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I've added 13 more arabic/english corporate identity mashups from my travels in the UAE.

Here's the link:

Hi, i need to found some examples of fonts designed specially for banks or fonts that work well for this context (maybe some special glyphs, etc). You know some examples? Thanks a lot.

Hi All,
Just wanted to get some feedback on the problem areas (kerning-wise) on this word mark that I'm in process on for a client. (Created by heavily modifying Carisma Light ( in case anyone was curious) Any thoughts are appreciated guys, thank you,

Of interest to most designers here on Typophile. I've shot more examples of Arabic versions of Western Identities (some are actually dual designs from the ground up.) Additional packaging/consumer good examples forthcoming.

Older sets from last year can be found within the article too. Enjoy.


Hi everyone,

I'm playing with my new personal logo and I would like to use my initials of PH and transform them into the cube which I'm almost there I think (Cube like a basic 3d object - I want to focus on 3d design :) ). But there is still something what I don't see what's wrong. I would like to have same width on the top and bottom and between P and H. Technically the P is same like H but optically the H looks wider. Also I tried some grid....

I'll be happy if you can suggest any opinions and ideas what to fix.

Thank you very much.

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Hi guys,

I am looking for a script/handwriting to be used as a tagline. It must feel friendly, warm and simple. And maybe more important it has to be very legible and work in small sizes.

I've found Tomboy from Letterperfect that I find pretty suitable. However, I think it's a bit too masculine and harsh. I guess it's because it's a signage/marker typeface rather than a script.

Any ideas on similar but with a friendlier appearance?


I did some concept drawings for my "art studio/company". The name Eggroll Industries dates back to high school and my nickname is Eggroll.

I want it to look a little retro/artsy and simple so it won't detract from my art. I didn't buy the font yet so I can't provide larger examples. These are all roughs. I think the finished version I'm going to use a scanner technique or print them so it has a screened poster feeling.

I'm using a costume to brand myself. You can see a photo I took of me in it...long explanation.

Anyways, feedback welcome!



I want to do something to give back to my hometown, so i've come up with an idea for a pasty cook off. This would be an interface to strengthen and further bond Marquette, Michigan. Through pasties I hope to strengthen, facilitate and connect the community, as well as stimulate the local businesses.

The National Pasty Cookoff
2010 Marquette, Michigan

I want to make a website and a poster series to begin the promotional process.

I am breaking a few "type rules" using too many typefaces, but I want this to have a retro/vintage feel.
Any feedback about typography or ideation for the event itself would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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That's a tough one... And i don't feel comfy about it on my own. Please help.

1) Recently we've been working on a identity for a hydrologist. We picked "Purista" as a leading typeface. It was ment mostly for stationery and hydrologic reports – both headlines and body text and we're happy with it's tech look. Unfortunately, we encountered a serious issue with mathematical symbos and greek, wich Purista does not support.
2) As the logo is much in sync with purista, we should stick with that one (a very close inexpensive match with support for what we need would be as perfect as is non-existent)

3) There's no budget for any high-end, multi purpose killer bundles.

4) The reports will we written in MS Word, so any complex system would fail as the person wouldn't use a combination of more than two fonts (more than one in body text including the math).

because of the above, our solution was to come up with a text face with CE, math and greek support that we will use for both body and equations and due to the fact that any other sans badly interferes with purista - we decided to go for a serif – preferably something free (either TeX, ghostscript, windows, office or whatever – you got the picture...)

...And the only somewhat working solution was...(drums rambling)...Cambria...
Please let me know what do you think about the choice and the problem itself, any clues and ideas – much appreciated.

A good, modern face that is math–capable is a subject for separate thread i think – do You know any ?

Thanks in advance and see you later.

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Hey all, so I'm working on updating the identity for a productivity app. The message that needs to be communicated is as follows:

To-do List
Tasks, Notes, Lists, Outlines
Time Management

Logo - I've got two logo options I'm choosing between. Both are just concepts so please don't critique kerning, colors or technical tweaks. I need to choose a direction, and it will then be flushed out further. I'm using the typeface Adagio sans for the logo in both cases. I'm leaning towards the page turn as it seems stronger and holds the space better. The dots communicate time management but the mark seems frail to me.

Typography - I'm restricted to using fonts from the standard CSS stack. That said, I'm using Lucida for body copy, and futura bold for CTAs and some headlines. I'd like to stick with Lucida as the users will probably be reading large blocks of copy, so legibility is a high priority. I'm not sure if futura is working with it.

*Please keep in mind this product is also an app, so the mark needs to work well in an app icon (square) shape.

Is this logo well designed? Is this logo poorly designed and why. Do you think that it should be redesigned?

Hi there, I'm looking for suggestions of interesting fonts which were designed in 1912 for the development of an identity for an old house in Sri Lanka (built in 1912) which I'm currently restoring. Any ideas appreciated, thanks.

I've been working this out for a bit now.

I am looking for some criticism/help. I'm not afraid.

This is a personal logo design, it is my initials which are c j d. i prefer the lower case. Let me know how you feel.

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I'm looking for some suggestions on a (somewhat) techy typeface suitable for an identity.

I've been considering Klavika and Relato Sans, but I find the former a bit to rigdid and the latter might be unsuitable because I recently used it for a related firm. I'm not set on a sans serif.

I've been toying around with the uppercase R in Relato (it has a straight "crossbar"-ish part of the bowl, similar to Auto) for the word mark, lining it's bowl up with other crossbars. I'm not sure if I'll follow through on that idea, but nevertheless I'd love some suggestions on typefaces with similarily constructed R's.