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I have a bizarre client who wants a new type family to use across all communications. She likes futura but doesn't want to use it, she wants something like futura. She's a strange lady.

Can anyone recommend a family with range of weights, all with italics and condensed & bold condensed for display? It's a big client so budget isn't a problem.

I like Super Grotesk but no italics unfortunately!

Love to hear some ideas.

I have been designing a book jacket for a book on Meditation. So I opted for what I thought would be a clean crisp san-serif font with good legibility. We weren't looking for anything that would be too unique/new so I opted for one of my favorite classic typefaces.
That being Futura (bold set in lowercase).

The author came back with the following description:
The font is brutal and rather ugly.

If there is one description of a font which didn't seem to tally with my own personnel opinion it this is it.
He wants something crisp and modern but softer!
It remains to be seen if what he means is something like Vag rounded.....

Anyway so let's have it. Who out there can't stand Futura either?
And what is a much better sans serif.

Love to hear peoples views....


for developing my first typeface I wanted to create a geometric typeface that posesses the advantages of such fonts but is more ‘robust', especially in the caps, than for example Futura.


Currently I am working on spacing my first complete draft. I don't want to presume full capability for continous text with this font-style, but a test to see if the glyphs relate nicely to each other was more of a pleasant surprise than I thought:

Continous Text


I know that especially the upper-case S, K, W and Y and lower-case s and y are still very shaky. I would really appreciate overall and specific critique.


P.S.: I will be working on a Book-style too.

I'm currently studying Futura font.
There's a question my teacher gave me,
Why is Futura created?

I can't seems to find the answer :(
And also, what do you think of Futura? What feels it gives you?



I found a post on this forum from 6 years ago, but it has an answer with a broken link.

I need medieval numbers in the futura. How can I achieve that? Manually is fine too, the text is quite short.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi. I'm working on a webdesign for dj school.

We are going to use FUTURA PL as the main font for headers, titles and menu. The client doesn't want to use a serif as a complement for body text.

Which sans-serif font do you recommend to use for body text that would look good in combination with FUTURA PL?

I'm trying to avoid using Helvetica as the combination.

Here is a draft with FUTURA and Helvetica

Thank you!

Transat Text is a new geometric sans serif type family, and is the more rational sibling to the unabashedly Art Deco " Transat". Transat Text has a slightly taller x-height than its counterpart, as well as more rationalized character widths, shorter descenders and fewer design eccentricities, making it easier to read in text settings. While designed to shine in paragraphs, it also performs admirably in larger display settings.

Transat Text includes many OpenType features, such as ligatures, small capitals, case sensitive forms, stylistic alternates, arbitrary fractions, and a full complement of proportional, tabular, and oldstyle figures. With nearly 700 glyphs, it provides support for most European languages. The Transat Text family includes 5 weights plus optically-corrected obliques.

Transat Text is currently available at MyFonts, YouWorkForThem, and Creative Market. For a limited time, you can get the full family of 10 fonts for just $30.

Anyone know what this super-compressed sans is? Similar to Gill Display Compressed or as if someone had squeezed Futura Condensed...!
thanks as ever for your expertise and help!


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I'm sure that it is not LL Brown or Super Grotesk
Can anyone tell me what font this is?

Trying to ID this for a client. It looks really similar to Futura Round. Would really appreciate it if someone could shed some light on it, Thanks!

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Good evening fellow typophiles,

My name is Paul Cooley, I am third year student of Graphic Design at OTIS College of Art and Design. I have recently delved into the world of type design and am absolutely in love. The typeface below is an attempt to combine the languages of Geometric and humanist sans serif typefaces, especially focusing on attributes of Gill Sans, Futura, Akzidenz Grotesk, and Helvetica. I wanted to treat this as a sort of "dream team" of different attributes that I feel work the best in these examples and try and synthesize them into one cohesive face.

Right now there is only the lowercase characters which I will continue to focus on in the coming weeks and months. There are some proportion and unity issues and some characters (e, g,s,t,x,z) are proving to be challenging. Regardless, this is an exciting learning process that I hope will improve my abilities.

This is after a few months of work and research and is still in the developmental nothing is permanent. In other words feel free to throw out any ideas or criticisms. Also, If their are any faces that you would recommend I look at...please let me know, I interested in casting my net as broad as possible.

A full-size pdf is at the bottom...thanks!

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This beeing my first post:
Hello everybody!

I'm an architecture student and this is the first time I'm really dealing with typography. It's only a very basic draft supposed to show the characteristics of a font I want to create myself, as I can't seem to finde anything comparable that tries this fusion of geometric structure and "contemporary" spurless details.
If you know any existing font with these features, please tell me - there has to be one somewhere.
Anyway, please feel free to tell me, wether you think this is a project I should push further or if it is completely hopeless - architects tend to think they can do everything on their own and end up in a massive mess.

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