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Came across this guys portfolio... curious about the typeface he's used in the image attached.


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can anybody tell me what fonts they are using on their logo, headlines and body text? are they available for purchase? if no, is there anything similar to those fonts?


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I am going to kill myself if this is dead easy, but I can't figure out what they used for the Top Chef logo. The closest I've found is Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Extra Bold, which is extremely close, but this logo is just a little more squared off.

(had trouble attaching the file, so I just included the image)

Any idea?

Thanx in advance

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Hi folks,

I'm not sure this is the exact right place for this, but I'm trying to track down the typographer of a free script font that's all over the freebie sites.

Font is Monika Italic [link removed by moderator] and the credit goes to "Catrina" (for whom I cannot seem to find any info whatsoever).

I'd like to use this in a commercial piece (all accompanying license info says it's freeware, but the font file is unembeddable which indicates otherwise). Can anyone either point me in the right direction, or perhaps suggest a suitable alternative ('50s-era italic script)? This is a pro bono project, so sadly I need to lean toward free or cheap.

Thanks so much!

Hey guys, I am in need of locating this font, any help is greatly appreciated.


What are this fonts?
Thank you

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Anybody recognize this font?

You would really help me if you do.

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Can anyone ID this - it looks a bit like Avant Garde with modified 'R's... is this a custom job?

Apologies for the awful pic quality - taken on a 1st-gen-iPhone...

Many thanks



I am currently working on the design of a downloadable application for iTunes and was wondering if anyone could tell me what font iTunes is written in? This is the same font used on the mac website? I have tried but it isn't giving me an accurate answer...

Cheers in advance folks :)


Anyone know what this one is? Thanks.


Does anyone know what font this is?
Grateful for any help I can get on this!

Thanks in advance

Looking to match this typeface, as closely as possible. Any ideas?
Thanks for your help!

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I love the cursive Rue La La font as their signature logo. It's feminine and flirty, which works since their target audience women.
I really wonder which font it is.

thank for your help!

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Can anyone tell me what font this is? Thanks!

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Can anyone identify the typeface used on this sign? I know what you are thinking. I know the font sucks, but I am uncontrollably drawn towards its sheer amount of suck. Thanks in advance.

I've got this Garamond sitting in my font collection but I've no idea who made it. It has a regular, italic and bold (I think). Would be nice to put a name to the face.

Garamond monotype perhaps?

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I'm looking to identify the "Glam Rock" typeface.

Thank you.

Thx in advance .

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Hey Everyone,
I was wondering if you know what the font is that is used in fortune magazine's title.
I love the magazine's high end business appeal and am trying to achieve this look in some of my work.
Any help would be awesome.
Also any suggestions of other type that have this mature financial feel would be awesome.

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I am trying to identify all the typefaces used in John Carpenter’s "They Live" from 1988.

Most of them is Futura, but I am struggling with one particular shot: The money which says "This is your god" …
The G doesn’t match any Futura I can find.

I am pretty sure, it has to be some version of Futura, since most of the other typefaces are as well (I also found Franklin Gothic, a wodden letterpress typeface and a lot of hand-drawn versions of Futura and Century Gothic).

Does anybody has any idea what version this might be?

Thank you very much for your help, any suggestions is highly appreciated!

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Hello guys, could you please help me identify these two sans fonts? First in "MARKET" and then in "Pila Lidecko".

These are parts of a logotype for a local groceries in Southern Moravia for which an unknown designer used these two fonts to easily define their basic CID elements.

I am supposed to work with it further but am unable to define these fonts using both my knowledge and known online sources (what-the-font etc.).

Thank you very much for you time and effort. Greatly appreciated in advance :-)

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does anyone know a typeface close to 'NEXICAN PHAMACY'?

Thanks, St

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Hello, anyone know this or something similar (or even a shadowed 3Dish typeface)

Very Display.


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I am looking for the name of the font on the opening credits of the TV program "Medium", broadcast in the US. I've tried to get a sample, but for some reason I can not create a registered account on CBS web site. Other attempts to get a sample, are from countries other then the US and the font a different. The font in question appears to be Celtic, with dropped caps. Can anyone help??


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