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Hello, I am looking for an alternative to Acid by Stephen Baum. I realize it is an incomplete work in progress and I'd really like access to more glyphs.

I really like how this type has a clean, scientific almost medicinal, sterile feel to it. I like how it is very geometric as well. Please if anyone has any alternatives to this typeface it would be awesome if you could share.

Extra credit if you can find me one with a web-font alternate as well.

You can find Acid here:

Thanks for the help!

looking for help with this, probably hand drawn, any ideas much appreciated


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for developing my first typeface I wanted to create a geometric typeface that posesses the advantages of such fonts but is more ‘robust', especially in the caps, than for example Futura.


Currently I am working on spacing my first complete draft. I don't want to presume full capability for continous text with this font-style, but a test to see if the glyphs relate nicely to each other was more of a pleasant surprise than I thought:

Continous Text


I know that especially the upper-case S, K, W and Y and lower-case s and y are still very shaky. I would really appreciate overall and specific critique.


P.S.: I will be working on a Book-style too.

Can anyone help me figure out what this fonts is? I have try all the search engine and font identifiers.

I think I know the top font. I need help with the bottom "QUARTER HORSES". I think its a geometric san serif, but this has lowercase letter as caps. HELP!

Hi. Trying to restore an old coffee Gaggia espresso machine...
I'm trying to get as close to the original font of the "coffee" part as possible.

My machine is too worn on the outside (I can barely see where the big "GAGGIA" was)

Attached is the best photo I could find and a 400% blow up where I tried to make it more identifiable. (corrected perspective and high contrast) identyfont and whathefont where frustrating to use.


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Hello all,

First of all I want a thank to the people in this forum for the support and knowledge given, although this is my first post I've been consulting the site on a regular basis and has been always a great help.

I was trying to create a typeface of my own based on early geometric fonts like Kabel or Futura with a contemporary look to work as a display typeface with alternate glyphs and features for titling, but the project has become a monster itself and I'm getting stuck in the way and I'm a bit desperate for a second opinion.

Open type programming and kerning have become a pain and I am aware of some inconsistency across some glyphs and symbols, curves are far from perfect and the are more problems for sure.. so I feel it may need a close analysis from someone outside to get to the critical points and have a real feel about the project.

I have attached a PDF with the basic chart, alternate caps, small caps and diacritics. Please ask for more if you think you need closer details or anything that could help.

Thanks in advance,

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Hello people,

I've had a growing interest in type design for about a year now, and this is perhaps my 4th attempt at a simple sans face. I just want to force myself to bring a project to completion, and produce a typeface that doesn't look too amateurish, even if it turns out very plain.

I was hoping for some feedback and suggestions about anything which you think stands out as needing some work. I'm still pretty new to this, but looking to learn—so please be kind!

Please note, so far I've only been working on drawing the glyphs, and the metrics are just done automatically in Illustrator just now.

Also, please ignore the 'Pro' tag on the name and the MyFonts promo look; I was just playing around :)

Transat Text is a new geometric sans serif type family, and is the more rational sibling to the unabashedly Art Deco " Transat". Transat Text has a slightly taller x-height than its counterpart, as well as more rationalized character widths, shorter descenders and fewer design eccentricities, making it easier to read in text settings. While designed to shine in paragraphs, it also performs admirably in larger display settings.

Transat Text includes many OpenType features, such as ligatures, small capitals, case sensitive forms, stylistic alternates, arbitrary fractions, and a full complement of proportional, tabular, and oldstyle figures. With nearly 700 glyphs, it provides support for most European languages. The Transat Text family includes 5 weights plus optically-corrected obliques.

Transat Text is currently available at MyFonts, YouWorkForThem, and Creative Market. For a limited time, you can get the full family of 10 fonts for just $30.

the free-font »Fracmetrica Black« is a modern and geometric blackletter with several opentype-features like ligatures, case-sensitives, text figures.
It's kind of condensed and has a high contrast. The typeface's construction is based on an isometric 60°-grid.

