests to ID the Gucci Logo.

ID was usually dismissed because considered the Logo was considered custom designed, but I just fed the Logo in 'what the font' engine and it neatly outputed this typeface ... I'd say a 95% match of the logo.

can anyone make a suggestion for the fonts appearing on this label?

i don't need the hand written script, buy any ideas as to the other fonts would be much appreciated.



I have looked everywhere for this font and can't seem to locate a match. Please take a look and let me know what you think it is.

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Hi. Does anyone know what this fancy script font is? Thanks!

Is anybody know the name of typeface on attached image?

Thank you very much!!!!

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Hi folks,

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a font similar to this:

I am using the above font for a website and wanted something for print in more weights.


Any ideas please :)

Could someone please help identify the script font here:

Thanks in advance!


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Can I please have help to identity this serif on the cover from these books?
Thanks in advance!

Michel's Patisserie in Australia has launched some new $10 cakes, and I can't ID the sans used to advertise them.

You can see the font on their website here:

and in the attached poster.

Can anyone help?


I really need to know the exact name of this font. I really need it on my work. I've already used Aphrodite. But the customer said it's not the same. I really need your help please. Thank you in advance.

Please help to identify these beautiful scripts. Thanks!

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I'm sure that the creators of the original Batman series did a lot of customization on their art cards for the fight scenes. Any idea on which font they might have used as a starting point for those art cards whenever Batman would fight someone? BIFF, BOOM!!!

Here's an image I found to look at in case you haven't seen the show in 40 years.

Tv Acres


Does any one know what this font is where it says Chicken & Veggie Morsels. Also is that ampersand a part of the same family?