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I desperately seeking the name of this typeface.
Could someone help me? Moreover can be found free on the internet?
Thanks in advance !

I'm looking for the typeface and weight style of the upper caselettering, thank-you so much

I've ever wanted to know this...

Can someone tell me the fonts used to created this logo. (I know the signature is not a font, and that the Guinness name has been manipulated, I'd be happy with as close as possible matches.) Please Identify the other 3 fonts excluding Copperplate (Draught). Much appreciation!
edit: added link to .eps, click image

Hi, kind of a type ID request. I'm looking for typefaces that are similar in vein to the "Chocolat" script part of Hotel Chocolat, but aren't obviously the same. It would be very much appreciated if anybody could steer me in the direction of some "nice" cursive /script typefaces.


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Anybody familiar with this beautiful bold serif font?

Many thanks in advance,

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This is used in their promotional material... interestingly, it is very similar in style to their logotype... which is an odd choice I would have thought...

Anyway, here's the type...

At first I thought Klavika, but it's clearly not that!


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Looks like it could be another font out there, but I don't have access to the distinctive O & U.
(apologies if this comes up twice - but I don't think my first post came up)

Many thanks!

The blue font is awesome and I need to know what it is.


hi i saw once time a "m" like in the attachaments

any idea?

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he HAS to have a font with an "S" that looks like the image i'm posting up. any help, i'n not about to spent hours making a type face that i'm not even sure he'll like. and it's for a label the gose on a box for shipping purposes, uuhhgg! any help would be great. just something in that direction. text description

If anyone can identify this font, I would greatly appreciate it.
I have found so many which are similar , but just can't lock onto the exact match.


Sorry about the poor quality image, it is the largest that I could find.
It comes from Labor arts and culture magazine

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Does Someone Know?


Can somebody help with figuring out this inline.


can anyone help me identify this font?

Would love to figure out the font used for the couple's names, or both if possible. Thanks for any help!

any thoughts? I've got nothing. It's definitely unrefined. I doubt anyone went to the trouble of designing a typeface for this movie however.

The lowercase l and c would give it away.

It's Soolidium!

Reminds me of Blender and Gridnik but no cigar.

any ideas??


I've used OPTI Lariat Script in a layout, and apparently, the font is corrupt. I cannot find it anywhere to purchase it. Does anyone know if this font has been created under a different name, or know a source from which to purchase it? (I have written Castcraft, the foundry but have heard nothing yet.)

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Been trying to figure out what this typeface is:

My suspicion is that it's a custom cut (Caslon and Bodoni combination).

The following letters are clearly Bodoni: e,g,

Combined glyphs: b,t,i, p


Can someone telle me what front is it (the numbers in this picture) ?

I'm trying to figure out what typeface is used for this logo. It's similar to Digital, but the S and M are obviously different.

Your help is appreciated. Thanks!

I was hoping you could help me to identify the font used for the "Legends" as well as the "Restaurant & Bar" I think they are different, but I might be mistaken. Sorry the picture is at a bit of an angle.

I realize that my knowledge is not state ofe the art ... Can anyone tell me please the name of the font, used for the title?
Monday evening i visited a lecture of the japanese designer Kenya Hara, and afterwords i bought his book, with the titel: Designing Design. By the way, it is written in english and it's worth to read. It's the first publication of his work in english language. At it's much more cheaper than here in Europe.