Created by Jakob Runge 2009 during the Workshop »fancy_fonts_&_porno_pattern« at the university of applied sciences würzburg

the open-type version of »Fracmetrica Black« is for free creative-commons download.
about the finished and digitalised font
sketches and work in progess
fracmetrica black in the »WERK imPuls« magazine

if you like modern and geometric fonts and blackletter as well, have a look at the typophile post »Fracmetrica Black .otf«

Bengala is a trendy new type system. The family is made up of a script style, an extended all-caps style, and an ornament set that includes the animal illustrations shown here.

Hi Typophiles,

Wondering if you could help me out with IDing the fonts used on this site: Sous Style. I've also attached a screen shot.

It looks like they're using a serif (in the CSS it specifies Baskerville, but I've not known Baskerville to look like that) and an unknown "Geometric Light" embedded typeface - but I'm having no luck identifying either.

Thanks much!!

Recently I came upon a typeface class called, Realist(you guys have probably heard about it). Is it the same as Grostesque, because I saw it used for typefaces such as Akzidenz and Franklin Gothic. If not, can you please tell me about some of its characteristics.

I basically know(I think) all the general classes but can someone list them and their defining characteristics.



I'm sure that it is not LL Brown or Super Grotesk
Can anyone tell me what font this is?

I really like the minimal look of this logo and the associated type. Can anyone tell me what it is?

I've looked around on MyFonts and it looks like it might be a modified Nobel extra light, but I'm still not sure. Any thoughts?

Hi there.

I wouldn't mind a bit of critique on this, my first (more or less) digital typeface. It was intended as Schelter-Giesicke Grotesk meeting Helvetica with a dash of Bauhaus (Herbert Bayers "Universal", really), but so far it looks more like random Grotesk meeting Futura, but I like it anyway.

I have added a pdf-file with the glyphs, I've imported in fontforge so far. This is a spare time project, so I am not working on it every day - or even every week. Some glyphs drawn have yet to be imported (either as SVG or high-resolution PNG). The glyphs have been drawn in originally in AutoCAD R14 (old, reliant beast), and later recreated in Inkscape, with the exception of the more complex straight-line glyphs (A, V, W, Z). Inkscape does not give me the control I need here, so Autocad it is. Anything with curves is done largely in Inkscape due to the many ready-to-go structures. 'D' was exported to PNG and traced in fontforge, because the SVG got messed up in fontforge somehow. I may do the same to 'B', 'G' (which needs a heavy overhauling), 'J' and 't'.

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I’m looking for the geometric grotesque typeface that says "Monoamine Hypothesis" on this poster:

Thanks in advance!

I'm going nuts trying to identify this wide, geometric sans which I've seen on my local Fox channel's news graphics and most recently on the Screen Actors Guild awards on January 23, 2010. I've come across likely candidates (Trade Gothic Extended, Aviano Sans, Doublewide) but none of those have the exact letterforms, especially the sharp point angles of capital M and W. The letterforms have the sharp angle characteristics of Metro sans (Dwiggins) but in an exaggerated extended way. The news channel graphics have shown this in upper and lowercase, while the SAG awards used all caps. HELP!

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I need help identifying the geometric sans serif seen on this picture:

More pictures here:!/project/34/0

Thanks in advance

Hi all,

Im after some feed back on my little display face. Its based on a circular modular grid. Its pretty simple but the idea is I will laser cut some characters and then letterpress them at about 12"/25cm, and have a play with the letter forms and not the entire font.

Thanks for the time and help.


ps, Ill be letterpressing these on Friday so if people are interested Ill stick some images up. ; )

Found here:

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Does anybody know what typeface this is?

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I found these in an archive at an old school. I believe they are from the 70s though I could be mistaken. One of the faces looks similar to Futura and Century Gothic and the other I'm not sure may be closer to an Optima style.

Can anyone figure these out?

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Hi I am working on a rebranding assignment and this is the current logo. I am trying to figure out which typeface or typefaces are being used for AIRE. I am wondering if it is different ones for each letter or a cheap knock-off, but any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!

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Any help identifying either or both of these fonts would be greatly appreciated.