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Which fonts are used for the Dutch Donald Duck comics?

Thanks in advance! :)

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

Hey Guys,
Any idea on what typeface this is? It's coming up as BrownBold with the WhatFont App, but think thats incorrect as its clearly more geometric. (The jpeg is a screenshot of its use on the Barney's NYC site)

Any help is appreciated!

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Does anyone know the type used on the national geographic logo, I've already searched but I did not found anything.

Thank you

Can anyone help me identify this font?

<!--attachment: besidestillwater-4216.unkattachment_icon.gifimage/tiff157.5type+samplebesidestillwater%2etif --><!--attachment: besidestillwater-4216.unkattachment_icon.gifimage/tiff157.5type+samplebesidestillwater%2etif -->

image/tifftype sample
besidestillwater.tif (157.5 k)


Many thanks…

Does anyone know what the gulfstream logo font is?

Can anyone ID the Condensed Sans in this lovely piece from William Staehle?

Really appreciate your help!

Thanks, folks.

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Need help identifying fonts from this sticker, please! :)

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Trying to figure out what this is. It's killing me. Any suggestions?

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This is probably an easy one, and I should know it, but at the moment I just can't identify this sans. Any help is much appreciated!

pharmaceutical box

please look at the picture, can anyone tell me the name of this font?

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Hi! I need to redesign this label and lost the used font. Can someone help me to find out both fonts?

haha how's about this my typophile amigos?

extra points for identifiying the singer

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Hi, typophiles,

Does anyone know what typeface it is in this pic? TIA


James Zhou

Hi, would really appreciate an ID on this please. Work by the fantastic but now defunct Studio 8. Appreciate it has likely been customised somewhat but just looking for the base typeface.

Many thanks in advance!

I know I've seen this font before. Any help would be appreciated!

Can anyone ID this? It's a lot like Lonsdale, but some subtle differences.

Thanks in advance.

It's probably custom but I would like some suggestions or similars with same kind of flow, style and flourish ornaments.

Root: Massive

I need exatly the same, but can't finde it :(

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Sample from Ceci New York:

Trying to identify the fancy 'M' in the middle. It looks a lot like Surrey, except that the actual letter doesn't look the same. I've browsed through the family on myfonts and can't find the style pictured, and I've seen work using the same font on another designer's site so I'm convinced it's a typeface. Perhaps there's another style of this one that I'm missing? I've googled and haven't found anything.

Thanks for any help :)

Can someone tell me where I can buy or download the very stylish Old English looking font that the Chicano graffiti artists and tattoo artists use? I noticed a lot of clothing companies and designers are using this style of lettering and I was wondering if anyone has created a font of it. I already have a ton of Blackletter, Old English, and Gothic type lettering. Anyone know where I could buy or download this style of lettering? I attached some examples of what I am looking for. Thanks.

Please id this font.

Hi everyone!

Technicolor just rebranded...anyone know of the font they used in their new logo?